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What are your Words to Sweat By? {giveaway}

January 7th, 2010

It’s January, 2010 and many men and women have already braved the barbells at the gym (hopefully more than once). With New Year’s comes New Year’s resolutions, one of the most common being exercise more and eat less. (In my case it’s exercise the same and drink more—water, not caffeine.) But as so many resolution makers know, it’s can be slow going turning the desire to get fit into a permanent lifestyle. After a couple weeks it’s easy to slip back into bed and back into old habits.

il_155x125.113189861So how do you stay motivated to get fit when your favorite sitcom (or favorite Barcalounger) is calling your name? You grab a workout towel from Words to Sweat By and, well, break a sweat! Whimsical Walney, a good Twitter friend of mine, recently launched a wonderful line of motivational workout towels “with attitude.” Sayings include: “No jiggle in the wiggle;” “’C’ is for crunches not cookies;” and “Strength. Compassion. Peace.”  Yes, Words to Sweat By might be just what the personal trainer ordered!


Whimsical Walney sent me the “Healthy. Strong. Happy.” workout towel to review on the Daily Dish. It arrived in a cute organza bag complete with “Cherish” charm attached. The charm lasted two seconds on the bag before it was permanently attached to my purse and then moved to my cell phone so I could see it all the time. I was motivated already and hadn’t even opened the towel! The 100% cotton towel was a good gym size at 16”x24” and had a simple yet perfect applique on the front. I wanted to make sure the towel was washer and dryer friendly so I immediately threw it in the wash with some other towels to test its durability. It came out crisp and clean, no bleeding, no fraying.

We have a treadmill at home which I use when I don’t hit the gym so I hung the towel over one of the arm rails with the mantra facing me so I could glance at it while doing a 10% incline at 4.2 MPH. That incline really sucks when it’s your third time doing it in a 30-minute time frame. And believe me, I also used that towel to mop up plenty of sweat (Words to Sweat By is completely accurate). I’d have taken a picture to prove it but I think my husband used my favorite workout towel to blow his nose at some point; trust me, you wouldn’t want me to take a picture of the towel in its current state! The only thing I wish is for the towels to be a bit thicker and softer since I tend to sweat A LOT.

WordstoSweatBy1Along with her Words to Sweat By workout towels on Etsy, Whimsical Walney has a Words to Sweat By blog with health and fitness tips and tricks to keep you wiggling that jiggling away. Though it’s too late to stuff these great little motivational towels in stockings for the holidays, they do make a fun gift for friends and family who have set that New Year’s resolution to get and stay fit in 2010. Just remember, “Practice makes practice!”

*** Whimsical Walney is helping you pay it—or rather motivate it—forward by giving two (2) Words to Sweat By towels to each of two (2) winners! Those winners will get to keep one towel and pass along the second towel to a friend or family member. Here’s how to enter. You can do as many of these as you’d like. Each one is worth one entry into our giveaway; please leave a separate comment for each one you do:

•   Leave a comment telling us your least favorite exercise.
•   Visit the Words to Sweat By Etsy shop and leave a comment telling us your favorite workout towel.
•   Become a fan of Whimsical Walney on Facebook and leave a comment telling us you’re her newest fan.
•   Follow Whimsical Walney on Twitter and leave a comment telling is you’re her newest follower.
•   Tweet about this giveaway and leave a comment with the URL of your tweet.
•   Blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with the URL to your blog post.

Include a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winners from the comments and contact them via email. Deadline: January 14, 2009 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

  • Congratulations to Melissa and Cassie M., the winners of the Words to Sweat By giveaway! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the review and add a comment. Keep reading the Daily Dish for your chance to participate in more giveaways!

SkirtSport does fashion-forward fitness with its Footloose dress

July 24th, 2008

I first featured SkirtSports when I reviewed their ToughGirl winter running skirt in January. It was my first taste of just how flattering yet sexy fitness gear could be, even in 20-degree weather and combined with earmuffs and sweat crystals. SkirtSports is continuing to change the way women look at fitness, striving “to give the everyday woman extra attitude and style and add inspiration to their workout.”

SkirtSportsIf you look at their product line you’ll find it no surprise their gear often sells out mid season, and not just to runners and triathletes but to cyclists, tennis players and fashionistas. Check out the 4th place winner of Live with Regis & Kelly’s High Heel-a-thon. Jill Stamison not only set a world record but did it in heels and SkirtSports’ Footloose running dress in Pink Crush.

SkirtSportsAnd that brings me to my own review of the Footloose running dress and coordinating Shorties. Now, I’m no record setter but that doesn’t mean I don’t get to look like one, and you can’t help but do so in this dress. I received it in Sapphire Blue and have only had one opportunity to wear it so far, but I’m sold! I’ve never worn anything like it and yet it took very little getting used to. It was a heck of a lot more flattering than my typical t-shirt and cut-offs, especially since there’s no waistband for my love handles to roll over (and jiggle as I run…not a pretty sight). I worried it might make me sweat a little more but I shouldn’t have; the lightweight fabric felt great and I rather enjoyed the updraft.

SkirtSportsSpeaking of updraft, that brings me SkirtSports’ UnderSkirt collection. Because the Footloose dress is on the sassy side (i.e. short) you’re going to want to wear something underneath (my husband begs to differ, but that’s no surprise). Whether you prefer the panty-style Spankies or the butt-lifting Shorties (their most popular product in this collection—you’ve got to read the product description on this one!), you’ll be covered. SkirtSports has even thought to include pockets for your workout needs such as gels, music or IDs.

Though the Footloose running dress and Shorties are fabulous in and of themselves, what I love even more is their effect on my attitude about exercising. I’m actually entertaining the idea of running outdoors. (Don’t tell my treadmill; its feeling are easily hurt.) SkirtSports is a firm believer that “girls rule; boys drool,” and how could those boys not drool when they spot you at mile 14 in that Mojito Green Footloose dress.—Emily

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