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Flip goes the world!

July 3rd, 2009

Back in December I reviewed the Flip Mino from Flip Video. This little handheld video camera has had a permanent residence in my diaper bag or purse since I first used it. I loved that I could whip it out at a moment’s notice for those once-in-a-lifetime video opportunities like hula hooping with my girlfriend or the need-to-upload-quickly videos like those I did for MomDot’s America’s Next Top Blogger competition. But my Flip Mino has recently been relocated to the desk drawer to make room for what might not be the “supermodel” of Flip cameras but what is definitely my favorite: the Flip Ultra HD.

The company sent the Flip Ultra HD so I could compare it with the Mino. Plus, the Mino has received a lot of hype lately and for some reason the Ultra is not getting any attention. I’m happy to send some of the spotlight its way! The Flip Ultra HD has a lot of similarities to my Flip Mino but one big difference—those two important letters, H and D. Is the picture that much different? Check it out for yourself. Here’s the aforementioned hula hooping moment:

And here’s our recent Saturday morning spent at the Hot Air Balloon Festival on the 4th of July:

By the way, if you can’t tell the difference then you might want to make an appointment with your optometrist. The HD has a much prettier picture for sure, and get this, it has a place for you to attach an HDMI cable from the camera to your TV so your family doesn’t have to crowd around the computer monitor to watch the videos. Now THAT is cool! Because my Flip Mino is not HD, I’m kind of comparing peaches to nectarines, which isn’t really fair when looking at my two sample videos but what the heck! I had to show you the difference HD really does make on this camera.

For the sake of this review I’ll stick with comparing the Flip Ultra HD to the Flip Mino HD, so here’s what else I love about the Flip Ultra HD: I actually like the slightly thicker body; I find it’s easier to hold on to and more comfortable when navigating the controls on the top. I also like having actual buttons (of a sort) to push rather than the touch-sensitive buttons on the Mino. And that’s not all—these features pretty much make the Ultra my permanent favorite:

  • 8 GB of memory vs. 4 GB

  • 120 min. of recording time vs. 60 min.

  • 2” LCD screen with 960×240 resolution vs. 1.5” LCD screen with 528×132

The only thing that wasn’t totally superstar about the Flip Ultra HD is it took a bit longer to recharge than the Mino, but we’re talking twice the recording time, so it’s worth the wait!

I’m sure the Flip Mino HD has its benefits but the only one that comes to mind at this moment is size and weight. That half-inch difference in thickness when you’re talking about something this small does make a big difference, but since I’m toting around so much stuff anyway, the Flip Ultra HD suits me just fine. Of course, it has come in handy to have both the Mino and the Ultra, so I recommend buying one of each—and DEFINITELY go for the HD version.

By the way, I’m not kidding when I say, “Flip goes the world.” You know it’s big when Leslie Mills from Yanni Voices sees you backstage, recognizes your Flip camera and tells you she so totally wants one…—Emily

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