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On My Way to Quilt Market Video – Getting There

May 19th, 2011

Pack your bags and drive along with Daria into “The U.S. of A” – haha! Quilt Market will never be the same again.

My apologies in advance, I was alone in the car for the first time without someone yelling “Mommy”. Here’s the first video of me on my way to Quilt Market in SLC, we have loads and loads of designer interviews on the way in the coming weeks (minus my singing I promise).

While you’re awaiting the Designer Interviews – why not kick back and read my Quilt Market Summary and view our hundreds of Market photos >>

Have Tinkerbell, will travel

July 1st, 2009

When my two older daughters were young I bought each of them a small, lightweight Laura Ashley suitcase from TJ Maxx. They were the cutest things and the perfect size for an overnighter or two at Grandma’s. Even now they use them if it’s a single-night’s stay and no serious travel is required. I would be afraid to send those little suitcases on a cross-country trip or through baggage check at the airport. There is no way they’d survive the abuse!

And yet those ever-popular, far-too-many, carry-on rolling suitcases aren’t very child friendly (nor are they cute like our Laura Ashley ones). My point? I think every child needs his or her own solid, baggage-claim-friendly, child-friendly suitcase. Why? Because they’re more apt to tote it, which means one less suitcase for you to worry about, and less likely to lose it because it’s so dang cool. That’s why I love the children’s line from Heys USA. It’s fun meets function meets “take me cross country—I can totally handle it” luggage!

Heys sent us the Tinkerbell suitcase from their Disney line. What first took me by surprise when I pulled it out of the box is how extremely light it was—checking the stats it weighs in at just over 3 pounds! It was like I was holding a sippy cup full of milk rather than a hard-shell suitcase. Heys is awesome because they’ve put a lot of thought into their children’s luggage, and not just putting Disney characters on the front (Cars, Nemo, Minnie Mouse to name a few). They also have a “reverse-curve” handle at a lower height that curves in and up making it much more comfortable to hold and navigate. (Navigation is very important when making your way through an airport!)

Our Tinkerbell suitcase also has wheels that protrude out so it keeps the elevated even when rolled by a height-challenged toddler. And the inline skate wheels make rolling that much easier! I also love the printed patterns inside the suitcase and the nifty zippered divider. It might just keep all the clothes, toys and “treasures” organized—time will only tell!

Heys also has children’s backpacks that look as sturdy yet comfy (i.e. lightweight) as their suitcases. And the company has really awesome luggage for adults including messenger bags, suitcases, laptop bags and even handbags. It’s kind of like being a kid in a candy store but with really cool, really shiny, super functional and fun candy!—Emily

Wrap it up-Ash and Dans scarf

April 14th, 2009


Spring is here, but, somedays it still feels like winter. The sun is out but chilly air still lingers. So, what does an impatient girl do that already has busted out all her spring digs do? Add a jersey scarf from ash & dans!

Traveling from cold West weather to Caribbean sunshine- wearing one outfit on a plane…what does one wear? The ash and dans wrap scarf. This comfy scarf will double as a blanket on the plane. From 20 degrees to 90 degrees, the scarf will work in both climates.

Gotta night out in your adorable little cocktail dress but can’t find the dressy, yet not too dressy wrap? Try ash and dan’s lace trimmed scarf. The lace detail adds a little class to the wrap.

Wanna look like an A-lister? Why not buy one item that can be worn with everything and is worn by the stars. The jersey ash & dans wrap scarf.

I gotta say i am lovin’ this scarf. I got the grey frannie style and it goes with everything…so it is constantly being worn. I love the dark charcoal color detailed with gorgeous ivory lace trim on the bottom. The material is this amazing jersey that feels like the silky jersey sheets made for sleep time. The wrap scarf is the exclamation point for every wardrobe it accessorizes. That’s a wrap for this review. I have nothing but praise for this wrap scarf. -Amber

Available online at ashanddans.com

Can you spot me an ID?

March 18th, 2009

Spot Me IDToday’s review is just in time for spring break. No, it’s not a list of the Top 10 Most Crowded Amusement Parks, though it does have to do with highly visited vacation spots. When you combine thousands of families and umpteen thousand kids with places like Disneyland, Sea World or the Mall of America (um, guess that’s my idea of a vacation and not my family’s…sorry), you often get a lost child or two. And when lost and most likely frightened, many of these children aren’t going to remember that designated meeting spot you all agreed on when you entered the happiest place on earth. So what’s a parent to do other than strap on one of those child-friendly harnesses?

Spot Me ID™ has come up with what I think is a fabulous solution because it is perfect for children of all ages, including my 11-year-old and 3-year-old. Spot Me ID has designed a line of identification products that believe it or not, your kids won’t mind wearing. The line consist of ID bracelets, ID lanyards and temporary tattoos all animated with the company’s mascot, Spot Me the safety dog. With themes ranging from amusement parks to sports to the zoo, Spot Me ID has come up with a fun way to help reunite lost parents with their children.

Spot Me IDHow do Spot Me ID products work? Simply write your name and cell phone number on any of the safety products, including the temporary waterproof tattoos, with the travel-size waterproof permanent marker and you’re good to go. And what child doesn’t love those temporary tattoos? Spot Me ID’s tattoos are non-toxic, FDA approved and last several days even when wet so you can safely go from Space Mountain to the Splash Zone day and and day out during your magical vacation!

We received our own sets of Spot Me ID bracelets, lanyards and tattoos. My kids went gaga over them when they arrived and wanted to put them on immediately. I should have let them; with the number of baths we take in this house it would have been a great test for the tattoos! I had hoped we would have an opportunity to use them (i.e. taken a really fun vacation somewhere other than McDonald’s Playland) but we didn’t go anywhere fun. We are taking a trip with the kids to California in August and will hit Marine World while there, so that will be the perfect place to try them out—I can’t wait!

Spot Me ID products aren’t just for amusement parks and zoos. You can also use them at sporting events, malls, airports, field trips, family gatherings and on cruise ships. (Yeah, like my kids are going on a cruise before Mom and Dad get to go!) The company has won numerous awards for its product and I’m not surprised. Anything that offers parents peace of mind when it comes to their children is an award winner for sure! Plus Spot Me ID products are a lot more affordable than implanting a microchip in my children’s bodies. Not that I’d do that of course…I’m just saying…—Emily

Travel with Trina, travel in style

November 25th, 2008

TrinaI have a small collection of travel bags I use for my cosmetics and bath & body products, “small collection” being the key phrase. My suitcase usually contains about 2-4 different cases because I hadn’t found one I thought would do a better job of organizing and that I liked enough to invest in…until now.

Trina from Allegro Mfg. Inc. is a collection of cosmetic and accessory bags that “merge high style with practicality.” My current selection of makeup bags can boast practicality but they’re a far cry from stylish, so I was elated to learn I would be reviewing one of Trina’s travel bags from the new 2008 Fall/Winter collection.

TrinaI received the Square Weekender in the new Get in Line design. I’m more a basic than floral girl so I of course loved the wide brown and ivory stripes on the outside of the bag. The hardware was solid and high quality—I did multiple pulls to check—and when opened, this simple looking Weekender offered a world of organizing possibilities. There were zippers and pockets and more pockets and dividers. I was in total heaven as I found a place for everything (pomade and razor included) and everything had a place.

This fabulous Weekender traveled to Kauai and back (I should test all my travel gear in Hawaii) and passed with flying colors. I went from three random “practical” bags to one totally stylish, totally travel friendly Weekender from Trina. Trina’s collection of makeup and accessory bags range in price from $19 to $120; the Get in Line Weekender is actually about $80. Believe me, I wouldn’t normally spend that much on a travel bag (or any bag) but this one is worth every penny. To find out where you can purchase a bag from Trina’s collection, call Allegro Mfg. Inc. (Trina’s design house) at (323) 724-0101.—Emily

Planewear–dress your jet setter in style!

September 14th, 2008

In this world of $2 in-flight beverages and lack of free peanuts it’s nice to find something that actually makes flying fun. Planewear children’s clothing is designed with an aviation theme and will have you smiling all the way to the tarmac.

PlanewearThe collection is made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton and uses organic colors derived from natural, ecological dyes offering your little one first-class comfort. With onesie designs like “Precious Cargo,” “First Class” and “Jet Setter,” plus coordinating pants, caps and booties, your “carry on” will be stylin’ whether her feet are on or off the ground. I loved having our little Livi strut her stuff in her Precious Cargo onesie and she always had someone commenting on her cute tee. The fit was great and the cotton was super soft. I’m just sad she outgrew it already. (Good thing there’s no extra fee for her being over the recommended weight limit!)

PlanewearPlanewear also offers toddler tees with embellished graphics and phrases like “Runway Model” and “I’d Rather Be Flying.” For preemies you can choose from “Early Arrival” and “Little Angel” (I have my own wings). I think my favorites is the bib asking the all-important question, “Chicken or beef?” Planewear’s designs are a great gift for anyone in the aviation business but their lighthearted and comfortable designs are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little high-flyin’ style to their little one’s wardrobe.—Emily

* Promotion! Planewear is offering Daily Dish readers 20% off their purchase! To receive the discount place your order via their 800 number and mention Boutique Cafe. To order call 1-866-759-2358.

Noah’s Naturals: naturally good for you and the environment

July 22nd, 2008

Noah's NaturalsMmmmmm…smell that? It’s the refreshing, invigorating mix of rosemary and mint I’ve enjoyed sniffing for the past couple weeks every time I’ve showered. No, I wasn’t showering in my neighbor’s herb garden (I could do without those fifteen minutes of fame). What I was doing was using Organics by Noah’s Naturals’ Rosemary Mint Travel Kit while on vacation, and its fresh, stimulating smell did a great job reviving me after the 10-hour drive (made by myself with four kids in the car).

Noah's NaturalsOrganics by Noah’s Naturals is setting a new standard in organic bath and body care with its line of products, which include organic blends like rosemary mint and coconut vanilla. But they don’t just smell good; these products help cleanse, revive and condition skin and hair with good-for-you formulations. For example, their Rosemary Mint Shampoo has Vitamin B5 (great humectant) and cone flower extract (natural healing properties, while their Coconut Vanilla Lotion has Vitamin A (improves texture, firmness and smoothness) and safflower seed oil (replenishes moisture). All I know is my travel kit (rosemary mint shampoo, conditioner and body wash) left my skin, hair and senses feeling fabulous!

Noah's NaturalsAlong with Organics, Noah’s Naturals offers an original line of bath and body products including an impressive lineup for facial care. I was sent their Hand Salve but was only able to test it once. (If it were winter I’d be all over it on a daily basis!) I don’t use a lot of wax-based hand moisturizers because I don’t love the often greasy feel, but Noah’s Naturals’ hand salve, which contains soy wax oil and beeswax, absorbed quickly and even the smallest dollop did a great job with moisturizing my scrubbed-the-house-all-day hands.

Noah’s Naturals is committed to being good for you and good for the environment. Besides only using nutritionally fortified formulas (e.g. pure essential oils, organic plant oils and emollients) and staying away from harsh chemicals (e.g. petroleum, parabens, propylene glycol), the Noah’s Naturals is also a member of One Percent for the Planet. The company donates 1% of their sales to environmental causes worldwide.

You can find Noah’s Naturals online and at select Wal-Mart stores. I’m basically saying you can purchase a high-quality product at an affordable price and donate to a worthy cause all at the same time. I love it when I’ve got a great excuse to shop!—Emily

The Savvy Organizer Gets Us Road Trip Ready!

June 10th, 2008

Road Trip Ready Maja (The Savvy Organizer) is back from her vacation, and ready to share tips on how to become “Road Trip Ready” for this summer’s holiday season.

Preparing for your family holiday can tend to be a bit daunting, but with The Savvy Organizer’s hints and suggestions you can truly become a pro at packing, and return home to a house that doesn’t overwhelm you, it’s all in the planning. If you’re tired of taking vacations that cause stressful recovery time, this show is for you!Kick back with our show this week, take notes, and plan for some serious family fun this summer!

*If you are planning a roadtrip this summer please leave a comment and let us know where you’re going, and how many hours you’re traveling to get there. We’d love to hear about great family discoveries!

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