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Sipping & saving with SodaStream

September 21st, 2011

We don’t drink a ton of soda but we do keep our outside fridge stocked so we always have access to some in case of emergency (e.g., last-minute BBQ, movie night). Plus, you gotta have root beer with your pizza and a carbonated, caffeinated beverage around 11pm when writing product reviews. Those are givens!

I’ve been intrigued by the SodaStream home soda system ever since I first heard my sister-in-law rave about it, but I wondered if it really was worth the investment in the system, bottles and flavorings. Yes, it’s more environmentally friendly than cans, but if that’s it’s only selling point, I’m not sold. (Sorry, it’s true.) It would have to make really good soda—and a lot of it at a reasonable price—for me to place one on my kitchen counter.

Guess what? I now totally have one on my kitchen counter and we absolutely LOVE it!


SodaStream sent us their Genesis Soda Starter Kit plus a selection of their flavorings to see if they could win us over…and win us they did. Here’s a video of us giving our SodaStream Genesis a test run. Yes, it’s about 10 minutes long but every minute is worth it because you’ll see:

  • Me trying to figure out how to put the thing together.

  • Me being a smarta** to Nathan.

  • Madison learning how NOT to shake a SodaStream liter bottle to mix the flavoring.

  • Madison and I learning just what the “buzz” sounds like when pressing the button.

  • Me trying to figure out how to open the single serving packet of root beer flavoring.

  • George equating his tasting the root beer to “living in heaven” or some such craziness.

The video had me laughing out loud when I watched it (and wondering why Nathan didn’t tell me my shirt was all tucked up in back). He’s never going to be a professional videographer at this rate!

Since our first test run, we’ve sampled quite a few flavors from the variety pack and enjoyed every one. I have yet to give the diet cola flavor a taste test, but Diet Coke is a hard habit to break. Of course the fact that SodaStream diet flavors don’t have aspartame helps. (They use Splenda.)

SodaStream offers 30 regular, diet and caffeine-free flavors. Oh, and their regular flavors contain no high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). The lack of HFCS and aspartame makes me feel better about giving my kids diet soda for sure. Other benefits? No heavy cans or large 2-liter bottles to store in my fridge. (That means more room for string cheese, Slim Fast and yogurt.) This image pretty much says it all:


While we may not make the switch completely to SodaStream (I like my Diet Vanilla Coke Zero…what can I say?), we will definitely keep our Genesis home soda system cranking out carbonated beverages for family night, pizza night, movie night, had a great day at school night—whatever the special occasion!

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