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SNAP! The Conference VS. Cold Play VIP

April 22nd, 2012

Oh the dilemma! I have not had an easy week, my emotions ranging from anticipation to bummerville, knowing that I would be attending the Cold Play concert in Vancouver with my son and my husband but missing SNAP! The Conference. The Cold Play concert was a Christmas gift to our oldest son this year, and we splurged to get VIP passes with seats on the floor. My only hangup has been having to miss out on what sounds like the BEST conference of my lifetime…SNAP!

SNAP! The Conference was to target the best in modern handmade, contemporary craft, mind blowing events and DIY - right up my alley! The added bonus was that SNAP! was being held in Utah, a place that many of my nearest and dearest call home. @emihill and @brassyapple were both there, and tweeting all weekend, go read their tweets! I would have loved the opportunity to network with all of the attendees, and I hear everyone was dressed so uber-cute too!

In all seriousness, I feel so blessed that I was able to share the experience of Cold Play with the guys I love so much. Especially that my teenage son was so thrilled to be at a cool concert with his old parents. What a great kid! Being right next to the stage and having Chris Martin within a foot of me was pretty great too, he sang his heart out! It was undoubtedly the BEST concert I’ve ever attended. We danced, sang, screamed, laughed, and had confetti from the gigantic confetti canons all over us.

And so now as I read all the blog posts, tweets and Facebook updates about the SNAP! conference and all you talented gals were able to learn together, I will take comfort in my amazing evening with Cold Play. I vow to be at SNAP! next time!

My hats off to @Taunitweets, the founder of SNAP! The Conference. Well done Tauni, I’ve heard nothing short of RAVE reviews. You deserve Cold Play tickets my friend! :)
XOXO - Daria

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SNAP! The Conference is This Weekend

April 18th, 2012

While many of you will be indulging in the the “fabulousness” (I know it’s not a word, but oh well) of SNAP! The Conference this weekend, I’ll be attending a Cold Play concert with my hubby and my oldest son. I’m so excited to see this concert after all it is Cold Play, but I’m also bummed that I’m missing out on seeing so many of my dear blog and boutique friends in Utah. I know it’s going to be a phenomenal event, and I will be thinking of all of you.

Happily, our Emily is attending and will be there at SNAP! – just watch for the gorgeous gal in the cutest shoes! This is her! Can’t wait to hear the scoop on SNAP!

XO - Daria

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