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August 4th, 2015

Ok, just like a good shoe sale that you have to tell your best friends about, I have something to share. Over the past few months I’ve lost over 30 pounds, as well as inches galore! Let’s just process that for a minute, I have been trapped in a body that was unhealthy and in a rut. Now it’s rapidly changing, I’m sleeping better and off nightly sleeping meds, my cravings for 3-4  daily Cokes and junk food are gone, I have energy all day long, I feel better than I have in years. It’s all due to a little Pink Drink called Plexus Slim.


I’m learning so much about myself in this journey to better health with the ”Pink Drink”. I’m realizing how many years of self loathing I have wasted on my body when what I needed desperately was some internal adjusting. Once I started on Plexus my body was being supported through helping to balance those blood sugars, lipids and cholesterol the weight is consistently continuing to come off. It’s true that good habits are vastly important to ones heath and weight, and I’m so excited that the pink drink is that tool for me. I make better choices with ease now that I just couldn’t do before. My whole energy for life is different, I am LOVING my life. When you find yourself trapped in a swirling tunnel and feeling out of control or to change it you pray for that control again. This is what I’ve found, thank goodness.
Not just pounds coming off but: – sleeping like a baby every night
-off sleep medications before bed
-beautiful sustained energy through the whole day
-no acid reflux or need for antacids
-brain fog, depression and daily anxiety gone!
-cravings that ruled my daily choices are GONE! Bye Coke
-making healthier choices and not feeling deprived at all
All that and more. I can’t describe the difference in my soul. I just feel so much better and so me! If you want to know more, I’m happy to share. No obligation at all. I love my friends and want you all to feel as good as I do! My love for you friends is truly the reason I’m posting about it.

For me The Pink Drink been a Life Changer, Game Changer, Body Changer, Health Changer! (plus there’s a 60 day money back guarantee if you SHOP either Retail or Preferred). No brainer.

XOXO Daria


I will update you all as my Plexus journey continues. I have much more to share with you. Thanks Friends.

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