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Taking a Comprehensive View of Networking

March 21st, 2011

Networking has changed tremendously in recent years. That is, of course, a great thing for all mompreneurs and work at home moms. Thanks to that little thing called the Internet, it has never been so easy to network and, in the process, promote yourself and your ideas. The digital revolution and the Internet Era have both certainly changed the networking landscape considerably, and they have done so in a remarkably short space of time. In this article, we will take a brief look at different ways you can network.

Don’t Forget the Basics

With all the attention that social networking gets these days, it would be easy to forget all about the good old-fashioned “face-to-face” form of networking. But no doubt this way of networking is still alive and well. Given face-to-face networking can be a little bit more complicated for mompreneurs, but it is not impossible. Networking is about taking full advantage of opportunities when they arise. Now this doesn’t mean that you need to become hyper-aggressive when you have a networking opportunity physically in front of you, but it does mean that you need to be prepared.

In general, entrepreneurs should always be ready to recruit a little new business. Work at home moms and mompreneurs may just need to be a little more mentally aware and present when those face-to-face networking opportunities do occur. Part of making those opportunities occur, of course, means placing yourself in such situations in the first place, so get out there!

Go Digital, But Be Selective

There are lots of ways that you can network online, but part of the trick of successful online networking is not spreading yourself too thin. With this factor in mind, it is important that you don’t try and maintain a “full” presence on every single networking site that is available. Remember your time is precious and, as a result, you will need to selectively pick and choose the online networking options that you think best fit you, your business, your style and your endeavors. You may find, for example, that for your given business, LinkedIn is far better than Facebook or vice-versa. Again, it all depends on your business and your personality.

The main point is to make sure that you are out there networking, whether its person, online or both. Networking is all about effective communication and creating the opportunities to get you and your product in front of others. Keep these facts in mind, and you will certainly see your networking success increase.

Networking when you can’t “face to face”

March 1st, 2011

Business Networking I know you’ve been there, the next great networking conference is announcing all of their fantastic speakers, events and mixer opportunities in your niche market. You read the tweets, you see the blog posts, you can’t escape the Facebook Status updates from all the cool kids saying “I’m going!” and you literally wilt in your chair. You KNOW that if only you could attend it would catapult your business into stardom, you’d be rollin’ with the homies baby!

We’ve all been there when the reality sets in that this time (maybe every time) you have to pass on the chance to connect in a real live “face to face” situation with heavy hitters in your industry. It’s crushing, it’s depressing, you wonder if you can ever develop a connection and lasting business relationship using alternative means of networking. Can you get results, win friends and influence people without the actual face to face connect a conference setting provides?

This is the topic we’re tweeting about and discussing in the Boutique Cafe Facebook group this week. Have you had a similar experience please come share it. If you have found other means and methods of alternative networking it’s time to spill the beans and share your secret to networking success. That way the next conference that rolls around that we can’t attend won’t send us into a tailspin of chocolate eating and deep sobs. – Daria

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Let’s chat NETWORKING >>

Boutique Cafe Conference – Keynote with Charlene May of Greggy Girl Pt.1

October 27th, 2010

Boutique Cafe Conference – Keynote with Charlene May of Greggy Girl Pt.1 from Daria – Boutique Cafe on Vimeo.

I’m so thrilled to be releasing this never seen footage from our 2007 Boutique Cafe Girls Getaway Conference in Salt Lake City. Our Keynote speaker was Charlene May, founder of girls clothing empire Greggy Girl. In her presentation Charlene covered so many key points for our attendees on following your dreams, this presentation was for designers of children’s apparel but translates into valuable information for any business, as you’ll see this keynote touched the hearts of many of our attendees who have continued on to GREAT things. Please enjoy Part 1 in our series from that conference, and please share it with your fellow women in businesses and mompreneurs. Thank you again Charlene, this conference was MAGIC and it meant so much to have you there. – XO Daria

In this episode (length 38:15):
Introduction by Daria, Owner Host and Producer for Boutique Cafe
How they conference came to be: with Daria and Megan of Brassy Apple
Keynote pt. 1 with Greggy Girl Founder Charlene May:

– Follow your Dreams – Create a Story – Design a Tight Line – Deliver your Line – Networking
“The Journey is part of the fun, The Journey is part of the Dream” – Charlene May – Hudson’s Magazine

Some Screen Captures from this event

Your comments are welcomed and most appreciated. (unless they are about how much of a weeper I am, trust me I know – LOL!)

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We’ll Represent YOUR Company at BlogHer ’09

March 5th, 2009

It’s time for another amazing BlogHer conference, and Boutique Cafe wants to represent your company at the event. This is an exciting opportunity to have Daria and Emily from Boutique Cafe work the conference for you and introduce your product to the most influential bloggers in the country.

What we offer: – hand out product giveaways, business cards at the events – network on your behalf, talking about your product/services – live video stream from BlogHer (sponsored by your company) – live tweet updates from BlogHer (sharing the scoop as sponsored by you) – follow up podcast on Boutique Cafe (sponsored by your company) – your company’s banner will run in the Boutique Cafe header during the event month ($300 value) – we’ll even wear your company t-shirts and logo

BlogHer Info:
BlogHer’s annual conference will take place all day Friday and Saturday, July 24 & 25, 2009.

The Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers in Chicago

Cost for Sponsorship:
Please email daria@boutiquecafe.com for details on sponsorship pricing for this event. We look forward to working with you and sharing your company’s message at BlogHer this year!

For more information on Daria, Emily and Boutique Cafe please check out our About Us page.

Fall Quilt Market – Day One

October 24th, 2008

Greetings from Houston, Texas! What a thrill to be in such an exciting state, and to take part in International Quilt Market for the Fall Season. My Sister-In-Law Elizabeth is along with me to assist in recording the event, as well as promote her new quilt pattern called Spring Up found at Patty Young’s mouthwatering booth! Today was more of a warm/prep up day for us, Amelia drove out from Austin to spend the day with us and take us shopping to the Galleria (amazing shopping experience). It was sad to have her leave tonight, but her duties at work this weekend made it only possible for a one day visit (thank you for coming Amelia!). We then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the Fabric 2.0 Party hosted at the Hilton SkyBar by Michael Miller Fabrics and JCaroline. – THANK YOU for a wonderful party!

The event was definitely bigger than the previous 2.0 in Portland, with a gorgeous rooftop view of the Houston Skyline at Sunset. I was happy to meet with many friends from last Spring, and many new connections as well. A fun surprise was that in attendance was Jay McCarroll from Project Runway! I was humbled to hear how news of our quilt market coverage had travelled, truly Boutique Cafe is getting out there into the mainstream and people are talking and sharing – what a sweet thing to realize.

Shoutouts to: Christina from Etsy, Melissa Averinos, Patty Young and her husband Jon, Becky Brumley from Upsiedoodle, Jessica Jones, Mary (my twitter peep @flourishes), Sherees Alchemy, Myrinda from Fabric Hound, Deborah Hearn from Craft Magazine and many many MANY more I can’t possibly type them all! It was wonderful to see you, I can’t wait to wander market tomorrow and see all the beautiful booths, we’re hoping to provide great coverage to those who aren’t able to attend. On our way out, I bumped into Heather Bailey in the hallway. She looked gorgeous as always, beautiful in a yellow sweater and her hair had tiny flowers. We had a fun exchange in the hallway of the Hilton, talking about how tomorrow would go, and laughing that if we couldn’t get the LIVE FEED to work tomorrow that we’d record a choppy video piece stating that there was an earthquake! She’s so funny!

Before heading back to the hotel to soak our feet, we stopped in at Sample Spree. This was a new experience for me, and the line up was HUGE! Thankfully as media we were able to rush right in and take a few crowd pictures. It was intense, with loads of activity/selling/chatting going on in all corners. They had some lovely samples for sale, and the bonus was seeing my dear friend Gina from The Threaded Pear and Quilter’s Buzz. We’ll definitely see her tomorrow.

That’s just Day 1 Prep, tomorrow is the opening of Market and the floods of people will be flowing in. I’m off to bed to rest up, but I couldn’t go to bed without sharing an update with all of you. Love from Texas – Daria

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