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DillyDally Scandinavia Launch

October 14th, 2009

scandi The new DillyDally Scandinavia launch is a true feast for the eyes! Don’t dillydally, run on over and experience the Euro goodness while it lasts!! YUMMY!!

Visit the DillyDally Scandinavia Launch here>>

Get Some Andalucia!

January 14th, 2009

Patty Young’s vibrant new fabric “Andalucia” has set the design and handmade community on fire Many designers have joined together to whip up some sweet clothing and accessories with the new line.

Search on eBay right now for loads of beautiful listings created with love…and of course some Andalucia magic. Click now to visit all the listings, and bid on your favorites >>

Fashion Show – Sugar3 Design Group

December 19th, 2008

Sugar3 There’s nothing better than a few sweets for the Holiday season, and with this group you’ll certainly satisfy your sweet tooth. Meet Sugar3 (sugar cube) design group – they are a collaborative group of very talented designers and we LOVE their work. Enjoy their new BC Fashion Show!!

Designer GROUP Quote:
“*The Sugar3 is full of fun,
in the winter snow or summer sun.

The Sugar team is doing something grand,
Peek in January as we have something extraordinary Planned.

To our customers we love so dear,
We say thank you for all your support and friendships,
As we celebrate this time of year.

The cube would like to give something sweet,
A special winner will get a $40 treat.
Sugar Bucks will be yours to spend,
So search Sugar3 for the latest trend.
We know You will find that perfect thing,
So search our listings like you’re a King!

So after your fun Holiday,
The Cube will impress you in a totally new way.
So search Sugar3 in the New Year,
And you will find something “Fairy Sweet” and dear

*For all our customers Sugar3 would like to offer a special contest. Sugar3 will pick a winner from all the bidders in our January Launch. The winner can use the $40 SugarBucks toward their winning item OR if the winner was an non winning bidder, they can use the SugarBucks on another Sugar3 design in the future.

Shop Sugar3 through their amazing eBay auctions! **Please allow time for the show to load.

click to view the Fashion Show in a popup window

Fashion Show – Cintre Boutique Group

September 14th, 2008

cintre It’s time to feature a boutique design group that is making a real splash with their gorgeous items. Their name is Cintre Boutique Group and they have some amazing children’s fashions being offered right on eBay! We’re excited to showcase the work of these talented designers this week.

Designers Quote:
“Unique, trendy, and chic designs for the trend setting mom and child. Featuring clothing & accessories ..Creations to keep you smiling!”

Don’t miss their exciting “Peace on Earth” launch Sept.17th.

**Promo: Free shipping on any of the Cintre items when the buyer mentions BC! Additionally, partial proceeds of their ‘peace on earth’ launch will be going to the National Peace Corps Assoc.

Shop Cintre Boutique Group through their eBay listings. **Please allow time for the show to load.

click to view the Fashion Show in a popup window

Now Booking Fashion Shows for Fall!

August 19th, 2008

Think your group has the right stuff?! We bet they do, and Boutique Cafe loves nothing more than featuring YOU! We’re booking our Fall Fashion Show features right now and opening up our email to allow your group to apply for a showcase.

Boutique Cafe would like to feature your groups designs for an upcoming launch you might have in the works. Boutique groups from eBay & Etsy may apply. We realize this may take some coordination to get images together and sent in so we’re booking features for group Fashion Shows now through the end of summer. Bookings will be done on a first come, first served basis and the fashion showcase will last one week on our front page (then of course in our archives).

If your design group would like to be featured please send me an email to daria@boutiquecafe.com
Please include information about your group:
– Date of your launch (this is critical) – Number of participants – Theme/Name of your launch – How long your group has been running – The leader’s name and contact info if applicable – If you’re group would like to offer a prize or giveaway to coincide with the feature on Boutique Cafe (we highly recommend offering a giveaway of some kind to correspond with your launch.)

*Once your date is approved and we confirm with you, we’ll require some additional information, 1 image per participating member for the Fashion Show, your group logo and a quote about your group and what makes it special. (images will need to be supplied at least 1 week in advance of your feature date in order to create the movie)

We’re so excited to offer this great opportunity to so many talented designer groups! Cheers – Daria

Group Fashion Show – Boutique VIP

June 9th, 2008

VIP In the first of our GROUP Fashion Shows we present Boutique VIP with their “Playground Couture” launch on eBay. With approx. 30 participants and loads of auctions it’s a launch you don’t want to miss!

About the group:
“Boutique VIP has been together for 2 years. The interesting thing about this launch is that is was a collaboration of designers, accessory designers, and models alike. This launch brought our group together to work as teams to create great Playground Couture!” – Ramona Ortiz (2*chicas*couture) Leader of Boutique VIP

Discover Boutique VIP by searching their auctions on eBay. Thanks to each of the BVIP ladies for the use of their pictures! **Please allow time for the show to load.

click to view the Fashion Show in a popup window

BijouCo gets Sentimental

April 21st, 2008

Here’s some sweet news from LaNae of BijouCo group:

“BijouCo launched our group one year ago, we got a tad sentimental thinking over all the great memories we have made. We decided to invite other designers to join us in celebrating our anniversary! We are so thrilled to have a fabulous list of esteemed designers joining us. I have attached a guest list of all the designers. :)

The launch begins on April 15th, search BijouCo on eBay to see all the wonderful listings. In fact, each listing will contain a special diary entry from the designer, sharing what inspired them to create their sets! – LaNae”

Click to enjoy the Sentiment Listings – they are gorgeous! >>

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