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POURfect comes pretty close to perfect

September 8th, 2009

41lAX0UGyPL._SS500_The POURfect line of measuring cups and measuring spoons claim to be “the world’s most complete and accurate set of measuring spoons and cups.” Considering the measuring cups have 9 pieces and the measuring spoons have 12, that’s probably true. I have yet to see a more complete set of measuring cups and spoons, and I have a few sets in my kitchen drawer.

83046I received the POURfect spoons and cups in the Kitchen-Aid’s Imperial Red. (They have spoons and cups to match 6 of Kitchen-Aid’s colors.) The first thing I thought when I opened the box was “those are some serious measuring spoons and measuring cups!” Apparently they both include some hard-to-find sizes. The cups come in 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 3/4, 1C, 1½C, 2C while the spoons come in 1/64, 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4, 1t, 1½T, 1T, 2T. Whew! Both sets have bold text and include English, metric and even braille; calibrated measurements that are “guaranteed accurate;” polished bowl so ingredients release easily. (I’m still not sure peanut butter releases easily in anything but Pampered Chef’s .)

Anyway, I tried and tested both the measuring cups and spoons and here are my thoughts:

  • Who the heck needs a 1/64th teaspoon? or a 1/32nd for that matter? And the 2 c. measuring cup seems a bit redundant. Is it really that much more effort to use the 1 c. twice? Save some plastic, people!

  • Though the thought of the “POURfect” pouring lip on the cups is a nice one, I think it really works best on their POURfect bowls. I don’t ever pour from the front of a measuring cup; 99% of the time I pour from the side.

  • I loved the stabilizing rubber rings on the larger measuring cups. That feature was nice!

  • LOVE the Imperial Red—yummy, yummy kitchen color.

  • I also really like the raised text. I find when measuring cups have the measurements painted on they wear off after time and then it’s anybody’s guess as to how much brown sugar your packing into your cookies. Of course those same raised measurements are the same color as the cups so it’s sometimes hard to read.

At $12 for the POURfect measuring spoons and $18 for the POURfect measuring cups, I think you’re better off with a standard yet high-quality set from Target like the Kitchen-Aid line. I am intrigued by their POURfect bowls, which you can learn more about via videos on their site. A POURfect mixing bowl would come in handy when we use our Baker’s Edge brownie pan. It’s not easy getting that batter in there!—Emily

Dave Cook Kitchen Tools…Making the CUT

April 7th, 2009

So it’s not typical that you walk into a kitchen and make comments about how cute (that’s right cute) someone’s knives are, but, it actually has become a typical statement at my house.

I recently received this unique line of kitchen knives and butcher block that is so stylish that the knives are being called cute! I don’t know if it is the simplicity of the wood block or the rubber red grips on the knives that are stealing the attention away from my colorful Kitchenaid, but, these knives are definitely making the cut when it comes to style.

The 4 slot storage block comes with the essential knives: 3 1/4 paring knife, 5 1/2 boning knife, 7’ utility knive, and the 8 1/2 chef’s knife. So, the cute red grip is actually my favorite thing about each knife. It has a new design unlike any other handle that provides superior comfort and control. The grip doesn’t hurt after cutting through tough meat or an awkward sized melon. The grip makes cutting things so much easier. The handle design actually acts like a shock absorber so it helps reduce any potential wrist or hand stress when cutting.

The blades make the cut too…literally. They are 440-A stainless steel and in knife terminology that means it is very durable and can cut through things with ease.

These knives are the first of their kind to transform the structure and design of the knife. Truly cutting edge.-Amber

Available online at daveckt.com

** Giveaway! Dave Cook Kitchen Tools is giving away a paring knife/cheese board gift set to a lucky daily dish reader. Please visit Dave Cook Kitchen Tools website and leave a comment here telling us a knife know how tip. Include a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: April 14, 2009 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

D-Lux 57 aprons are D-licious!

November 6th, 2008

D-Lux 57Though we did an apron review only a couple weeks ago, it’s never too soon to do another one! Fashionable aprons are all the rage and it’s no wonder why. With all the fun designs and flirty styles, every girl should have at least one hostess-with-the-mostess apron. If you are still on the hunt for the perfect apron, look no further than D-Lux 57. These aprons are some of the most delicious ones you’ll find!

D-Lux 57 aprons come in three sizes for three ages of cooks: adult, tween and little. You can coordinate to create the perfect mother/daughter set or even grandmother/granddaughter set! The aprons are fully lined so everyone’s party clothes are protected from spills and splatters. D-Lux 57’s 100% cotton fabrics, which come from the quilting market, are of the highest quality, made in the USA and known for their soft feel.

D-Lux 57From vintage to modern to retro, the fashion prints on these aprons are some of the yummiest around. Two of my daughters (the 11-year-old and 1-year-old) and I are now the proud wearers of D-Lux 57 aprons. (Well, I’m the proud wearer…the other two have to wait for theirs until I can buy a third for the 8-year-old.) But before I could be wowed by the aprons I found myself adoring the matching fabric keepsake envelope in which the aprons arrived. The envelope, made of the same high-quality fabric and craftsmanship, is an ingenious way to store these aprons. The hooks in my pantry are getting a bit crowded and the keepsake envelope means I can stack the aprons neatly on a shelf or in a kitchen drawer. Plus they make for great gift packaging, and I always love a product that comes in its own packaging!

D-Lux 57Once I got past the sweet little pouch and pulled out my Dottie Aqua & Brown apron, the drool started, and it continued until I had opened the tween-size Wild Safari and the little cook Asian Kids aprons. (I think I’m experiencing some flashback drool right now…) The fabric was just as soft as promised and the prints just as delicious. The style of the adult and tween aprons seems like it would fit a variety of body shapes and sizes, and the kimono-type styling of the little cook apron was the perfect variation on a theme. I am dying for my baby to get a little older so she can toddle around the kitchen—or the craft table—in her D-Lux 57 apron!

D-Lux 57’s delicious aprons are already getting noticed. Check out this YouTube clip from a recent Desperate Housewives commercial depicting Bri wearing the Pink Pears apron.

D-Lux 57 just introduced a new line of laminated plasticware that includes trays and bowls and coordinates with their beautiful aprons. True to D-Lux 57’s own words, “Cooking never looked so good.”—Emily

* Promotion! D-Lux 57 is offering Daily Dish readers 10% off plus free shipping on their order! Simply enter code BCDD101130 at checkout. Offer expires December 31st.

Here we go loop de loop, here we go Loopa bowl!

November 4th, 2008

Loopa bowlSometimes I feel like the pretzels and goldfish crackers I give my little ones do series of loop de loops around the family room and in the car. I find pretzel twists under the car seat and goldfish tails inside the media cabinet. Even when I give them a little snack cup with a lid that swivels just large enough for little fingers, those crackers manage to escape. Aside from duct taping your busy toddler to the barstool, a parent doesn’t have many options…until now.

Loopa bowlI was mesmerized by the Löopa bowl the first time I laid eyes on it. The design reminded me of a past American Inventor where the winner designed a car seat that swiveled, protecting the baby in the event of a crash. I thought the design was nifty back then and when I saw it applied to a snack bowl, I thought it was ingenious. But would it work? Would snacks really stay put when my one-year-old new walker toddled around the house? And would my toddler’s booster seat remain goldfish-free? Designed by parents, I had high hopes…and I wasn’t disappointed.

Necessity is always the mother of invention when it comes to children’s products, and I am so glad the Brad and Melinda Shepherd’s little one “spilled Cheerios all over the back seat of the minivan for the umpteenth time” because it eventually led to the Löopa bowl. This spill-resistant bowl swivels and oscillates in all directions keeping snacks in the bowl and not under the couch, behind the computer desk or on the dashboard. The weighted inner bowl rotates 360 degrees so pretzels, fruit snacks and Cheerios stay inside even when held vertically, something my one-year-old loves to do. When not holding munchies it’s a great toy, even for adults. I often found myself twisting and turning the Löopa bowl, watching it swivel and spin. Yes, I’m easily amused but this thing is pretty dang cool!

Loopa bowlThe only time we had goldfish go flying was when my little ones literally swung that thing in earnest, and nothing could have held up to that test! And if your snacks are on the smaller side, like those toddler dried fruit snacks, they can get wedged between the innermost bowl and the piece next to it, locking the bowl in place. When that happens it’s pretty likely you’ll find dried fruit outside the Löopa bowl rather than in it. But overall, I’m totally sold on the design because preventing that “umpteenth time” means preventing a moment of insanity.

The Löopa bowl is available online for around $10 on and both online and off from One Step Ahead and .—Emily

* Promotion! Löopa is offering Daily Dish readers “Buy One, Get One Half Off” if you purchase a Löopa bowl from their . This is a really great deal on a really awesome product! Just enter code “boutiquecafe” at checkout. The offer expires November 22, 2008, so don’t wait!

Apron Ornament Tutorial

December 7th, 2007

Who wouldn’t adore these darling Apron Ornaments by Erica of Pumkin Little! Click here to visit her blog>

For Erica’s online tutorial on how to make them for your family and friends – Click here and jump in>>

What a fun idea to have a Kitchen Tree!!

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