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Say “I LOVE YOU” DIY Style

January 27th, 2010

Article by: Kim ChristophersonYouCanMakeThis.com

ycmt_boutiquecafe1 Remember the days when you couldn’t wait to open that special valentine card filled with a paper note and conversation heart candy. I just KNEW that those conversation heart candies meant TRU LUV when given by the boy I had a crush on.:)

Years later, those special “valentines” are still ones I look forward to giving and receiving. A handmade card and artwork from our children are some of the best, aren’t they? A small handmade gift from a friend says, “I’m thinking of you”. Those kinds of things are memorable and treasured because you know that it was made with a lot of thought, time, and care. You know that while they were making that item, they thought about you, and could just imagine what it would be like to have you receive it!

Well, I have those same feelings, too, when I am making something special for a friend or family member. And because I love to do just about anything “DIY”, now is the perfect time to begin some simple projects to give this Valentine’s Day.

At www.YouCanMakeThis.com, we have a variety of downloadable projects that are quick, simple, and perfect to give to someone you care about. Here are a few ideas:

Make a Lotus Flower and attach it to a card for a friend. This flower can then be added to her favorite handbag or even used as a brooch.

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