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Emily Hill Blogger of the Week on KSL

September 20th, 2012

Now is truly my big chance to name drop! Emily Hill, KSL’s Blogger of the Week – I KNOW HER!! You can imagine my excitement in seeing my talented and dear friend featured on TV for something she’s just so great at. Emily is not only the beautiful wife, mom and blogger at Is This Really My Life, but she’s also been a key and integral part of Boutique Cafe for years as our Contributing Editor of the Daily Dish.

Through Is This Really My Life Emily blogs everything from recipes, to personal events, to local hot spots (all while being Mom to 4 kids, a wife to one truly great guy, and drinking ice-cold Diet Coke when necessary).

I highly recommend her blog as a must-read, its one of the stops I simply have to make each day. Not only is Em a fun, honest and skillful blogger, but Emily is truly a woman I admire. She is lovely heart and soul (plus she has great hair, and amazing shoes!).

I invite you to discover Is This Really My Life and enjoy her blog post as much as I, and oodles of avid readers do. Congratulations Emily, this is a well deserved honor. – XOXO Daria

Daria Plays “Mad Libs” on Is This Really My Life today:

September 20th, 2010

I must tell you I’m quite honoured to be asked to play Mad Libs with all the “cool kids” on Emily’s blog “Is This Really My Life” today! I’ve never played Mad Libs before in my life, and it’s been excruciating waiting to see how my answered filled in those blanks. LOL! I must admit that it’s taking ALL of my self control not to request a “DO OVER” and send new words now. I’ll try to control myself though. Emily sent over on the request for a certain number of NOUNS, ADJECTIVES etc. and filled them all in. Screen shot 2010-09-20 at 9.14.21 AM

I definitely laughed at the end when it asked for someone else in the room. All I could think of was Mindy Gledhill because her music has been filling my studio non-stop. That TOTALLY counts right?!!

Thanks for the fun Emily and for featuring a bit about my life too – I sure do love you! XOXO Daria

Please swing over to “Is This Really My Life” and check out my feature :)

{discover} Is This Really My Life?

March 27th, 2010

Have you checked out Emily’s new blog affectionately called “Is This Really My Life?”

Her writing and wit are fantastic, so please support our girl Emily. Grab a Diet Coke, and Get over there!

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