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My girls are in love with Wolverine

July 14th, 2011

And I’m not talking about the X-Men character, though I kinda think he’s a bit of a hottie. I’m actually talking about Wolverine shoes...and their hiking shoes to be more exact.

Wolverine shoes

First, a bit about Wolverine:

The footwear, apparel and gear reflects the values of the craftsmen whose pride in their work has made Wolverine the gold standard for comfort, quality and performance. Wolverine products are among the finest to be found anywhere in the world, with advanced technologies that add unparalleled safety, durability, and especially comfort. Wolverine will handle the toughest days and keep coming back for more. They are RELENTLESS BY NATURE.

Wolverine sent us two pairs of their women’s waterproof hiking shoes. I kinda liked how pretty they were fresh out of the box:

Wolverine Shoes

Then I noticed this diagram on the inside of the lid:

Wolverine Shoes

And found this cute little dial under the sock liner:

Wolverine Shoes

So apparently these hiking shoes are awesome inside and out. They have this customized comfort system with four settings: I for enhanced inner support; O for increased outer support; F for firming things up; and C for added cushion. You remove the liner, choose your setting, set both disks the same and replace the liner. How great is that?

Question is, could these shoes hold up to a 13-year-old at a week-long camp for girls? And an 11-year-old who knows how to beat up a pair of shoes? I gave one pair to Madison and one to Lauren so they could test drive the Wolverines. Here’s what they had to say.

“Hi everybody! This is Madison. My mom asked me to write a review on the shoes Wolverine. I took them to Oakcrest {a five-day camp for girls} and used them for hiking. They were SUPER comfy and didn’t give me blisters on the first time I wore them! I love the design on the shoe. I had to use them on a three and a half hour hike and my feet didn’t hurt one bit. I heard people complaining about their feet, but I didn’t! They were even good in the mud and rain. When we were hiking down, lots of people were slipping. I didn’t fall because of the great traction on the bottom of the sole. These shoes were the best!”

“Hey people! This is Lauren and I am writing a review on the shoes I used. The first time I used them I walked to and back from the school and my feet didn’t hurt only my legs did. The second time I used them was when we went on the alpine slide and while on that I slipped! {Clarification: The shoes had nothing to do with her flipping her sled. She was going way too fast around a turn. The end result? Fiberglass burns and a gash on her knee that need over 11 stitches!} The shoes looked great with blood-red inside and little dots only on the right shoe! Just kidding. They were my favorite tennis shoes and still are and the red came right out

Yes, I totally washed them in the washing machine in cold water on gentle cycle and then air dried them. I hesitated to do so due to the leather but she had really bloodied up the inside of the one shoe. They washed up perfectly and are good as new! I was super impressed! Both girls raved about how comfortable they were. I’m kinda sad I gave both pairs away. Dang.

Wolverine shoes are not super cheap, but if I were an avid hiker or outdoorswoman, I would make the investment. These babies survived camp with nary a blister; a trip down the Alpine slide before rolling around in fiberglass, rocks and dirt; and being washed in the washing machine. If they can survive all that, they will definitely last years and years. And years!—Emily

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