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Due Date Bags: One Diaper Bag to Rule Them All

February 22nd, 2013

Every once in awhile, a diaper bag comes along that hits all the marks and looks good doing it. For me, the Due Date Bags are the one diaper bag to rule them all!

Yes, it’s true that celebrity moms are snapping them up like hotcakes (cool mamas like Tori Spelling, Ali Landry, Jennifer Garner and Vanessa Lachey to name a few). So why are these bags so desired? Well, I was sent a gorgeous “metallic mama” bag to take for a test drive and what I discovered was the ideal blend of style, quality and function.

First of all, I’ll be honest – this is a big bag. It’s meant to have room for mom’s on the go to be able to tote along all they need for baby. I personally LOVED the size and amount of baby stuff, personal items and even electronics I could fit in to take with me. The next thing I was giddy over were the labelled pockets (yes that right, labelled). It takes what could be a mess of a bag, and turns it into a functional and organized tote, picture asking someone to hand you the baby wipes…now they can find it in a blink! Bingo, it’s genius.

Due Date Diaper Bags feature 3 “drop in” bags for cosmetics, snacks and a large one for extra clothing. The bottom of the bag is your own little changing station, featuring a changing pad and spots to hold diaper cream, toys, wipes and diapers.

The bags come in three styles: Metallic Mama, Midnight Mama and Red Hot Mama. For the ultimate little luxury you have have your Due Date bag monogrammed. What a treat for the expectant mom in your life! xoxo – Daria

To purchase your own Due Date bag visit DueDateBags.com
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Boutique Cafe {Daily Dish} Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso.

Making Moms Organized in a Sugar Snap!

December 5th, 2012

Oh my friends! Every once in a while a product comes along that is so useable, so genius, so well made that I am literally bursting to tell you about it. Today I’m thrilled to introduce you to Sugar Snap files, they can change a nightmare of a diaper bag (like mine) into an organized and functional system in a SNAP!!

The Sugar Snap files are designed to fit right into you existing diaper bag…or purse…or any bag you want to tote around. I hope that my description can do them justice, as they are too cool! The Sugar Snap files consist of 5 pouches with easy to identify tabs such as: Lotions & Potions, Me & Mine, Dipes & Wipes, Shirts & Socks, Snacks & Supplies. All of them are attached to a ring but you can add or subtract pouches according to your plans for the day. I swear that they have the power to make any disorganized and frazzled Mommy look like an organized phenom! Lola and I were sent the Parker design (green pattern with orange trim) to try out and share with you. I have to tell you, I feel like a new woman. I absolutely love this product, instead of spending time digging and rummaging through my diaper bag to find stuff it’s all easy and accessible in those tabbed pouches.

If the labelled tabs aren’t enough, each pretty pouch has a mesh front so you can peer right in and grab what you need for your baby.

I’m so excited about Sugar Snap that it might just be my new “go-to” gift for all of my expecting mom friends. – XO Daria

Boutique Cafe {Daily Dish} Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso.

A diaper bag I adore!

March 22nd, 2011

In the fall, I wrote a review about the Kokopax carrier, which I loved and still love. Kokopax recently debuted a new diaper tote called Samantha. I was so excited to receive one for review and couldn’t wait for it to arrive.

Flutter tote

Here’s a descrpition of the tote:

This fun and funky diaper tote is one that mom will want to use on her own, not just for baby.  Made from 100 percent cotton canvas, the samantha diaper tote features a custom designed, water-resistant lining, durable webbing, high quality leather accents and magnetic closure.  A zippered pocket with custom zipper pull, three extra–deep pockets, a beverage compartment and metal studs on the bottom to keep the bag clean, make the tote exceptionally functional for a variety of uses.  Other available fabric designs include: bubbles, bubbles take-two, sprout, pax and licorice.  Dimensions: 18” X 5X 14”.

The Samantha diaper tote is a generous size, but not too big. I agree that it’s a bag Mom will esnt to use on her own, I’ve used it a lot when I don’t have my two girls with me. I love the relaxed look of the tote and so do a lot of other people – I get at least one compliment whenever I leave the house with it! Having a newborn, I still prefer a more sturdy bag with a more pronounced and flat bottomn especially since I’m carrying around bottles of formula (and seemingly everything else besides the kitchen sink), but the Samantha Tote is excellent for trips to the grocery store, etc. I keep mine stashed with diapers and wipes so I can grab it and go whenever I’d like.


Overall, I adore my Samantha Tote. It’s great for Moms who’s youngest has reached toddler age and doesn’t need as much supplies (I miss those days!), or for breastfeeding moms who may require fewer supplies. And you’ll love all the compliments your sure to receive! Head on over to Kokopax to get yours. – Katie

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OiOi – I Love You! Diaper Bag Review

August 17th, 2010

Hobo Diaper BagMy OiOi hobo diaper bag is totally my go-to diaper bag. Quickly after receiving it, I realized that it’s the perfect diaper bag. It’s the optimum size and depth, it has the best amount of pockets and their sizes are spot on. It’s endured being toted everywhere and still looks brand new! I adore the wipeable interior and the adjustable strap. But, my hands down favorite feature are the stroller straps. They’re hooked into the diaper bag so I never have to worry about losing them and they clip around my stroller’s handles so easily, leaving the basket underneath the seat accessible and available for other things such as shopping bags when we’re at the mall. I totally wish I had this diaper bag when my husband, daughter, stroller and I went to NYC. The diaper bag also comes equipped with a wipeable change mat, a thermos bag and a wipes case. Everything but the baby right?

Let me focus for a minute on the depth of my hobo bag. It really is perfect. I never feel like I’m digging around for something for an inordinate amount of time. Or if I am, it’s my own fault for tossing and going and making my diaper such a mess! As Moms, we all know those moments when it’s vital to find a specific something to calm, soothe or entertain your child. The minutes seem to crawl by in those moments and so it’s incredibly important to make the find as quickly as possible. With this diaper bag, you won’t find yourself rummaging as your face gets progressively redder. You’ll be able to find what you’re looking for and put an end to your child’s crying, whining, or screaming in my case. And who could say no to that? My daughter, Holly, also loves the depth of this diaper bag. She loves looking around for a specific toy or her sippy cup and she enjoys the empowerment of emptying the bag as she goes. Personally, I love that she can have that independence!

My bag is from the spring collection – it’s called green floral disc. Right now Oi Oi’s August 2010 line is out and I’m swooning over the Ikat print. It’s just so perfect!

I highly recommend getting an OiOi hobo diaper bag for yourself. As far as pricing goes, they’re very reasonably priced especially when I believe the diaper bag will last for years and help your sanity to last just as long too! If you’re looking for something more lush, they also carry leather. To find a store go right here. You won’t regret it! – Katie

Petunia Pickle Bottom – Super Chic Review

August 3rd, 2010

PVC-free Glazed wipeable exterior and although I have yet to need to wipe ‘er down, it gives me some serious peace of mind. Another feature I like is the key clip. I’m the worst for losing my keys at the bottom of a bag and so with this handy and easily accessible feature, I’m digging around no more. On the interior there are 6 pockets, 2 of which are for bottles, and a seventh pocket (a pacifier pocket) higher up on one side of the bag. It really is perfect for a pacifier, your lip balm, anything else that you don’t want to be searching for. It detaches via velcro, making finding that much needed item even easier. Gotta love that!

PPB wipes case (included with the diaper bag) and diapers. I love that I can keep all my diapering items in one handy spot. Although, I found that once I had the diapering supplies all packed up, the main body of the bag became a little narrow and slightly tough to access.

You can imagine my excitement when my Petunia Pickle Bottom shoulder diaper bag (in the Sleepy Santorini print) arrived in the mail. Boy, is it ever chic! I received a compliment the first time I took it out of the house – who doesn’t love that?

I love that the bag has a PVC-free Glazed wipeable exterior and although I have yet to need to wipe ‘er down, it gives me some serious peace of mind. Another feature I like is the key clip. I’m the worst for losing my keys at the bottom of a bag and so with this handy and easily accessible feature, I’m digging around no more. Plus it’s the easiest key fob to use so I use it. On the interior there are 6 pockets, 2 of which are for bottles, and a seventh pocket (a pacifier pocket) higher up on one side of the bag. It really is perfect for a pacifier, your lip balm, anything else that you don’t want to be searching for. It detaches via velcro, making finding that much needed item even easier. Gotta love that!

SleepySantorini_SB_OpenThe diaper bag comes equipped with a changing pad that tucks into an exterior pocket. It can be removed if your children are past diapers but you still need the accessibility and convenience of a diaper bag. Inside that front pocket are 2 additional pockets that are the perfect size for the PPB wipes case (included with the diaper bag) and diapers. I love that I can keep all my diapering items in one handy spot. Although, I found that once I had the diapering supplies all packed up, the main body of the bag became a little narrow and slightly tough to access.

Despite the shoulder strap being unadjustable, both my husband and I found that the diaper bag sat nicely on our bodies. It surprised me when I first put it on because it felt so trim against my body. So even though I can pack lots in this bag it doesn’t feel overly bulky. I do wish the strap was less stiff. It can be a little sticky-uppy. I’m hoping that with time it will soften up.

Here’s a little more about Petunia Pickle Bottom:

More than three little words, Petunia Pickle Bottom is a lifestyle—a different way of looking at the world. And perhaps nowhere else is that difference more distinct, unique or decidedly fashionable than in the Petunia products themselves. A perennial exhibit of bold lines, daring colors and darling designer details, Petunia Pickle Bottom was created for the steadfast sophisticate inside every woman. Silk brocades, hand-woven tweeds, plush chenilles, intricate cut velvets, and exquisitely detailed embroidery—every one a Petunia hallmark, and every one an expression of motherhood’s myriad facets.

I couldn’t agree more! Every time I see a Mom with a PPB diaper bag I think that she’s totally got everything together and is way organized and chic! Hopefully people think the same when they see me with my bag especially since I’m often flying by the seat of my pants!

Make sure you check out Petunia Pickle Bottoms other products like their wide selection of diaper bags, their adorable clothing, and their cozy-looking blankets! -Katie

Ellington’s Bella Hobo: A simply breathtaking (multitasking) handbag

April 27th, 2010

Ellington HandbagsIt has been far too long since I’ve been able to review a chic diaper bag (my fave is still my Amy Michelle Gladiola), but that’s okay because I no longer give a true, dedicated diaper bag a full-fledged test drive. Yes, I still have one in diapers (even the world’s blingiest crown won’t get her out of them) but my youngest are now old enough I can survive on much less. It’s been a long time coming, trust me!

Ellington Bella ToteAs nifty as it is for me to be out of the diaper-bag phase, I still need a handbag that can multitask as well—or better—than I do. Though I don’t require room for multiple changes of clothes, bottles, pacifiers, Cheerio-filled snack cups and board books, I do require space for a couple fruit snack packets, one Hot Wheels, a few Smarties (less messy than suckers) and my Envirosax reusable tote.

And then I want to be able to use that same bag to hold my HP Vivienne Tam netbook, old-school notebook, pen, extra business cards and other necessary gear when I head to a networking event or conference.

Oh, and then I want that same handbag to transition to a chic, fabulous accessory for a night on the town. Not a small order but not impossible, especially for Ellington Handbags, and more especially for Ellington’s Bella Hobo handbag.

First, a little bit about Ellington (I think I might need to work for this company):

When we’re not at work, we’re musicians, writers, and artists; sailors, cyclists, and marathon runners; moms and dads and aunties and uncles; cooks and gardeners and avid knitters. We think life is an adventure, and a good handbag should carry whatever you need, wherever your adventures take you. We create each bag to be your perfect companion; the one you want by your side every day, whether you’re picking out veggies at the local farmer’s market or boarding a plane to Budapest. Just enough pockets, but not too many. A strap that fits on your shoulder as if it was made just for you. Luxurious leathers and fabrics that feel good, look good, and wear well. But what about style? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered. We know that looking good feels good, so we focus on classic-chic designs that you’ll feel good carrying not only for a season, but for years and years.

And now for Ellington’s Bella Hobo. Gosh, I’m in heaven just writing about this handbag! The company sent me the Bella Hobo because of its multitasking abilities all hidden inside the yummiest Italian leather. Now, they didn’t say “yummiest Italian leather” but I’m saying it. It was yummy the moment I opened the box:

Ellington Bella Hobo

Ellington Bella Hobo hardwareYou can’t tell from this picture but this handbag smells fabulous. You can ask my husband’s friend who walked through the door just after I opened to box because I had him take a whiff of that fab Italian leather. An architect with an eye for good design (and not afraid to comment on a woman’s handbag), he too thought it a chic and stylish accessory. Seriously. I’m not just saying that.

I couldn’t wait to test this bag’s ability to handle all this blogger needs when attending an event. I loved that it had not only super sturdy handles with awesome hardware but an optional shoulder strap, which comes in handy when holding a child on one hip and the hand of another. I filled it with the necessary items and still had room to spare if I’d wanted to throw in another couple hundred business cards. (Okay, I’m not THAT popular but a girl can dream, can’t she?)

Ellington Bella Hobo

Sort of clockwise from top left: small leather notebook; reusable tote; sunglasses case; wallet; netbook; business cards; business card holder #1 (this one holds customer appreciation cards and gift cards); power cord for netbook; keys.

What you don’t see: cell phone and expo tickets (outside pocket); business card holder #2 (other outside pocket); two lip glosses (inside pockets); pack of gum.

Ellington Bella Hobo toteAnd yet even chock full of expo goodies, this handbag doesn’t look like it’s “working.” And it would look just as fantastic if it were hiding diapers and wipes (and that extra change of clothes). No matter what’s inside, you’ll look like you’re ready for a day of shopping and lunch out with girlfriends—or better yet, a day wandering around the streets of Rome or Milan. Perhaps that’s the next test run I should take with my Ellington Bella Hobo handbag...

Ellington Ramoli toteEvery Ellington handbag is beautiful, classic, chic, unique…and yummy. And so are the prices. Most of their handbags retail for under $200, which is a steal considering the craftsmanship, design and that supple Italian leather. Don’t want to spend that much on a handbag for yourself? Mother’s Day is around the corner; let your husband finally get his Mother’s Day gift-giving right!—Emily

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Korbie lets you take the nursery with you

December 9th, 2008

The Daily Dish is all about the latest and greatest products for parents and their children, but once in a while what’s new to us may not be new to some of our readers. Today’s product review features the Korbie all-in-one baby bag, but apparently it’s not a new concept, or so a Twitterer told me when I mentioned writing this review. But that’s okay, because it’s new to me and it’s probably new to many of you!

KorbieThe Korbie all-in-one Baby Bag combines a diaper bag, bassinet and changing table for the ultimate on-the-go bag. The diaper bag features include stain-resistant nylon, adjustable shoulder strap, saddlebag design so it can straddle the back of the chair (sans bassinet), insulated bottle pockets, zippered front pocket, two large sections (hence the saddlebag) with two interior mesh pockets and a zippered interior pocket.

The bassinet features a UV-coated nylon with adjustable and removable canopy, hinges that securely lock the bassinet when open, carrying straps to carry your babies short distances, removable and machine-washable terrycloth pad and a 3-point harness. You can use the bassinet as a changeing table or remove the changing pad and use it on its own.

KorbieSo here’s my take on the Korbie without actually having an infant within its weight requirements (I have very “healthy” babies). The overall concept is fabulous. I love the idea of having a portable bassinet when you have a very little one in tow. It’s great for short or long trips—any type of travel where it would be handy to have something other than one of those large portable cribs (as long as your little one can’t roll over or sit up). I was able to remove the bassinet easily, though that is some serious Velcro, and I even set it up without reading the directions. It popped right open and the harness gave me no trouble.

The canopy, though extremely lightweight, seemed pretty sturdy and when completely open covered pretty much the entire bassinet—I like being able to shield my little one from head to toe! You do want to make sure you here the bassinet lock in its open position, and I would even test it by lifting it up by the handles before placing your baby inside. I do wish the main rib of the canopy, which you can remove by pulling it from the release button, had some sort of “stop” on it so the rib didn’t slide around in the fabric. I lost the rib for a second after removing the canopy and had to cinch the fabric so I could pull it out again.  But overall, I thought the bassinet design was a pretty ingenious one and seemed sturdy enough to handle even the “healthiest” infant.

KorbieAs for the diaper bag, I wasn’t sold on it as far as using it solely for a diaper bag. I’ve reviewed a lot of bags and so I look for certain things. One of the most important is a comfortable shoulder strap, and the Korbie’s strap is way too narrow and lacks any padding whatsoever. I can imagine a sore shoulder if you’re toting it around with the bassinet and packed full of baby gear. The saddlebag idea is a unique and handy one, but I’m not sure it’s worth the work of trying to rip open the Velcro flap at the bottom—that sucker takes some serious effort! The two sections are very generously sized but only have two mesh pockets for organizing your gear. The Korbie needs a few more interior mesh and/or divided pockets, especially since the bag is so deep.

And that was my other not-so-favorite thing. Of course the Korbie has to be rather long so it has room to carry the bassinet, but its length makes for a really deep bag. I’m just not sure how easy it would be to find things in such a “generous” pocket. And the large front flap doesn’t really have a place to go when lifted to access the pockets—it kind of gets in the way. It took me a minute just to figure out how to maneuver it so it wasn’t blocking my line of sight!

But even though I didn’t love the Korbie as a diaper bag, I still love it as a great all-in-one travel bag. It is extremely well made, durable and the fabric will hold up to a lot of wear and tear—a great thing for travel gear. The idea of a portable bassinet and baby gear at hand is an ingenious one. You should stick with your current favorite diaper bag for everyday use, but if you’re on the go a lot, whether it’s to the local park or the Disney park, the Korbie all-in-one Baby Bag will make it easy to take the nursery with you. And when traveling is easier, everyone is happy!—Emily

* Promotion! Korbie is offering Daily Dish readers $50 off the retail price! Visit Korbie.com and use the code “bcafe” (without the quotes) at checkout. Offer expires December 31, 2008.

The Re-Runs are back and oh, so fun!

December 5th, 2008

We first reviewed Fleurville back in January for our “let’s go green” week. We featured their Re-Run Messenger bag and MicroPod. I love Fleurville’s Re-Run fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles and keeps thousands of bottles out of landfill—nothing like going green when on the go! So I was super excited to receive Fleurville’s Re-Run Yoga Bag and Re-Run Zafu Meditation Pillow for a review on the Daily Dish.

FleurvilleI don’t do yoga as often as I should, and when I do it, it’s in the “comfort” of my basement toy room. If I had my choice I’d be “om-ing” it up at the gum, and if I had my choice of yoga bag it would be the Re-Run Yoga Bag from Fleurville. It may not have all the bells and whistles of other yoga bags (do yoga bags have bells and whistles?) but it does fit my yoga mat, strap and reusable watter bottle (of course!) nicely. I love the Ogo print with its crisp blues and greens and I love knowing I’m keeping 3 plastic bottles out of landfill. It has an adjustable strap, zippered compartment for car keys, gym membership and hand towel (a necessity if you’re into the Bikram thing), and is PVC free. I do wish it had a little more room so I could fit my yoga block but I’m hoping someday I won’t need the extra help with my headstands! Fleurville’s Re-Run Yoga Bag gets a thumbs up—or strong upward facing dog—from me!

FleurvilleThe Re-Run Zafu Meditation Pillow was a big hit with everyone, though I can’t say we ever actually used it for meditating. I don’t even think it’s possible to meditate with four kids in the house! My 3-year-old’s “is this for me?” won me over and he claimed it as his own. He used it as his special seat to watch his favorite TV shows and movies. My girls had to wait to use it until he was in bed…at least until the newness wore off, which took a good month or so. I’ve used it as a seat for my toddler as I put on his shoes, as a seat for myself when there are none to be found on the couch, and as the perfect spot next to the toddler bed for reading bedtime stories. It has yet to be used to meditate but it has gotten plenty of good use, that’s for sure! Apparently it was even a great resting spot for Fleurville employees at one of their tradeshows. Now that’s using your resources wisely!

Like the yoga bag, the meditation pillow keeps 3 plastic bottles out of landfill. It is filled with certified organic buckwheat filling with a fill volume that is adjustable for customized comfort. No worrying about buckwheat spills; the Zafu has a Velcro guard. It is also PVC free.

FleurvilleI also received the ModPod, but I don’t see it listed on Fleurville’s site. Either it’s brand-spankin’ new or it’s been discontinued. I was able to find it for sale elsewhere, and this is a fabulous changing kit. It’s a step above a diapers and wipes clutch and a couple steps before diaper bag. Though it is generously sized I still make room for it in my diaper bag because it has a nicely padded changing pad and PVC-free lamination. The adjustable shoulder strap is great for when I pop it out of the bag to take to the changing room at church. When open, my favorite feature is the slightly padded head rest and the three storage pockets. I have about 3 diapers, a wipes case and an extra onesie, and even when folded it is still fairly compact. I have it, my wallet, small cosmetic bag, change of clothes for my toddler, and a multitude of snacks in my diaper bag with room to spare. Plus I love the ModPod’s sleek design. It’s my favorite changing kit so far, though it would be awesome if it was made from Re-Run fabric as well.

Whether you’re standing tree poser, meditation guru or frazzled mom trying to keep diaper changing gear in one place, Fleurville’s looking out for you—and the environment. Sometimes Re-Runs are just as great as the original, if not better. Go for style, go for function, go for environmentally friendly. Go Fleurville.—Emily

P.S. Check out their new Getaway Weekend bag—LOVE IT and the Botanical Azure print!

*** Giveaway! We are giving away one of Fleurville’s fabulous Re-Run Messenger Bags in red—a hard-to-find color! Visit Fleurville.com and leave a comment telling us your favorite product besides the ones mentioned in this review. Include a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: December 12, 2008 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

  • Congratulations to Rebecca S., the winner of the Fleurville giveaway! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the review and add a comment. Keep reading the Daily Dish for your chance to participate in more giveaways!

You’d Better Not Pout!

September 3rd, 2008

PoutBaby No pouting allowed! You’re a Mom afterall. So what can put a smile on your face like nothing else? Why a great bag of course! Feast your grins on this…The Lola diaper bag by PoutBaby.

This gorgeous diaper bag is brimming with sleek styling for the fashionista mom, yet it has real practicality inside and out. It’s got me seriously considering another baby of my own (I’m not kidding). The exterior is a quilted nylon for easy wipe ups, and boasts real leather trim that adds to the wow factor of this well made bag. Inside the diaper bag are 4 interior pockets for diapers, wipes, toys, snacks and even a change of clothing. They have included a key/toy/pacifier clip, waterproof (but pretty) lining, 2 interior bottle pockets, an easy wipe changing pad, and a lovely ribbon tie closure.

The Lola bag from PoutBaby is available in chocolate brown with a coral interior and butter toffee leather trim, or black with periwinkle interior and black leather trim. Also in the PoutBaby lineup are the Charlie Pack design and the Carrie Tote. Bags are priced in the $130-$190 range and are both sturdy and beautiful.

PoutBaby is the brainchild of mother-daughter team Jennifer and Tiziana who had dreamed of starting a business together. The idea of a stylish and simple diaper bag is what spurred them on, together with a pregnancy and need for a great bag. Started in 2008, the PoutBaby line is already making a splash with celebrity moms like Halle Berry and Cate Blanchett who own the Carrie tote. Additionally, the Carrie tote was selected by Jewels and Pinstripes for their next Celebrity Baby Bag gifting.

PoutBaby gives you reason to smile. – Daria

Allen Ave. gives function a stylish twist

August 21st, 2008

Allen Ave.Here on the Daily Dish we’re big fans of form, function and fashion coming together in one big group hug, and Allen Avenue’s Cevan Metro diaper bags and Color Zoo animals do just that. Founded by award-winning product developer Natalie Covrig, Allen Ave.’s unique product line is a result of collaborations with artists whose backgrounds include illustration, fine art, industrial design, graphic design and photography. Catering to the contemporary parent, the company’s limited-edition gear and toys are modern, fresh and definitely functional.

Allen Ave.I’ve been able to check out the Gold Biplane Cevan Metro diaper bag. Though the Cityscape is probably my favorite design the Gold Biplane is just as sleek and stylish. I love the wide opening, which means quick and easy access to snacks and wet wipes, and the reinforced bottom is a big plus. Unlike most diaper bags this one is fully insulated and even has slightly larger insulated compartments for those wide-neck bottles and sippy cups. Cevan Metro bags have pockets galore and an extra wide, padded shoulder strap (yay!). Another feature you probably won’t see in other bags is an adjustable velcro divider for extra organization. When you have two under the age of three you’ll take all the extra organizational help you can get! And can your husband borrow your current diaper bag and still look cool? Probably not, but if you own a Cevan Metro bag he can play Mom more often. Now that’s true functionality!

Allen Ave.We also received Grady the Giraffe from Allen Ave.’s Color Zoo collection. Besides being super cute the giraffe’s soft texture and bright colors brought a smile to our faces immediately. I swear my eight-year-old has played with it just as often as my toddler. These large animals, which come in limited-edition patterns, have embroidered eyes and noses and a 100% cotton cover so I felt pretty safe when my littlest one started chewing on its nose! My other favorite animals—besides my kids—are Hadley the Hippo and Ellis the Elephant. I’d probably add them to our collection if it didn’t already feel like a full zoo here at home!

Allen Ave.If you’d like to get in on the form, function and fashion group hug then visit Allen Ave.’s online store. The only problem you’ll have is choosing which bag and which animal most appeals to your modern sense of design…because they all will!—Emily

Amy Michelle diaper bags take to the streets

August 7th, 2008

Amy MichelleSigh…Amy Michelle diaper bags…they’re truly one of my favorites. The Gladiola bag I reviewed back in April has never left my side. I receive more compliments on it than I ever did with any other bag. If it proves to be a little big for everyday use once it’s free of diapers, wipes and divided formula containers, I may have to switch to one of Amy Michelle’s new Street Baby totes.

Amy MichelleThe Street Baby line, which includes the Broadway, Madison Avenue and Rodeo Drive designs, are all about fitting as much functionality as you can into a very compact design. Parked next to my fabulously red Gladiola bag is Amy Michelle’s Broadway tote in navy graffiti. (I also love the Rodeo Drive in chocolate modern.) This diaper bag not only includes stroller attachments but easily converts from shoulder bag to backpack (without instructions it did take me minute to figure out how to convert it). Believe it or not this bag includes a washable changing pad, quick-release pacifier holder, a surprising number of pockets and compartments and even a few features just for mom: section for Mom’s necessities; pocket for day planner, cell phone, and other essentials; an easy to find key ring.

Amy MichelleThough the Gladiola is still my favorite I’m just as impressed with Amy Michelle’s Street Baby line as I have been with the rest of the collection. The designs are practical yet stylish, the craftsmanship is of the highest quality, and my favorite thing, they don’t look like diaper bags. Whether you prefer Rodeo Drive or Madison Avenue or find Broadway’s more your style, you’ll be street chic with any one of Amy Michelle’s Street Baby totes!—Emily

Skooch gives its diaper bags an urban makeover

June 4th, 2008

Skooch...and the result is a totally cool, totally edgy bag even Dad will think is hip enough to tote around town. Skooch’s Mix It Up and Groovy collections received positive reviews on the Daily Dish before and their new Urban Cool collection will make it three for three. Not only does the new line have a slew of great features (I’ll get to those in a moment) but this one is also award winning as a distinguished “Celebrated Winner of the iParenting Media Awards” for the 2008 Excellent Products Call. An award-winning, edgy, “urban cool” diaper bag? Sounds like the perfect Father’s Day gift to me!

SkoochBefore I get to the extensive list of features I have to mention the five cool designs in the Urban Cool collection. You’ve got Camouflage and Desert (definitely masculine; my favorite for Dad is the Desert) and 3 tattoo-inspired prints: Hearts of Love, Skulls and Flames, and Samurai Dragon (my fave). I love Skooch’s take on the tattoo-inspired prints:

So you spotted a cool looking tattoo on the girl next to you on the train or on the guy in the park… But oh, the pain and will you love it in a few weeks let alone a few years… Let’s just say you can’t start all over… Not to worry! With these new…diaper bags from Skooch, there’s no pain, no commitment and they look darn cool!”

That’s my kind of tattoo—no commitment and especially no pain (probably why I’ve only gone as far as rub-on ankle tattoos in the summer).

SkoochThe features on this bag are just as cool as the designs. You’ve got a water-repellent nylon face and lining, polished quality nickel hardware, adjustable shoulder strap with the most awesome, almost hidden rubber feature to keep the strap from slipping (hallelujah!), 2 front patch pockets, an easily accessible cell phone pocket (big seller for me), 2 side bottle pockets, and a large yet somehow compact back pocket to hold an oversized changing pad (nice!). The inside, which opens in a snap with a double-sided zipper pull, boasts an 11” inside zipper compartment, 2 very roomy patch pockets, and 2 extra spacious pockets for whatever remaining necessities you have that for some reason don’t fit into the other 10 pockets! (One feature I wish it did have are those little metal feet on the bottom. Oh well!)

SkoochMy favorite feature, which I noticed before anything else when I checked out the Samurai Dragon bag, is how easily these Urban Cool bags convert to stroller bags. The straps are actually sewn on and hidden away in the large back pocket. Simply pull them out, slip them around the stroller handle, and attach to the other side of the bag. I absolutely love that I don’t have to go digging for a separate set of stroller straps, often hidden in the very last pocket I check, and then attach the straps to the stroller before I can attach the bag to the straps! I think Skooch’s design is pure genius!

The only hesitation I have in recommending Skooch’s new Urban Cool diaper bag as a great Father’s Day gift is the possibility of its creating tension among family members. The design is so fun and funky you may find your teenager wanting it as his new book bag or you claiming it for the gym. If you all aren’t willing to share, all I can say is good luck! (Skooch diaper bags can be purchased online at Rosenberry Rooms.)—Emily

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