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{Inspiration} Painted Piano

June 8th, 2010

When I saw this on The Pennington Point site I literally screamed out loud for joy! Doesn’t this just make you giddy? Now I’m on the hunt for an old piano that I can paint and love in my home. I’m inspired, how ‘bout you? Yum Yum Yummy! – Daria

Haute couture pillows for your living space

March 23rd, 2009

Squarefeathers.comHome accessories are to a house what shoes are to an outfit- it gives a statement. It finishes the look, perhaps, even giving it a look?!

Once I wore this adorable little black sundress and paired it with black flats. Cute, but, blah. Another time I wore the dress with purple shoes and everyone noticed the dress. Funny how changing up the accessories everyone seemed to notice that very cute dress.
So, I think the same rings true with furniture…only on a much larger scale. Accessories in a house can transform a room, let alone the home. Walking into a room you can be captured by the small things that make the big things beautiful. So, why not initiate some ummf into your rooms with decorative pillows by Squarefeathers.com. The collection is a sure thing to make your home get the adoring ahhs.

I had seen these amazing pillows that seem to look like canvas of art. The collection is haute couture for decorative pillows. The designer has meticulously captured elements of the outdoors and combined the design with vibrant colors or a muted palette-whichever theme he was going after. The sea theme has beautiful soothing blues while the tropical designs infuse vibrant colors, the wood series has bold patterns-each line is so different yet all meticulously handcrafted.

I received the package of pillows and was completely in awe over what I saw inside. The pillows not only look amazing, but, the feel of these down feather pieces of art is incredible. The thing I like about my sea coral pillow is that it is made of soft white luxurious fleece that feels like cashmere. It is so soft and the crisp blue sea design gives it an additional element of soothing luxury on my couch.

The pillows are pricey. Each one is handcut, hand-assembled and hand-sewn, so you pay for the individual production of the pillow. But, because most of my furniture is either revamped garage sale finds or hand me downs, nice pillows are the key to make my home either feel cheap or look chic. I like spending more on the small things because I get more bang for my buck. I can move the pillows around in rooms and change up my house continually with small decorative items like these gorgeous pillows that will make a fashionable statement.-Amber

Available online at squarefeathers.com

Oh and my oversized distressed leather sofa that seem to go unnoticed (which is odd considering it takes up half the room) is now receiving praises…and I tribute that to my new decorative pillow from squarefeathers.com.

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