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Valentine Photo Booth – how I did it!

January 28th, 2013

On the weekend I was able to pull together a Valentine Themed Photo booth for the youth dance at our church. The teens LOVED it, so I’m sharing this tutorial today because it was so much fun to do, and you can do it too.

I ran to Michael’s and purchased a red trifold cardboard, the kind your kids use for class projects. Then I set out to decorate it. I cut out some XOXO’s on my silhouette machine, and hot glued on glittery hearts. Then threw a cute dollar store garland on for some dimension. Just place on a small table, drape on a Valentine table cloth and you’re good to go.

The props were so much fun to make. I used some good quality cardstock and cut out the shapes I wanted on my silhouette cameo. I ended up cutting out moustaches, big kissy lips, glasses, etc. and I also found some cute little fuzzy hearts on sticks at the dollar store and used them too. In my craft storage I had a package of adorable pink paper straws with polkadots, I used hot glue to add the shapes so they could hold the props and strike a pose!

The real magic was in using my Instax Mini camera so the kids instantly had their pictures. We put them up on the wall for all to see and giggle at, and at the end of the dance they each took their picture home. With teenagers sometimes they feel self conscious when asked to pose for a picture, but as soon as they saw the props they were all in and it gave them a way to play dress up.

It was so much fun, I would do this again in a heartbeat and plan on doing this for my little kids closer to Valentine’s Day with their friends. If you create your own photo booth for Valentine’s Day I’d love to see it, be sure to leave a link in the comments. – XOXO Daria

How to Make DIY Mason Jar Snow Globes – Tutorial

December 13th, 2012

I recently made a ton of these Mason Jar Snow Globes with my children and the young women in our church. Everyone LOVED them so much. They are beautiful, fun and easy to do! It’s a great project and when you’re done you feel like you really have accomplished something wonderful because they are mesmerizing. Here’s how I made ours >>

You’ll Need:
-Clean Mason Jar and Lid with a good seal
-Glitter OR Snow Flakes (I purchased Buffalo SnowFlakes at Michaels – see image)
-Something to put inside your globe. I found these cute trees at our Shoppers Drug Mart – a box of 3 for $5 but you can use bottle brushes or other trees from hobby and craft stores.
-ribbon if you wish
-A Glue Gun

How To:
-Use your glue gun to glue the base of your tree to the inside middle of your lid. Ensure it’s directly in the middle and test it out ahead of time to make your your tree will fit through the opening. Let it dry.
-Add your snowflakes or glitter to your jar, a little goes a long way. I used few generous pinches with these flakes but you can do whatever you’d like.
-Now add your water. You want to fill your jar quite high, almost to the rim so you don’t have big ugly air bubbles. Just a little space. Don’t worry you can always adjust it.
-Now take your lid with tree attached and screw it into place. Tighten it good and tight. Wipe down your jar and make sure you have a good strong seal.
-Add some cute ribbon and you’re done!

Now you’re ready to gift them or enjoy them. Be warned, they are addictive and you’ll want to make lots. You can also experiment with jar sizes and cute things to put in them (i.e. christmas balls, ornaments, figurines etc.). Have fun with the flakes, go make some MAGIC!! – Daria

If you make a Snow Globe please share your pictures or a link with us, we’d LOVE to see what you’ve made!

“Wrapped in Bows” with Ruffles and Stuff

October 20th, 2012

I was beyond thrilled to find this fantastic tutorial for making a Bow Scarf on one of my fave blogs “Ruffles and Stuff“. Check Check Check it out!!

I’m definitely ready to make these for each of my nieces this Christmas as well as my little Lola bug. Can’t wait to get cracking on this adorable project! Had to share – don’t forget to bookmark her blog it’s full of awesome posts and ideas. XO - Daria

Day 9: An Anthro Inspired Festive Banner with Lizzy Anne

December 20th, 2011

Today we are featuring an amazing project from my talented sister-in-law Elizabeth. Liz has a wonderful blog, be sure to check it out Lizzy Anne here>>

“I try to be true to myself in any holiday decorating. Keeping my personality even in the face of Christmas glitter. I fell in love with a banner at Anthropologie. But did not fall in love with the price tag! Every year I feel like I have to decorate before I start on my other Christmas projects. So this year I did this one for myself before anything. A treat to me for all the hard work I’m about to embark on to pull off Christmas once again. It has been the perfect touch at our front entry and I love walking past it everyday! Merry Christmas to me! You can give yourself this gift too! Here is what you need.” – Liz

Supplies Needed:
-15 Sheets of Felt various colour ( you might want to buy a couple extra to allow for matching options)
-Cross stitch Thread ( I bought this huge pack at Walmart for $10 ‘craft thread’)
-Yarn 3 colors
-Printed Letters I used Arial in Bold and outline size 160
-Sewing machine
-Mat and Cutter
-Safety Pin
-Elastic band

Make your cuts. You should be able to get 2-3triangles out of each sheet with salvage
You will need 2 triangles per letter in the banner.

Save your salvages. If you only need 2 out of the color, stop cutting. The Salvage will be used for your letters and circle details.

Next print your letters, cut and trace them onto the felt salvages. Then cut out. Use any extra felt to cut out free hand circles of various sizes.

Line up 2 triangles of the same color. Sew ¼’ seam around all edges. Center and pin letter of contrasting color and sew as close to edge as you can.

Use your floss (craft thread) and needle to do a blanket stitch around the triangle. I doubled my thread for a thicker detail. Pick a thread of a contrasting color yet again for this look. Repeat on your circles as well. This part is what takes the most time, but the look is so worth it!!

For the braids use your colored yarn. I chose a variegated to save on money and still get a variety of color. Cut your full length of both Merry and Christmas and enough to hang, about 4.5 m. I used 2 length per section of the braid for a total of 6 strands. Tie ends in a knot and put a safety pin through the knot. Attach to carpet or somewhere you can anchor it.

Before braiding wrap up each section and put a rubber band around to make it easy to manage and easy to pull more length as you braid. Braid, braid, braid! Then repeat with second color way.


Now your ready to string your banner. Take your cream Yarn on a tapestry Needle and pull through the top portion of each triangle. This is also the time to randomly string your circles on between letters. To attach the braided portion you will need to cut small slits at the bottom portion of the triangles through only the back layer and feed through. If you use the safety pin at one end, it’s easier to pull through.

Once you have everything spaced how you like on the strands of yarn, pull your top and bottom strands together at the swag you are happy with. Do a simple slip knot to attach the strands, as well as create a loop to hang it from. You can either trim or let the ends dangle like I did. YOU DID IT It’s beautiful! Hang it and feel the Christmas spirit! Of course you could spell anything for any occasion in any color way and it’s sure to light up your day!

At the end of it you have this incredibly festive banner to love for years to come! Enjoy and Merry Christmas to you all!

Day 3: Monogrammed Cranberry Ornament from Young Crafty Wife

December 13th, 2011

Martha, is a gorgeous Young Crafty Wife with a fun blog always brimming with great DIY ideas. She also has an Etsy shop that houses some of her fabulous creations. I’m very privileged enough to call her family, when I married Nathan I got Martha in the deal! She’s a darling cousin and I adore her creativity! Thanks so much Martha for your Ornament tutorial – XO Daria

Monogrammed Cranberry Ornament

You will need: – Some “Cranberries” I used little red foam vase fillers – Glue Gun – A Letter – Burlap – Wire

1. Glue the Cranberries around the boarder of you letter.
2. Continue to fill in the rest of the letter.

3. Make your burlap bow – above is how I made mine

4. Glue your bow right on top!

5. Take your wire making a little hook and glue it to the back as close to the centre as possible

6. Hang it on your tree!

I didn’t have a Christmas tree so I display it on – so my lovely barren tree outside our apartment will have to do! Merry Christmas!

Handmade Halloween on Etsy

October 11th, 2011

For those of you looking to outfit your little ghosts and goblins for Halloween, don’t forget to seek out all the beautiful handmade costumes on Etsy! Lola and my little boys still have yet to decide on their costumes this year, but you can bet I’ll be seeking out what’s hot this year on Etsy because these sellers are fantastic!

You’ll also find a host of ideas for those of you who like to sew and craft your own. See Halloween on Etsy Here >>

Video Tutorial on the Slice Fabrique

October 4th, 2011

One of the most awesome devices we saw at Quilt Market was definitely the Slice Fabrique! This sleek little machine will cut your fabric into shapes and letters in the blink of an eye. Just watch our video tutorial and drool over the possibilities, we sure did!

This video is quick, but it’s all you need to get started with your own Slice Fabrique. Let the projects begin!

Find out more about the Slice Fabrique here>>

**Special Thanks: Thanks again to our friends at Quilt Market for inviting us as Press to their events. We love to attend their amazing Markets and bring you the most incredible interviews and products. Visit www.quilts.com to learn more about upcoming Market events in your area.

** Click button below to view video coverage, or view it on our YouTube channel right here>>

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Spring Quilt Market – Interview with Violet Craft {+Giveaway}

June 15th, 2011

IMG_0342 I love the opportunity that Boutique Cafe affords me to meet with creative people on a continual basis. Meeting with Violet Craft at Spring Quilt Market in SLC was such a lovely experience. I have “twittered” with Violet many times, but finally meeting her in person was wonderful as she is such a kind and genuine gal. I definitely recommend getting to know her through Twitter, Facebook and her blog.

Violet shares her beautiful collection of fabrics called Peacock Lane, as well as her children’s clothing patterns and a bag pattern for Indygo Junction!

GIVEAWAY!! Violet Craft Prize Pack including a Fat Quarter Pack of the ENTIRE collection (all 24 designs across both color ways!!) – she says “I don’t think they should be separated!” and we quite agree, they are Beautiful together!

PeacockLane_Button_200x200_72dpi 5785018881_94850809e0_z

Violet is offering an awesome GIVEAWAY for one of our very lucky Boutique Cafe viewers!!

    For Entries to Win Simply:

Comment in our shownotes below, tweet on Twitter, Share on Facebook, or comment on YouTube for multiple entries to win a Prize Pack!! Draw Date is June 27th at Midnight, must have valid email address to win.

CONGRATULATIONS to our Winner Kelly Irene. And Thank You to everyone for your awesome comments and involvement. We have many more prizes to giveaway so keep commenting and sharing. XO!!

Many more interviews are on the way, keep tuning in and enjoying your Cup of Couture and So Much More!!

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Spring Quilt Market – Lucy Morey {+Giveaway}

June 15th, 2011

It’s always such fun to get together with Lucy Morey, Owner of Hot Scott Patterns and Fabric Designer with Henry Glass & Co. Lucy has some gorgeous “boy worthy” fabric out right now Henry Glass: Crystal Pier & Sunset Beach Collection. It’s beautiful and sophisticated for your trendy child’s room decor or clothing!

(*Please be aware that YouTube Videos are loading slowly for some people – they are working on the issue)

Lucy’s offering an awesome GIVEAWAY for one of our Boutique Cafe viewers!! Comment in our shownotes below, tweet on Twitter, Share on Facebook, or comment on YouTube for multiple entries to win a Prize Pack!! Fabric and Hot Scott Patterns galore up for grabs – don’t miss out!! Draw Date is June 27th at Midnight, must have valid email address to win.

Many more interviews are on the way, keep tuning in and enjoying your Cup of Couture and So Much More!!

** Click button below to view video coverage, or view it on our YouTube channel right here>>

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My Picasso Peeps – DIY Style

April 5th, 2011

Check out my little Dollar Store find tonight! I purchased these little obtuse chicks, but you could EASILY make your own DIY style…for reals! All you need is a kidney shaped piece of foam (cut it that way), wrap with your favorite colored twine or raffia. The eyes can be purchased at Michaels or any craft store for cheap. The beak is merely a piece of orange paper glued on. And the little chick feet are wire wrapped in string. Quick Easy and adorable – I’ve named these guys my little Picasso Peeps! Happy Easter! – Daria

I’ve also shared these little cuties on my blog here>>

Kim & Kris on the Nate Berkus Show

October 26th, 2010

My dear buddies Kim and Kris from The DIY Dish (yes they are twins, no they are not related to Marie Osmond) are guests in a fun challenge on the Nate Berkus Show airing Oct 27th!! Don’t miss it! Eeek so excited for you both, I’ll be watching and cheering – XOXO Daria

Fabric Wall Art Video Tutorial with Megan: Brassy Apple

August 11th, 2010

blogmay10I was squealing today watching my friend Megan aka “Brassy Meg or Ms. Apple” on Studio 5 sharing her Fabric Wall Art tutorial. (isn’t she just gorgeous and adorable?! I love her!) This project is ideal for those of us who adore fabric, and want to have a customized look for our homes but perhaps need something less permanent than paint or wall paper.

Megan is changing the way we decorate our homes forever!

Check out this and other off-the-hook tutorials on the lovely Ms. Apple’s blog Brassy Apple

DIY Daria – Teacher Gifts

June 16th, 2010

“DIY Daria” came out to play for a few brief hours last week, in order to make some stellar thank you gifts for my kids teachers. If you like mine you’ll love the original idea from the blog eighteen25 – her tutorial on this was so awesome I just HAD to do it! I had the most delightful time scouring the shelves at Michaels for all kinds of cute little clips, magnets, glitter, stickers, punches and much more to fill up their kits. I hope they enjoy them and find them useful too.

Happy I shared??? You’re Welcome!! LOL!!

Thank you kits for my kids Teachers
Thank you kits for my kids Teachers
Thank you kits for my kids Teachers
Thank you kits for my kids Teachers

DIY Camera Strap Tutorial – Priddy Creations

June 3rd, 2010

Priddy Creations Custom Designs
me0510 Before I share this much requested tutorial, I thought I would answer a burning question that I have been bombarded with….WHY WHY WHY would I want to share a tutorial on an item I sell for profit?

A little background…I started making and selling camera straps back in January of 2008. Back then, there was only me and one other person selling the camera strap slipcovers. It was an extremely successful and rewarding venture for me and one I still enjoy and offer to customers. It helped kick start a business that I love and thrive on. With so many designers out there now offering camera strap slipcovers, the market is flooded with this particular item. It became important for me to come up with new ideas and products to ensure that my business grows. I have been extremely blessed to have been able to expand my designs and sell additional camera accessory products which is the bulk of my business.

My main reason for offering this tutorial, even though I do sell these as part of my inventory, is because I am extremely thankful for the support and business I have received throughout the years and I want to give something back to the “lovers of all things handmade” community. I have received LOTS of tips and help from many, many members of this wonderful community over the years and I want to share something with you all. Just a way of saying THANKS!!

The tutorial idea actually started as a plan for an eBook for my camera strap slipcovers back in June of 2009 (I actually had to look that up…was thinking it couldn’t have been THAT long ago). Time just didn’t seem to be on my side and I let the project go on the back burner. I have finally finished it and have decided to turn my eBook into a tutorial instead.

My tutorial is not the first tutorial out there on how to make your own camera strap slipcovers. But mine are a little different. When I first started making the straps, my first priority was stylish, COMFY straps that make wearing your camera more enjoyable. So not only did I focus on fun fabrics, the overall quality and construction of the strap, but I came up with a strap that is also lined AND padded. Not just fabric only straps. You have 4 layers of fabric plus two layers of fleece padding sitting on your neck. How nice is that? Now I am going to share with you HOW I do it.

Now with all that said (man that turned into a longer spiel than I intended), here is the camera strap tutorial. I really hope that it is a fun and easy project that you enjoyed and hope that the finished product will bring you lots of joy and COMFORT when shooting for business and/or pleasure.

Padded Camera Strap Slipcover Tutorial


Materials Needed:

· Cotton Fabric (1 piece printed; 1 piece coordinating solid)
· Coordinating Thread
· Lightweight Fusible Fleece
· Rotary Cutter/Scissors
· Acrylic Ruler
· Iron

Finished size for this particular camera strap slipcover is 22 inches long by approximately 2.25 inches wide. Please read ENTIRE tutorial FIRST before starting. It makes more sense that way. :)

You will need to cut your fabrics (each piece – the print and coordinating solid) 23 inches long by 5.5 inches wide. This will give you TWO separate pieces (one print and one solid). Press both pieces to get out all wrinkles. Now lay those aside.

Now cut ONE piece of fusible fleece 21 inches long by 4.5 inches wide. Fleece should be cut one inch shorter (width wise) than the fabric. This will make it easier to sew when finishing your side seams. Length should be 2 inches shorter than fabric. Fleece will stretch when pressing to your fabric and your length will increase as you are pressing. I try and leave a ½ gap at each end of strap so that when you are folding in the fabric, you will not have to worry about the fleece’s bulkiness. Now set aside.

Putting RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER (printed fabric facing solid fabric), sew or serge together the length (the longest sides) of both fabric pieces using a 1/4 inch seam allowance leaving the ends open (this will make an inside out fabric tubing where printed fabric is facing in). (See image 1).

{Image 1}

With fabrics still facing right sides together (inside out), line up fleece evenly centered (I just eyeball this…I do not actually measure it) on the SOLID fabric piece and press (follow manufacturer’s instructions for iron settings). Make sure that you adhere the entire piece. I then let my fleece cool completely before moving on. (See image 2).

{Image 2}

Once fleece has cooled, turn right side out (where printed fabric is now facing out) and press both side seams. Fleece will now be on the inside of the strap between the WRONG sides of the solid and printed fabric. (See images 3-6).

{Image 3 (Turning strap right side out)}

{Image 4 (What strap looks like once it is turned right side out)}

{Image 5 (Press both side seams)}

{Image 6 (What strap looks like once both sides are pressed)}

Turn both ends of straps ½ inch toward the inside of the strap (tucking raw edges of fabric into the strap) and press. (See image 7).

{Image 7}


Sew both ends of straps (width) together with a straight stitch using a 1/8 – 1/4 inch seam allowance (personal preference….I like mine as close to the end of the fabric as I can get so I use 1/8 inch). (See image 8).

{Image 8}


Fold strap (printed fabric on outside/solid fabric touching) in half lengthwise lining up edges and press.
(See images 9 & 10)

{Image 9}


{Image 10}

Sew the two OPEN sides lengthwise together using a 1/8 inch seam allowance starting at the top. Make sure that you reverse/back stitch at stress points (ends of straps near openings). (See image 11).

{Image 11}

And TADA!! You are done! Was that easy or what?

Finished strap.

How easy was that? Now all you have to do is slide it on your commercial camera strap and you are ALL SET!! – Amy

Article by: Amy of Priddy Creations
Link to her website >
Link to her Etsy Shop>
Follow her on Twitter >

DIY Project – Fabric Candy Dishes

March 24th, 2010


The MODA Bake Shop blog is always cooking up the cutest tutorials! In this easy project for Easter you can DIY your way to a sweet-as-can-be Fabric Candy Dish.

Tutorial here>>

Say “I LOVE YOU” DIY Style

January 27th, 2010

Article by: Kim ChristophersonYouCanMakeThis.com

ycmt_boutiquecafe1 Remember the days when you couldn’t wait to open that special valentine card filled with a paper note and conversation heart candy. I just KNEW that those conversation heart candies meant TRU LUV when given by the boy I had a crush on.:)

Years later, those special “valentines” are still ones I look forward to giving and receiving. A handmade card and artwork from our children are some of the best, aren’t they? A small handmade gift from a friend says, “I’m thinking of you”. Those kinds of things are memorable and treasured because you know that it was made with a lot of thought, time, and care. You know that while they were making that item, they thought about you, and could just imagine what it would be like to have you receive it!

Well, I have those same feelings, too, when I am making something special for a friend or family member. And because I love to do just about anything “DIY”, now is the perfect time to begin some simple projects to give this Valentine’s Day.

At www.YouCanMakeThis.com, we have a variety of downloadable projects that are quick, simple, and perfect to give to someone you care about. Here are a few ideas:

Make a Lotus Flower and attach it to a card for a friend. This flower can then be added to her favorite handbag or even used as a brooch.

Read the rest of this entry »

A Brassy Banner Tutorial

January 19th, 2010

Party Banner Tutorial {MAKE IT} – A true queen of the DIY, Brassy Meg is sharing a fun free tutorial on her blog (Brassy Apple) on how to create this darling party banner. Customize it to suit your party decor, it’s awesome!

Pretty up your next party with Brassy Apple! >>

2nd Meetup with Anna Maria Horner – Show #113

July 23rd, 2009

Greetings Boutique Cafe Viewers! It’s been awhile since our last show, my apologies for taking a break from podcasting over the past few months due to illness in my pregnancy. Thankfully, in a moment of renewed strength today I found this video in our “Boutique Cafe Vault” from Fall Quilt Market last year. This unseen interview is with the amazing and lovely Anna Maria Horner! I truly hope you’ll enjoy it and leave comments for Anna Maria as well.

In our chat, we discuss her book “Seams to Me”, Good Folks fabric line, new patterns available, and her exciting pregnancy coinciding with a Little Folks fabric line as well. Since we taped this back in Fall last year, Anna Maria’s beautiful little son Roman indeed arrived and is beyond precious. Congratulations again Anna Maria! XO!

Now CLICK the Button to View our Interview! (you may also view our video on YouTube here)

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Kidzsack: kid tested, mother approved

July 9th, 2009

Those who know me well know I’m not a crafty mom. I don’t do projects with my children and hide the glue, glitter and pipe cleaners. Okay, I don’t hide the pipe cleaners but if my kids want to do projects they’re on their own. That’s why I love those foam sticky things—easy to do and easy to clean up!

Speaking of easy to do and easy to clean up (and fun and creative and great fix for boredom), Lauren recently got to review one of Kidzsack’s back sacks. These cute backpack-like sacks come in eight screenprinted designs ready for coloring using the washable, non-toxic markers included in the package. The really cool thing is this isn’t a one-time coloring fix; you can wash the Kidzsack and start all over again. This is really important because if your daughter spends a long time coloring in the Sea Life Design, takes the sack to a pool party, puts her wet suit and towel in it, it will bleed and she will be disappointed—until you tell her it’s washable and she gets to play artist one more time!

An artist by nature Lauren loved coloring in all the fun sea creatures. I wish I had a picture of it before it met a wet swimsuit but as usual the batteries in my camera were dead. But it really was super cool and she’s anxiously waiting for me to wash it so she can do it again. I’m actually thinking this washable feature is great for a family with multiple children who all want to take a turn coloring the Kidzsack!

Did I mention that Kidzsack is mom invented, made in the USA and manufactured using recycled fabric? The fabric is made by combining recovered 100% cotton scraps and recycled polyester made from plastic soda bottles. So it’s mom friendly (i.e. keeps the kids entertained and it’s washable), kid friendly and environmentally friendly. Gotta love that! Another nifty thing is along with Kidzsack’s standard designs the company can create custom designs for customers. We’re talking the perfect gift item for aquariums, company picnics, resorts and even preschools.

Kidzsack recently won Creative Child magazine’s Preferred Choice Award for 2008 and the Dr. Toy Award for Best Vacation Toy. No surprise there! This product has creativity written all over it—well, written all over it once your child gets those washable markers in hand!—Emily

Fall Market with Tina Givens – Show #110

March 2nd, 2009

NEW SHOW! On Boutique Cafe this week, Daria is joined by Tina Givens for a video interview at Houston Quilt Market. Tina shares the plans for her upcoming book, and invites YOU to help her name it!! We also get a birds eye view of her beautiful booth at Market, and all of her exciting projects for children and babies. Thank you so much Tina for supporting Boutique Cafe, we were thrilled to see you again!

You Name It!! Boutique Cafe has teamed up with Tina Givens to assist in naming her new book!! Submit your suggestion to tina@cidpear.com or by leaving a comment on Boutique Cafe. If Tina chooses your suggestion, she will award you with an Autographed copy of her book as well as some beautiful fabric!! Good Luck everyone, we’ll be sure to share what happens with you!

** To VIEW our new Video Interview – click the “watch the show” button” or subscribe to us in iTunes! Thanks everyone.

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IDEA: Christmas Crackers to Deck The Halls

December 3rd, 2008

christmas crackers This year, while many are struggling with great decorating ideas for the holidays on a tighter budget I have a small suggestion. I recently have seen a few Christmas trees that have been adorned with Christmas Crackers (you know, the kind that are classically at the dinner table and snap open to reveal a trinket or toy) – THEY LOOK SO COOL! I think it’s a brilliant idea, Christmas Crackers have a unique and festive shape and fill space well, they are light weight so they won’t weight down your tree branches. The bonus is that they typically come in packages of 8-12 and are relatively inexpensive. christmas crackers

For even more bang for your buck, you can DIY your way to Christmas Cracker bliss. All you need is some gorgeous wrapping or scrapbooking paper to get started. I found these great directions with step by step pics and instructions. Fun for your holiday table or ON your tree as festive and fun ornaments. Fill your crackers this year with sweet treasures, or personal notes of praise for your family members. What a treat on Christmas morning to snap open a little love note.

Assignment Share: I’d love to see pictures of the crackers you design this year, blog about your DIY Christmas Crackers and then come back and share the linky to your blog. We’ll all come over to Ohhh and Ahhhh over creative you! (I’ll be sharing pictures of these snazzy crackers on our tree too!)

Can’t wait to see! – Daria

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