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Are you ready for your closeup?

November 19th, 2009

Article by: Emily Hill
I don’t foresee myself being in front of a camera any time soon (one can hope though, right?) but I was still extremely interested in attending the Startup Princess Image & Media Academy. I’m all about putting my best foot—or outfit or eyeshadow or authentic self—forward!

The event took place last weekend at a beautiful cabin in Sundance (Utah), and thanks to Seth Jenks (@SethJenks) and APX Alarm I was able to attend. The company sponsored myself and two other gals including my good friend Quinn Curtis of CreatedByChicks.com and Limelight Food Photography. (Thank you, Seth!)  I was only able to attend Friday night, and though I was sorely disappointed to miss Saturday (Cherie Burton’s class, Tara Starling’s professional styling and makeup, Russ Dixon’s photography and of course more girl bonding), I got enough out of Friday to reevaluate my own personal style both inside and out.


There’s just something about 25 entrepreneurial women in one room tucked away in snowy Sundance, well fed and ready to be inspired—I can’t explain it. But it was cool. My favorite of the evening was Skyping with Danielle LaPorte (@DanielleLaPorte) of White Hot Truth. When she was done speaking all I could do was sit there and let it all soak in…for a good ten minutes. It’s a good thing I took notes because it was fast and furious—and fabulous.


Sarah Ward from Cable Car Couture introduced me to the power of the collared shirt and Tara Starling of Starling Beauty Academy introduced many of us to the application of the color wheel in makeup. (Quinn and Janet may still be reeling after learning about the tensile strength of mascara-coated eyelashes…) And if all that stylin’ was glam enough, both e.l.f. cosmetics and Timex sponsored the event and so we freshly inspired women went home with some glam of our own. My girls oohed and aahed over e.l.f.’s mini makeup kits and I’m excited to own pretty much my first blingy accessory. ever.

Kelly King Anderson, Startup Princess herself, knows how to throw a good event and from what I’ve heard of Saturday’s adventures, the gals had a great time. You can read Quinn’s take on it here and here (she keeps you in suspense with a two-part recap) and catch the Whrrl story here. THANK YOU again to APX Alarm for sponsoring us. As far as security companies go, APX is pretty dang cool. They monitor not only burglary and fire but also carbon monoxide and medical emergencies. What you REALLY need to do is check out the APX Alarm blog—it has some really great articles on personal and family safety (love “Confessions of a Worryholic“) and they’ll be doing a series of holiday-related security posts as well. You’ll definitely want to add the APX Alarm blog feed to your reader!

If you want to feel like you were part of the action, head to TwitterSearch.com and check out the #supa09 hash tag. Even if you’re not planning to pose for the camera or pitch to the media you can catch a lot of what went on during the event. I tweeted my fair share of 140-character snatches on Friday and I’m sure there were quite a few more on Saturday.

Head on over to the Startup Princess site and subscribe to the feed so you don’t miss another conference or event and be sure to follow Kelly on Twitter (@startupprincess). As mompreneurs we can use all the inspiration (and girl bonding) we can get!

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