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Fresh Produce: Beach life meets everyday life

July 27th, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for beach life meeting everyday life, especially when you live in a landlocked state like Utah. That’s why I love the look of Fresh Produce clothing and was super excited when they approached me about a review on Boutique Cafe’s Daily Dish.


First a bit about Fresh Produce:
It’s a long way from Long Beach, California to Boulder, Colorado… or is it? Fresh Produce first sprouted in 1984 in Long Beach, selling silk-screened t-shirts in bright graphics and custom jewelry at the ‘84 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles in the parking lot across the street from the coliseum. The concept then is the same as now – to bring the emotions, the colors, the sensations, the leisure of beach life to everyday life through fashion.

Known and loved by women ages 6 months to 60-plus for lush colors, year-round sensibility, simply inspired design and coastal comfort, Fresh Produce continues to delight customers around the globe.

The company sent me the Rio Crescent Moon Tunic in haystack and the Swing Capri in white. First I laundered the clothing according to the instructions to see how well they washed and wore. Check on that one! I will say I didn’t love ironing the tunic. (The pants didn’t need any ironing.) The sleeves made it a little tricky and even after a few attempts, I couldn’t get them looking right.

Apparently I didn’t sport the tunic quite right. I tied it rather than letting it the ties hang loose and I have to admit, I like the more casual look better. Here’s a photo from the site:

FreshProduce_crescent tunic

And here’s my take on it:




The Swing Capri was super soft and super comfortable. It could be due to the 92% Rayon, 8% Lycra fabric or the nice, wide leg. Or both. Whatever it is, it works and makes for the most comfortable pair of pants you could own. The Rio Crescent Moon Tunic is also comfortable but not as “cool” as I thought it would be. Though it’s 100% cotton and on the thinner side, I still got a little toasty in it, but it would make for a great transitional shirt for summer to fall or spring to summer. And it is flowy and airy, though I think I prefer the more bright, “beachy” colors better like seaglass and sunrise.

Some of my other faves from the site:

Impromptu Dress

Girl’s Koi Pond Jersey Knit Dress

Coastal Wrap Cardigan

Cute, right? The only thing not super cute is the price, but I’m not one who usually buys loungewear-style clothing. Looking at other women’s apparel similar to Fresh Produce found at stores like Nordstrom, the pricing is right on par with other collections. That being said, I’m pretty sure Fresh Produce is a lot more fun and a heck of a lot more comfortable (and travel friendly)!—Emily

Hippity, hoppity, Easter’s on its way

April 15th, 2011

handmade-easter Easter is quickly hopping our way, but it’s not too late to snag your children some special Handmade creations, clothing and accessories from talented Mom Businesses. The boutique community offers oodles of original, custom and “created with love” designs for your little bunnies.

Shop Children’s Easter on Etsy>>

Search “Boutique Custom Easter” on eBay>>

DownEast Basics Sale!

December 20th, 2010

Guess what I just caught wind of for my favorite Boutique Cafe readers? A killer sale at DownEast Basics. Here’s the info and you’re welcome ;) :

DownEast Basics will be making an exciting announcement to email subscribers about our biggest sale of the year. Be the first to hear about this once-a-year deal by signing up for the DownEast email list here.


Sun Forever with DownEast Basics

July 27th, 2010

Have you heard about DownEast Basics? DownEast Basic clothing is all over the blogasphere. Why? Because their clothing is cute, affordable and trendy. Ruffles? Check! Floral prints? Check! Neckline embellishments? Double check! Plus, true to their name, they have some fabulous basics for layering.

Sun Forever DressDownEast Basics sent me their Sun Forever Dress to try out. As soon as it arrived I threw it on overtop of what I was wearing and received instant compliments from my husband. The dress fit true to size and was so comfortable! The scale of the floral design is perfect. I loved the raglan sleeves and the pleat detailing at the chest. But I think my favorite feature is the pink grosgrain ribbon that sits perfectly at empire waist level. Wearing this dress, I felt put together without having to do any work. Plus, if I wanted to mix it up a bit, I could swap out the ribbon for a different color or this crisscross belt. I really feel like this dress gives me some serious options. And I love it.

DownEast Basics is an awesome way to update your wardrobe, or just get a few trendy and key pieces for the season. Plus they carry clothing for girls too, ranging from size 2 to 10. Make sure you check out the DownEast Basics Blog for updates and discounts. And go ahead and – your closet will thank you!

Spring Market 2010- Show #123 Kay Whitt

June 16th, 2010

Bari J. acts as Boutique Cafe’s Official Correspondent again at Spring Quilt Market (2010). Bari speaks with designer Kay Whitt from Sew Serendipity about her new book and clothing patterns – they look SCRUMPTIOUS!!

Special thanks to Bari J Ackerman for her incredible coverage of Spring Market! We love you Bari! More Market video coverage is on the way, keep tuning in.

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The tube sock makes a super cool comeback {giveaway}

December 8th, 2009

Only once have I thought a pair of tube socks to be super cool, and that “once” was when Hank & JoJo sent me a box of their Retro Baby Tube Socks for review on the Daily Dish. Who knew a geeky sport sock (okay, maybe Patrick Dempsey could pull it off) could be turned into a stylin’ eco-friendly accessory for baby?


The first think you notice about Hank & JoJo’s box of tube socks, besides the fact that “box of tube socks” is a sweet little rhyme, is the packaging. This miniature tin lunchbox with it’s peek-a-boo window has the cutest, most whimsical characters on it. Made from lead-free tin and plastic (and exceeding CPSIA regulations for lead), this little box is recyclable, but I can guarantee you’ll be recycling it in-house as a piggy bank, display case for those little treasures toddlers collect or the perfect storage for tiny hair clips.


But enough about the lunchbox. Hank & JoJo’s set included four pairs of tube socks: Strawberry, Banana, Pear and Blueberry. The socks are made using 80% bamboo, which is grown without the use of chemicals and has natural UV protection. Dyed with toxin-free dyes, these little socks were designed for babies ages 0 to 12 months. The socks actually go up over the knee protecting legs and knees during tummy time and crawling. You can also use them like you would leg warmers—in warmer weather pair a pair with a onesie for quick and easy diaper changes.

IMG_2294When the pairs first arrived I was a bit sad because my youngest just turned two. I figured we would get very little use out of our Hank & JoJos until I realized these socks with their tube design means even older babies can wear them! Livi has already sported the Pear and the Strawberry. You can check out the Pear in the photo below. Trust me, I tried to get her to look at the camera and smile but what can you do when Yo Gabba Gabba! is on? Though they don’t go over her knee the do get close to it. Once washed the heel ends up about mid sole but because they’re so soft she doesn’t even notice. And I love that they’re the perfect socks for wearing with nightgowns—they keep her legs warm when her nighties ride up. Plus they’re great under jeans in cold weather!

bc_3I love anything that works for multiple ages and is stylish and eco-friendly and makes a great gift and has super cute packaging. Perhaps that’s why I love Hank & JoJo so much. But one more reason comes to mind: each purchase of Hank & JoJo Retro Baby Tube Socks “ensures that The Tiny Miracles Foundation, Tiny Treasures Program, is able to include on pair of Hank & JoJo socks in each Homecare Starter Kit for parents and premature infants release from Stamford, Norwalk and Bridgeport Connecticut NICUs.” Now THAT’S cool.

Priced at around $30 for the box set, Hank & JoJo Retro Baby Tube Socks make a wonderful gift for the holidays and post-holiday showers. ‘Tis the season for giving, and with these babies you’ll be giving two gifts at once. Totally tubular, baby! (Forgive me, I couldn’t resist…)—Emily

*** Giveaway! Hank & JoJo is giving away one box set of their Retro Baby Tube Socks! Here’s how to enter. You can do as many of these as you’d like. Each one is worth one entry into our giveaway; please leave a separate comment for each one you do:

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Hit the outdoors in style with Sorel

October 29th, 2009

header_logo_sorelI love shoes. No, wait. I. LOVE. SHOES. Heels, ballet flats, tennis shoes, flip-flops, you name it and I have a pair or two or three. And when the cold weather hits and snow starts to fall (it seems to skip right over rain here in Utah) I’m a big fan of any shoe that keeps my often chilly toes super toasty.

F09_NL1536_265_fLast year I reviewed Bearpaw shoes and am already a fan of Uggs, but this year there’s a new fave in my closet and I have a feeling it will be worn a lot more than the others because it combines comfort, warmth and some serious style. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on—and toes in—a pair of Sorel boots so the company sent me the Shila from their newest line. (Oh, the sacrifices I make for our readers…) Though I think the Shila is one of their cutest styles I have to admit I can count at least five others that come close. I’m thinking it’s the combination of 45+ years of experience and some pretty talented product designers that make their line so irresistible!

So the Shila arrived, tie-up laces, wedge heel and all. My first thought was something like, “Dang! These boots are even cuter in person!” It was then followed by, “How did I not notice ‘SOREL’ written along the outside of the heel?” At first that was a bit off-putting, but that’s probably because I don’t love brand names printed noticeably on clothing. I think I would’ve preferred it to be the exact same color as the background (it is in the black) just so it blended in a bit more, but as it was the boot had enough chic style to compensate for this one little “flaw.”

IMG_2261Of course being cold-weather boots meant I had to wait for a nice wintry day to test them out, and fortunately for this review—but unfortunately for me because I hate snow—we actually had some snow fall yesterday, enough to warrant a thorough test drive. I pulled on Sorel’s Shila boots and opted for some straight-leg jeans so I could show off the super cute laces. I wore those shoes from about noon until about 6pm, even keeping them on while in the house, they were THAT comfortable. I swear the sole of the shoe had some serious cushioning but I had added spring in my step, something I’ve lost these past few crazy weeks. Though I love my Uggs and Bearpaws they don’t have near the comfort when it comes to the insole. My feet were toasty and looked fabulous, if I do say so myself. I did notice the SOREL printed on the boot wasn’t nearly as noticeable once the boots were on my feet, and no, that’s not just because they were harder to see. It really blended in well to the overall look, so I guess first impressions can be deceiving sometimes! (Gotta love my expression; it’s like I’m trying to pretend I really and truly do love snow. A for effort!)

F09_NL1480_011_fSorel has a wonderful line of boots for men and children as well so you can make sure everyone’s tootsies are warm this winter. If you happen to live someplace like Phoenix, I say buy a pair and then come up and visit me just so you can wear them! I already have my eyes on the Hoonah and Maribel in black…merry Christmas to me!—Emily

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Being a rebel never looked so good…

August 21st, 2009

...or was so good for the environment! Rebel Green is a company all about eco-conscious fashion that is “chic, edgy, rebellious and eco-friendly” and their products are not only made in the USA but also “specifically designed to minimize waste and motivate a fundamental shift in thinking about our impact on the planet we share.” I love that last part—there’s a power behind the words “motivate a fundamental shift in thinking” and if any company can do it, and fashionably to boot, it’s Rebel Green.

Rebel Green’s product line includes apparel for men, women and children, reusable shopping and produce bags, reusable lunch bags, zipper totes and even a fruit and veggie wash. They offer a variety of designs that make becoming a “green” rebel a heck of a lot of fun! The company sent us a sampling of their tees and though the ones for George and Livi were a bit too big for them to wear, my girls and I have totally loved ours! I feel super cool going for runs while sporting my Peace Girl tank and Lauren’s Bubble Girl short-sleeve tee is now her favorite shirt. Even at her age I have to remind her to wash it once in a while—she wears it as often as she can!

For some of you school has already started and your school shopping is done, but is it ever really done? Did you check off “eco-friendly lunch bag” off the list? Waste-free lunch kits are the newest, greenest trend for school. It’s all about learning your letters and everyone should know about the three “R’s” (reduce, reuse, recycle). Rebel Green has taken the boring organic cotton lunch bag and made it super cool with designs that appeal to both kids and adults.

Did you know the average school age child generates more than 70 pounds of trash a year when he packs a disposable lunch? Each Rebel Green reusable lunch bag comes with a reusable, organic cotton napkin with a coordinating design that can be tucked into the bag’s outer pocket and the bag rolls up easily to fit in your child’s backpack when he’s done with lunch. And get this: all the designs are numbered so if you have a child who’s as into collecting as my daughter, you’ve just taken the cool factor up a notch! Throw in a couple Rebel Green organic cotton, small produce bags and you now have sustainable sandwich and snack bags.

Style has power and our goal is to get people to become fashionably eco-conscious. ... Let’s start with the simple reusable shopping bag. We are not convinced the whole world wants cutsie bags with polka dots, hempy looking sacks with preachy green slogans, or worse, the dreaded polypropylene bag shouting ‘Buy Local’ though the inner tag says it’s made across the ocean. We wouldn’t carry any of those and we think we’re not alone. ~Ali Ruvin and Melina Marcus, Co-creators of Rebel Green

No, Rebel Green, you’re not alone. I believe there’s an eco-conscious rebel inside each of us and now we have a perfectly edgy, hip, cool way to let our greener side show. Being a rebel truly never looked so good!—Emily

** Giveaway! Rebel Green is giving away one lunch tote and one tee, winner’s choice! Here’s how to enter. You can do as many of these as you’d like. Each one is worth one entry into our giveaway:

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Livin’ the tatooed lifestyle

July 21st, 2009

When it comes to toddlers and tattoos you usually think of small squares of paper adorned with cheesy characters combined with a sopping wet sponge (and rubbing alcohol two days later). You rarely think super cool tattoos because, well, those are permanent and for a much more mature age group. While you’ll find a few infant and toddler tees with the common “MOM” tattoo theme, only one company takes the colors, artistry and awe that accompanies an awesome tattoo and turns it into super cool clothing for kids.

Ruthless & Toothless (R&T for sure) has quite possibly the most unique, artistic children’s clothing I’ve ever seen. It’s the kind of tee, dress or tank that makes you stop and ask where you too can find a snapsuit like that. How did R&T come to be? Here’s the “why” behind the designs:

People just need to look at us to know we have a particular look, one we feel strongly about. But when people see our kids, it’s hard for that look to come through. We’ve searched and searched and searched, and haven’t found much for our kids that reflect and define who we are as parents. ... We’ve put in a lot of work to make R&T a true outlet of our artistic expression, and a place where we can extend our tattooed lifestyle to our children. And you can be sure of this- the designs of Ruthless & Toothless are originals. Straight from our sketch pads to your kid’s room.

R&T sent George what I call their popsicle tee (designed by Darren Brass) and Livi their koi fish dress (designed by Darren Brass & James Hamilton). I was all over that koi dress when it arrived, pulling it out for everyone to see. The first thing out of my oldest daughter’s mouth? “That is so cool! Do they have one in my size?” And the first thing out of my son’s mouth when he saw his new tee? “That’s a cool tee! Can I wear it now?”

No, he couldn’t wear it “now” because it was bedtime but you better believe he had it on the next day…and then two days after that…and then a few days after that. (Hey, we had to take a break so Mom could wash it!) His “popsicle shirt” is still his favorite tee by far—the kind of tee you have to wash immediately so he can wear it again within the next 48 hours. And while I love that tee, the fun and edgy style of the koi dress is my favorite. It is still a little big for Livi to wear so we don’t have any photos of her in it, but here’s a great one of George in his R&T tee:

Can you tell how much he loves that shirt? R&T also has some pretty cool phone and laptop covers. I’m waiting for them to come out with a theme for the Blackberry Pearl (hint, hint). You know, sometimes it’s time to spice things up a bit when it comes to your child’s wardrobe. Ruthless & Toothless lets your child live the tattooed lifestyle, if only temporarily. There’s always time (like years) to discuss more permanent options…—Emily

Hip On Sunset – Rock Couture Clothing & Pajamas

May 6th, 2009

Time to spike that hair and get groovin’! If you have a little Rocker in your family, they deserve to wear some of the most hip and funky threads available. For this reason I suggest clothing and pajamas from Hip on Sunset, a company who cater to tots who like edgy, trendy stylings.

I contacted Hip on Sunset to review some happening clothing for my little rockers. What I discovered was superior quality, along with the funky vibe I was looking for. You’ll treasure these tattoo inspired designs, as well as the cozy softness of each 100% cotton piece. Each item is hand screen printed, and has an original rock design, with a related message on the back such as: “i will float with butterflies” and “someday i’ll have my own rock show”

An additional plus of dealing with Hip on Sunset is the option for gift wrapping. And you can rest easy knowing that Hip On Sunset clothing is Certified CPSIA Compliant as well.

Your little darlings will be Hip On Sunset, or any street they walk down! Rock on Little Babies, Rock On! – Daria
GIVEAWAY!! – Hip on Sunset is generously giving away a pair of pajamas (winners choice!) to one lucky Daily Dish reader! Simply comment on this post in order to qualify. Winner will be drawn on May 12, 2009 at midnight. We will contact the winner via email. The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

The apple of my eye…and my wardrobe

April 27th, 2009

Shabby AppleI don’t own many dresses. I have a hard time finding ones that cover what I want covered and yet are still chic and stylish (and fun and flirty and sexy…). A good dress is often hard to find, and one that costs under $100 even harder. Thank heavens two women had the same dress-finding problem or we might never have the fabulous fashion- and figure-friendly dresses from Shabby Apple!

After years of not being able to find stylish dresses that covered enough skin to make you really feel comfortable (without wearing a tank top, cardigan or long slip), owners Emily and CK decided to do something about it. They visited trade shows, marketplaces and designer studios only to discover the problem was not that department stores weren’t buying the right dresses, but that designers weren’t designing them.

Shabby Apple is proud to offer you fantastic dresses that allow you to look fabulous, without having to compromise anything else. A return to what dresses were always meant to be — a one-piece outfit. No need to add anything…no tank tops, no cardigans, nothing (except accessories, of course!).

Sometimes the site simply says it best! But even that “about us” doesn’t do Shabby Apple justice. The collection features dress for every occasion, from Easter brunch to Saturday-night soiree, and for every body. “Every woman deserves to feel beautiful in a dress, but not all of us look like runway models. [Hear, hear!] Shabby Apple celebrates the short legs, curvy hips, straight waists and flat chests in all of us.” They even have an online fit guide to help you find the styles that “emphasize your assets.”

Shabby AppleI received the Daisy dress, which can be found under Flirty. (Sounds like my kind of dress!) This crisp, white, hail-the-sunshine eyelet dress has one of my favorite features of all time: puff sleeves. And for my shorter torso the dress’ empire waist and A-line skirt is perfect! As pleasant a surprise as the puff sleeves is its length—it actually hits my knees! (What I lose in torso I make up for in inseam…) The Daisy is fully lined so no impromptu—and embarrassing—bra sightings, plus its rayon/cotton blend fabric means it travels well. The yellow grosgrain ribbon isn’t attached so you can change up the dress simply by changing the ribbon! Traveling well is a really, really good thing since I have yet to wear this dress outside our home so I’ll be making up for lost time by packing it for our cruise in September. (It’s almost May and we’re still experiencing 30-degree weather at night and the rare 60-degree day. Are you kidding me?)

Others can vouch for Shabby Apple’s drool-worthy design. I know for a fact Daria is all over the Lois Lane and envisions herself wearing it at the BlogHer conference in July. I’m debating whether to don A Sunday Afternoon or Tender is the Night. Perhaps I should get both just to be safe!

Shabby AppleIn true Shabby Apple style you can’t forget the accessories, the little fashionista or the mama-to-be. Along with the delectable dresses you’ll find scrumptious jewelry, handbags and shoes for you, the sweetest dresses for little girls and belly-flattering maternity dresses. Shabby Apple leaves nothing to chance, especially style!—Emily

* Promotion! Shabby Apple is offering Daily Dish readers 15% off their purchase! Simply enter code SABoutique when checking out. Offer expires May 28th, 2009. (Think of it as a Mother’s Day present to yourself—you totally deserve it!)

Planewear–dress your jet setter in style!

September 14th, 2008

In this world of $2 in-flight beverages and lack of free peanuts it’s nice to find something that actually makes flying fun. Planewear children’s clothing is designed with an aviation theme and will have you smiling all the way to the tarmac.

PlanewearThe collection is made from 100% Peruvian Pima cotton and uses organic colors derived from natural, ecological dyes offering your little one first-class comfort. With onesie designs like “Precious Cargo,” “First Class” and “Jet Setter,” plus coordinating pants, caps and booties, your “carry on” will be stylin’ whether her feet are on or off the ground. I loved having our little Livi strut her stuff in her Precious Cargo onesie and she always had someone commenting on her cute tee. The fit was great and the cotton was super soft. I’m just sad she outgrew it already. (Good thing there’s no extra fee for her being over the recommended weight limit!)

PlanewearPlanewear also offers toddler tees with embellished graphics and phrases like “Runway Model” and “I’d Rather Be Flying.” For preemies you can choose from “Early Arrival” and “Little Angel” (I have my own wings). I think my favorites is the bib asking the all-important question, “Chicken or beef?” Planewear’s designs are a great gift for anyone in the aviation business but their lighthearted and comfortable designs are perfect for anyone who wants to add a little high-flyin’ style to their little one’s wardrobe.—Emily

* Promotion! Planewear is offering Daily Dish readers 20% off their purchase! To receive the discount place your order via their 800 number and mention Boutique Cafe. To order call 1-866-759-2358.

Boutique Cafe Hits Disneyland!!

August 6th, 2008

Our dreams are coming true, Boutique Cafe is heading to California!! We’re going to be taping a Video podcast for Boutique Cafe at Disneyland next week!

I’ll be at the park next Tues, Wed, Thursday. If you’re going to be there with your kids, dress them in Boutique, we’ll be watching for you – I’d love to get them into the segment! If you’re a designer this would be a great way to showcase your designs in the happiest place on earth!

We hope to meet several of our Boutique Moms there, and your Disney-kids too!! If you’re going to be in the area, please leave me a comment below and I’ll email you my cell number so we can hook up at the Disneyland park.

See you there! – Daria

***Shhh Don’t tell my kids, they don’t know we’re going there yet!! hee hee

Back to School Already?! They Just Got Out!

June 27th, 2008

TFK Well that may be true, but in the world of custom boutique creations NOW is the time to start shopping for Back to School! For your child’s first day back in class we recommend dressing them in something unique and handmade by talented artisans and designers (many of those we feature on Boutique Cafe are WAHMs). Each outfit is truly a labor of love, and leaves your child looking and feeling extra special!

To search a full range of hundreds Back to School offerings, simply click here and stroll through the beautiful listings >>

The gorgeous BTS outfit pictured here is designed by MyaBella*Designs, from the Lil Peas BTS group launch going on right now! Search their group listings on eBay using search term “lil peas BTS. You won’t believe what you find…gorgeous stuff!

If your group is listing Back To School right now, please shoot us an email and let us know. We’d love to feature your launch on Boutique Cafe’s Finds!

Minnie ME!

March 19th, 2008

This two piece knit set from Little*Red*Wagon would be a most cherished addition to your little mouse’s wardrobe!

Imagine the chatter this summer, if she wore this to the Magic Kingdom to meet Minnie herself! Offered in a custom size 12months – girls 10 and magically infused with adorable details. Preciousness personified – go check it out!

Click to bid and make it yours!>>

Is Your Child a Dream Kid?

March 19th, 2008

Dream Kids At the Daily Dish we love products that help to inspire young minds and empower children for future success. We’re always on the hunt for clothing that looks good, wears well and makes your child feel special. We recently discovered a company called “Dream Kids” who create empowering clothing for your little super stars.

Created by a mom and child development expert Kelly Pryde, we were excited to see that Dream Kids products are “designed to celebrate and nurture each child’s unique potential for greatness”. We think that is cool and definitely something our readers want to know about! (oh and did I mention that they are a Canadian company? something near and dear to my heart)

Dream Kids I was sent a very special tee from Dream Kids to review, on the front the message was “Anything But Ordinary” and that is definitely how I feel about my son who has now confiscated it from me. Noah’s only three and not able to read yet, but the reaction that he received when he wore it was enough for him…he loves this shirt. The Dream Kids clothing line is 100% cotton, ultra soft and comfy to wear. Best of all it’s machine washable and came out great when we washed it, it fact it was even softer. I want the very best for my children and one of my greatest desires is for them to realize their incredible potential, how unique and wonderful they are. With sayings like “Here to Change the World” , “All I have to be is me” and “There’s a Little Hero in All of Us”, Dream Kids is well on their way to help kids discover themselves and dream big.

If the philosophy behind Dream Kids is something that inspires you, then you’ll definitely want to sign up for their monthly newsletter offering suggestions for putting the ideas into action, helping you grow your family in wonderful ways.

Empower your own little Dream Kid – a wonderful world awaits! – Daria

GIVEAWAY: Dream Kids is giving away one tee shirt of the winners choice! Simply leave a comment with a valid email address below and share with us the empowering tee shirt saying you love the most from Dream Kids. We’ll choose the winner from the comments and contact them via email. Deadline: March 26, 2008 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

WINNER ANNOUNCED Scarlett! Congratulations on being drawn as our winner from our Dream Kids Daily Dish review on Boutique Cafe. Dream Kids is awarding you a tee of your choice from their incredible website. All you need to do is supply them with the style and size you adore, along with your shipping information.

Thank you to everyone who entered this fantastic giveaway! The response was phenomenal, we love the message behind Dream Kids and hope you’ll support this great business.

It’s Monkey Time!

March 12th, 2008

This utterly adorable set from buckeye-mom26 will have you going bananas! Rich in vibrant colors and gorgeous applique, this set consists of an Appliqued/Embroidered Monkey Hoodie, and Appliqued Wide leg Jeans in a custom size 12M up to a 5/6.

Spoil your little Monkey today and bid on this one!

This particular auction is part of the Boutique En.core launch going on right now! Check out the entire group launch here >.

Easter Adorability

March 3rd, 2008

kandy*kisses* Our Find today is a drool worthy Easter outfit for your little girl from Kandy*Kisses*. She has two breathtaking auctions running right now on eBay – the first is for this incredible vintage Easter Coat and Hat set, and the second is for the 2 pc. Dress set with a matching bunny!

Easter Jacket Auction – Hop on Over and bid >>

Easter Dress set – 2pc & bunny – bid here>>

Get Ready To STRUT Your Stuff!

February 10th, 2008

BC Flickr STRUT Boutique Café invites you to Strut Your Stuff in our NEW Flickr group! Share pictures of your crafty crafts, DIY, boutique creations and handmade wares.

It’s time to break out the pictures and STRUT YOUR STUFF!

Designers, Crafters, Sewing Fanatics, Photographers welcome!

Boutique Cafe.com

Custom Valentine

January 1st, 2008

That special Valentine’s Day dream outfit can still be ordered in time for your child’s favorite “Love-ly” holiday. You’ll find hundreds of Valentine themed custom and handmade listings on eBay by searching “Boutique Valentine”.

Not only can you indulge in a unique handmade creation, but you can feel spectacular knowing that you are supporting WAHM’s!

Click here to start shopping and bidding >>

Fashion Show – Anna Bella Designs

December 3rd, 2007

Anna Bella DesignsOur Fashion Show features the designs of Aida from Anna Bella Designs this week. Vibrant colors, charming fabrics, loving details and much more go into her designs for little girls.

Designer Quote:

“My children are my inspiration. Watching them play and interact with one another fills me with such warmth and happiness. The innocence of a child’s laughter can quickly erase the stresses of every day life. This holds especially true when I’m able to see the excitement in my daughters’ eyes, Bella & Anna, every time I create a new set. To hear the squeal of joy as they ask each time in our native language, Danish, “Mommy, is that for me?” makes what I do a passion and not a hobby.

I enjoy creating everyday garments for girls. My philosophy is quite simple – clothing should be simple in design, yet colorful, as well as wearable and comfortable. “

-Aida Pedersen

Shop Anna Bella Designs on her website. You can learn more about Aida on her eBay Me page as well as her Etsy shop. **Please allow time for the show to load. A HUGE Thank you to Lisa from iza-bella.com for producing our Fashion Show this week!

click to view the Fashion Show in a popup window

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