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Luv Chicken Booster Cushion

September 10th, 2013




Check out this adorable and highly portable booster cushion from Luv Chicken! This mini booster is cute as can be, in wipeable and easy to clean vinyl. The bottom of each cushion is non-slip and there’s a handle to make it easy to carry, even your toddler can tote it along (and believe me they will want to). The soft and comfortable foam insert makes seating issues at restaurants a thing of the past, now your child can sit up at the table at the proper height. If your child is past the highchair phase, but not quite tall enough to join the family at the table, the Luv Chicken boosters will help include them in family mealtimes together.inflatable toys canada

I love the idea of taking a Luv Chicken cushion to the movies, no need to worry about all the germs on those hard plastic movie theatre boosters. Bring your own and skip the germ stress, plus lets face it these are WAY cuter and far more comfy! Mermaids, Cars, Circus, Playtime, Dinos, Pirates, you can find all these themes and more from Luv Chicken.

Luv Chicken offers two sizes of booster cushions – Original in 4” thickness and Mini in 3” thickness. For comfort and {Adorability}, we love the Luv Chicken product line and encourage you to give yourself a boost and check them out!

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Boost your carpooling powers

January 5th, 2010

LOGO_HarmonyBecause I have four kids and a car that only seats six people I am rarely invited to participate in the elementary school carpool. But last year I did start carpooling with another mom whose son was in the same preschool as George and it worked really well because I already had an extra booster seat I could easily throw in the car. This year, though, George’s friend started attending a pre-K class and we ended up switching schools, so we started a new carpool with two neighborhood girls (yes, he loves the boy-to-girl ratio already).

literider-indexThough all of us moms were okay with the lack of a third booster seat since the school was merely a mile or two down the road (and yes, the kids were tightly buckled), I was super excited when Harmony Juvenile sent me their new LiteRider Booster Seat to review. I would now have three booster seats, the newest one being pink—a big hit with George’s little girlfriends. Before I tell you my thoughts on Harmony Juvenile’s LiteRider, here’s a little info about these booster seats:

  • exceeds the most stringent safety impact testing in the world

  • is exceptionally comfortable and easy-to-use

  • fits children from 30 to 100 lbs.

  • uses ultra-plush, durable fabrics made with comfort foam throughout seat

  • offers a full-wrap premium seat pad is removable for machine washing

  • utilizes a seat-saver design

  • visually pronounced belt guides promote correct installment of the seat belt

  • belt path design prevents child from sliding under the lap belt on impact

IMG_2411That’s pretty impressive for such a small seat! I immediately noticed its light weight and sleek design. Compared to our other back-free booster, the LiteRider seemed to fit better against the seat and definitely offered more padding and a comfier fit for little legs. The seat belt also had a more snug fit, and not just because I finally learned what that belt guide is for. Those little armrest looking things on the side make it a bit more difficult to secure the belt but also make for a safer fit. I’m happy to spend an extra thirty seconds buckling in my child if it means he’ll be kept safer in an accident. Oh, and did I mention the pink fabric looks super cute against gray interior? (Don’t mind the lack of smile on George’s friend’s face—she’s not one for early morning preschool!)

The LiteRider Booster Seat also comes in beige, and did I mention the LiteRider booster seat is only $13? All those features for such a great price!

Even though our new LiteRider (kind of makes you think of Knight Rider, doesn’t it?) is pink it will be our main booster of choice as we relegate our previous ones to second and third positions. I don’t think George will have an issue with a pink booster; ever since he wore his sister’s hand-me-down hot pink snow pants he’s been good with pink!—Emily

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