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Sewing Modkid Style – Book Review and Giveaway! Blog tour in effect

April 23rd, 2012

Guess what I have in my hot little hands? Why, it’s a copy of Patty Young’s new book Sewing Modkid Style of course!!

I happen to know Patty in real life and have featured her many times over the years on Boutique Cafe, so the experience of seeing her book come to fruition is an added thrill for me. However, even if I didn’t know my little firecracker of a friend, I would be racing to the bookstore or Amazon to snag myself a copy of Sewing Modkid Style – Modern Threads for the Cool Girl. That’s exactly what I’m going to recommend for you to do, but first I’m dying to share my thoughts on Patty’s first book.

When it first arrived I couldn’t wait to peruse the pages. Everything Patty touches is beautiful and I knew her book would be too! For her first foray into the book arena Patty focused on utilizing knits for girls. Some may think that working with knits would be daunting or difficult, but Patty takes you step by step along the way guiding you through the process and making it simple. You might wonder “why knits?” and the answer is simply that Patty is a Mom herself and believes that your children should look adorable but also be comfortable. Knits are the answer to “dressing the modern, active child.” These clothes will move with your children and allow them to romp, play and rule the world. Patty also understands how you don’t want to dress your children in clothes that are boring, knits allow you to showcase their style and sprinkle in some attitude in their clothing.

Inside the pages you’ll be guided through the process of identifying different knits and picking out the best quality for your precious projects. I personally loved chapter 1: guide to sewing with knits, with techniques, tools and hints on sewing with knits for the ultimate success.

You might be wondering how extensive the collection of patterns and projects is for this book, and Patty does not disappoint. You can bet on the maximum bang for your buck because everything is here from dresses, to pants, to shorts, to skirts, accessories and even a knit quilt!! I’m having a terrible time deciding which project I love the most, I honestly just want to get sewing. I will tell you that I will definitely be making up the Bloom dress, the leg warmers, the yoga pants and the quilt!

In the very front of the book (published by Wiley) is a darling pocket filled with your precious patterns. Obviously there are many patterns out there in the sewing world to choose from, but Patty’s patterns are easy to use and so well done! Can beginners use this book? You bet! Can people who are sewing stars use this book? Yes definitely!

What I love about Sewing Modkid Style is that it’s so perfectly Patty in every way, from the design elements, to the photos, to the patterns, to the fabrics, it all comes together in a beautiful cohesive book. Way to go Patty – this is a work of art! – Daria

Here’s our Mini-interview with Patty Young – I asked Patty a few fun questions and here are her replies:

1. Your book is called Sewing Modkid Style, can you tell us how you would describe your own personal style of clothing and fashion love?

Patty: My own personal style is all over the place. The remnants of a 90’s Goth Girl in me still loves black and gray with all of her heart, while the new, more confident, 21st-Century-Mom part of me gravitates towards bright colors and bold prints. As I looked at my closet this morning I saw pinks, reds, oranges, citrons and turqs amidst a whole lotta black and gray. Clean, modern lines, with not a lot of frill, is what I love in a silhouette.

2. Was it fun for your daughters and husband to be included in the making of this book?

Patty: This was definitely a family project. My girls are so used to modeling for me that I’m sure they didn’t see much of a difference between this project and previous ones (pattern covers, catalogs, website, etc.) except maybe that there were more models involved, which was definitely more fun for them. My dear hubby, as I mentioned in my acknowledgments, pretty much took over and ran the household while I worked on this book and I will be forever grateful.

3. What did you learn about writing a book that you didn’t know before?

Patty: I learned that I can let go of my OCD/control freak tendencies and let others help. I was so used to being a one-woman-shop that I didn’t think I could ever let go of some of that control. But I learned quickly that when you’re working on a time-consuming project like this one, while still managing a whole company and trying to be a good mom and wife, you have to let others help you. It was liberating and refreshing!

4. Will you create patterns for women in the future? Please!

Patty: The future of women’s patterns for MODKID is still uncertain. Although our previous women’s pattern got a very warm reception from our fans, they are definitely not our best sellers. A recent report ran by Jon showed that girls’ clothing patterns outsold women’s clothing, purses and accessories by a large margin. This is not to say that we will never do them again (never say never, right?), because we still have some wonderful prototypes floating around the studio that beg to be made into patterns… but it definitely won’t be our focus anytime soon.

5. If you could say anything to your fans and supporters right now, what would you tell them?

Patty: That I definitely wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for their love and support. I so enjoy reading their comments and emails and I gain so much experience from constructive criticism. I live for looking at their photos on my Flickr groups and when I see shares on FaceBook or Twitter, my heart swells with pride and joy. Thank you so much for all of your support!

***GIVEAWAY: Win a Copy of Sewing Modkid Style!
The wonderful people at Wiley are giving one of our lucky Boutique Cafe readers a copy of Patty Young’s new book Sewing Modkid Style!! Aren’t you excited?!

*To enter, leave a comment telling us why you want to sew with Patty’s new book, Sewing Modkid Style

Additional entries: You can do as many of these as you’d like. Each one is worth one entry into our giveaway; please leave a separate comment for each one you do:
• “Like” Boutique Cafe on Facebook and leave a comment telling us you did.
• Mention this giveaway on Twitter (with @BoutiqueCafe and @pattyyoung in the tweet) and leave a comment with the URL.
• Jump up and down yelling “I NEED This Book!!” and email us a photo of you doing it to: boutiquecafe@gmail.com :)

Include a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: May 5th (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

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Gyl of Rhembein Photography sent in a few pictures of herself jumping up and down shouting “I NEED THIS BOOK!!”, I seriously LOVE that she chose to enter in such a fun way. I was laughing and loving this entry. Good luck Gyl.

I’d be giddy to have more photo entries – just do it! :)

*************WINNER UPDATE*****************
Well believe it or not, our winner is Gillian by random generator! Her comment that won this giveaway was:

“I would love to win this book and sew with it because (a) it is impossible to find in Canada – as you know Daria, ordering online is our only hope… OR WINNING IT!! and (b) I have always ONLY sewn my own creations and I would love to try some of Patty’s, having always been a fan.
Congratulations Gillian! And thank you to everyone for your support and participation on our Website, Facebook and Twitter. I have some new giveaways coming up soon so keep coming back, I want you all to win! :)

A children’s book to help get your kids outside to play

May 31st, 2011

Wallie Exercises HIGH RES Need some help motivating a youngster to play outside and exercise? Read Steve Ettinger’s darling picture book for children titled “Wallie Exercises.”

Working out This book tells the story of a lazy dog that prefers staying inside and sleeping rather than playing outside (the situation sounds oh so familiar) and exploring. Wallie’s clothes begin to be too small for him because of his lazy ways (again…another great parallel). An exercising elephant helps this lazy dog get fit. This book teaches about hydration, warming up and working out.

The book ends with suggestions and fun games that Wallie did that your child can do too. The Wallie Wiggle Wag Walks and Relay Race and Silly Shark Squats are some of the exercises that your kids will love.

The writer behind this book has credentials that make it effective exercises you know are safe and legit. Steve Ettinger, the author is also a certified strength and conditioning specialist. The illustrator, Pete Proctor is a former teacher who knows what kids like to read. His adorable illustrations of the characters make this a visually stimulating book anyone can enjoy.-Amber

This book is available online at wallieexercises.com.

Go to wallieexercises.com and leave us a comment on daily dish telling us the award this book received from Mom’s Choice Awards. One random selection winner will receive an autographed book.

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