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Due Date Bags: One Diaper Bag to Rule Them All

February 22nd, 2013

Every once in awhile, a diaper bag comes along that hits all the marks and looks good doing it. For me, the Due Date Bags are the one diaper bag to rule them all!

Yes, it’s true that celebrity moms are snapping them up like hotcakes (cool mamas like Tori Spelling, Ali Landry, Jennifer Garner and Vanessa Lachey to name a few). So why are these bags so desired? Well, I was sent a gorgeous “metallic mama” bag to take for a test drive and what I discovered was the ideal blend of style, quality and function.

First of all, I’ll be honest – this is a big bag. It’s meant to have room for mom’s on the go to be able to tote along all they need for baby. I personally LOVED the size and amount of baby stuff, personal items and even electronics I could fit in to take with me. The next thing I was giddy over were the labelled pockets (yes that right, labelled). It takes what could be a mess of a bag, and turns it into a functional and organized tote, picture asking someone to hand you the baby wipes…now they can find it in a blink! Bingo, it’s genius.

Due Date Diaper Bags feature 3 “drop in” bags for cosmetics, snacks and a large one for extra clothing. The bottom of the bag is your own little changing station, featuring a changing pad and spots to hold diaper cream, toys, wipes and diapers.

The bags come in three styles: Metallic Mama, Midnight Mama and Red Hot Mama. For the ultimate little luxury you have have your Due Date bag monogrammed. What a treat for the expectant mom in your life! xoxo – Daria

To purchase your own Due Date bag visit DueDateBags.com
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Boutique Cafe {Daily Dish} Sample Disclosure: The opinions expressed above are honest, accurate, and not encouraged anyway by monetary donations. A sample free of charge was received from Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso.

Chelsea Baby Little Luxury Baby Shoes

October 18th, 2011

Oh those tiny little toes! Nothing is more delicate and adorable than your newborn baby’s feet. As a new Mommy, you have the brief opportunity to kiss those little toes and dress them up in the cutest shoes.

Chelsea Baby has the answer to cute feet couture, with their adorable high end baby booties. This is an eco-friendly line of luxury mini footwear sized 0-6 months and 6-12 months. Eco-friendly that is, because of the use of Sensuede, a beautiful stain resistant material that is “100 per cent green in the milling process”.

I personally had the delight of receiving a pair of their “Bucky” shoes pictured above. They came beautifully packaged in a clear plastic box perfect for gifting right away, but that’s not all…not by a long shot. The Chelsea Baby shoes are incredibly plush and soft, featuring cotton fabric on the toe and with a unique snap on bouquet for girls and a snap on bow tie for boys.

At Chelsea Baby the styling of each tiny shoe is an irresistible indulgence! You can follow the lady who started it all, Chelsea Geenen herself on Twitter to learn about promotions, deals and the latest from this fab entrepreneur.

For your next baby shower, wow your new Mommy friend with luxury and style for the tiniest of toes. – Daria

Chelsea Baby currently is running a 20% off promotion on their website for a limited time. Visit Chelsea Baby and click on the “DEAL” button at the side of their page – then share the promo on Facebook for your 20% off code. Sweet Deal!!

Hushamok MySeat

June 15th, 2011

Hushamok MySeatAfter I reviewed and loved Hushamok’s hammock and I eager to also test out their MySeat. And I’m not disappointed! It’s a really great cushy seat perfect for your alert and interactive infant and you can begin using it once baby reaches around 12 weeks. It’s not a swing, but it’s natural movement is great and calming.

The MySeat can be used for infants, toddlers and young children. The weight limit is up to 50 lbs so both my almost-2-year-old and my 4-month old can take advantage of this nifty seat. The MySeat has a great natural look and I think it looks especially great with the Okoa stand. It’s not too tricky to figure out. My one complaint is that the shoulder straps aren’t adjustable in terms of length. They’re adjustable in terms of height but I’d like to be able to tighten/loosen them. I found a solution for it as you can see in my video, but I’m much prefer having adjustable shoulder straps. The crotch strap does adjust. The MySeat sits low enough to the ground that I’m quite confident that my toddler will be able to quickly catch on to getting in and out of it without any trouble.

The MySeat feels exceptionally durable and I trust that it will last a long, long time. If you’re in the market for a piece of baby furniture that will last more than 6 months you’ve found it! I love that I can keep on using my stand and I can fairly easily switch between the MySeat and the hammock. – Katie

The Daily Dish welcomes Lola

October 18th, 2010

4mumumlola May I proudly welcome my little Lola to our review team on Boutique Cafe! I am so thrilled to get Lola’s opinion on the products we test and share with you our readers – and believe me she definitely has an opinion! Lola is now 10 months old, wears size 9-12months clothing, and LOVES accessories. She has lots of hair, and looks super cute in pigtails and hairbows.

If you’d like Lola to review YOUR product please send her a specific request to: daria@boutiquecafe.com and put “Daily Dish LOLA Review” as your subject.


Baby Sling Giveaway! Mommy & Daughter set

August 27th, 2009

My talented and beautiful Sis-in-Law Elizabeth is hosting a fab GIVEAWAY on her blog. You can win a Mommy/Daughter baby sling set, made by Liz (her slings are fantastic!!).

Help her celebrate her 200th Blog Post by joining in! Leave a comment on her blog here>> to enter the drawing. She’s drawing a random winner on Aug. 31st!

If you’re interested in purchasing a sling, she makes them in various delicious fabrics $25 Adult size or $18 kids size.

The burp cloth that’s got your back…

April 12th, 2009

skyoozmeeDon’t you hate when you go to burp the babe and the little one burps all over the back of your dry-clean only blouse? Or what about making a quick switch to the other side to give your patted-out hand a rest and bluh, the baby burps without any burp cloth protecting you from all that spit up? Well, one mom got so tired of these things that she actually did something about it. She designed her own burp cloths and now is selling them to the rest of us.

Skyoozmee was created for making feeding time a little bit easier and a whole lot cleaner. This unique design covers your chest, back and both your shoulders. The burp cloth will stay in place because it has a fastened velcro in the back to keep it in place. So, besides looking like you are wearing an adult bib, this burp cloth is the answer to keeping YOU clean.

The cloths are made of 2 layers of flannel material. This double layer is nice because nothing can seep through and you don’t get wet. Skyoozmee burp cloths come in 5 different designs including a masculine style, so you can have Dad looking good using his very own bib-like burp cloth.-Amber

Available online at skyoozmee.com.

** Giveaway! Skyoozmee is giving away a burp cloth to a lucky Daily Dish reader. Please visit the skyoozmee website and leave a comment telling us what charities they help. Include a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: April 20, 2009 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

gr8x debuts two fabulous new products

April 6th, 2009

gr8xsIn May of 2007 I reviewed the Baby Traveller Deluxe by gr8x, a diaper bag you definitely can’t judge by its cover. I was so impressed with this machine-washable (yes, machine-washable!) all-in-one diaper bag I was really excited to see their new messenger style diaper bags and super soft swaddling blankets. I was not disappointed!

gr8xsI received gr8x’s Messenger Diaper Bag in the camo print. The messenger is one of six styles of diaper bags (not including the Baby Traveller Deluxe) from the new line , which includes a hobo slouch, holdall, backpack duo, bucket tote and satchel. The messenger style is by far my favorite and the camo print makes me smile. Why? I’m not so sure except I feel super cool when toting it around! But cool will only get you so far. It’s what’s inside (and outside if you’re talking pockets) that really matters. So what’s inside?

gr8xsThis diaper bag boasts numerous zipped and mesh pockets (in super fun contrasting orange), an insulated pocket for bottles (a must-have in my book), change mat, wipes pocket you can access externally (so cool!), front section for mom’s things, nylon lining (i.e. easy to clean), adjustable shoulder strap, detachable stroller attachments and even a detachable pacifier case. Most of the designs also have rubber feet to protect the bottom (another must-have). What’s great about the camo print is that it’s great for Mom or Dad—if Dad is ever out and about with the kids long enough to warrant a diaper bag. (My husband tries to avoid those types of outings at all cost.) I really couldn’t find anything not to like about this bag, though I did wish it had a padded shoulder strap, but at least the strap they have is softer than most straight-edged vinyl or leather straps.

gr8xsAnd now for gr8x’s new Baby Stretch Swaddling Wraps. What makes these swaddling blankets so cool is the word “stretch.” The stretch in these soft cotton blankets comes from the elastane in the fabric. This small amount of elastane allows baby some movement, which means it’s more comfortable for your little one. Your baby will be cozy and warm while not feeling restricted. Plus the elastene also helps soften the fabric when washed, so the more you swaddle, the softer it gets. Just make sure you follow the washing instructions. I threw my blanket in the dryer when the directions specifically said to air dry, and it shrunk a bit in size. To be honest, I read the directions but I rarely hang-dry anything except my sports bras, and even those I’ve dried once in a while! I kind of wanted to see what would happen if it were dried, and as soon as the buzzer sounded, I found out by pulling out a blanket about 1/4th smaller than it was when it went in.

Even after I had made it less than its former self it still was a great size for swaddling and it maintained its stretchiness, which I checked by pulling it this way and that. And yes, the Baby Stretch Swaddling Wraps are pretty dang soft! I can’t think of any other swaddling blankets that have had quite this much stretch and been quite this soft. Way to go, gr8x!

gr8x has a wonderful product line including a changing wallet, feeding pillow and even footmuff for the stroller. And of course there’s always the Baby Traveller Deluxe!—Emily

“I’m bringing home a BonneBonnets Bunting…”

March 25th, 2009

BonneBonnetsThe above title should be sung to the tune of “I’m bringing home a baby bumblebee…” And my daughter will be so proud of me because it’s a super warm yet super stylish stroller accessory perfect for this cold winter weather we’re still experiencing here in the Salt Lake valley.

The BonneBonnets product line is for “Moms and Dads who want to stroll in style and add a touch of uniqueness and creativity to their strollers.” The collection consists of exclusive stroller Canopies that are available in a variety of styles (my fave is the Brooke) and Buntings, which are available in two styles (my fave is the chestnut).

BonneBonnetsBonneBonnets sent me one of their Buntings (aka “a footmuff of unsurpassed luxury, style and comfort”) to review on the Daily Dish. The Bunting’s patent-pending design includes PVC-free, hypoallergenic, ultra soft foam for warmth; plush, breathable cotton for comfort; and a design made to fit any stroller and which can even expand to fit toddlers. BonneBonnets is all about using the finest materials and superior craftsmanship yet their Buntings are machine washable. This is a must when it comes to stroller accessories that fit inside the stroller. It also has a bottom flap and back clips to keep it securely in place; no slipping and sliding when Mom takes a corner too quickly!

I was really excited to test out our raspberry Bunting, but due to unforeseen circumstances, namely unseasonably warm weather followed by a flu-ridden infant, I wasn’t able to take out the Bunting for a test stroll. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t unroll the Bunting and thoroughly check it out. I pulled at seams, buttons and smooshed the headrest to make sure it was as nicely padded as they claimed. I zipped and unzipped and checked out the fabric for softness. Though the denim-like material wasn’t super soft the breathable cotton lining was, and that’s most important! My favorite feature was the cute interior pocket where my little one can place her hands if they get too chilly.

My little one is finally feeling better after a long bout with the flu and just my luck, the snow is still falling here in Utah, so I may get my chance to test out our cute BonneBonnets Bunting before the spring thaw. And even if I don’t, knowing Utah it will start snowing again September 1st so it won’t be long before we can take it for daily test drives!

If spring weather has already hit (or summer weather if you’re in Arizona), then check out BonneBonnets’ super chic Canopies. The Canopy is designed to fit all Bugaboo stroller models and are a simple yet stylish way to pimp your stroller (for lack of a better expression). With ten styles from which to choose you’ll find the perfect one to suit your personality. After learning more about the BonneBonnets collection of stroller accessories, I have to agree with their statement:”So say goodbye boring baby gear and bonjour bonnebonnets!”—Emily

** Giveaway! BonneBonnets has given us one of their cute Canopies to give away to a lucky Daily Dish reader! (The style we have on hand isn’t featured online but it is super cute!) Please visit the BonneBonnets website and leave a comment on this post telling us your favorite Canopy style; include a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: April 3, 2009 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

  • Congratulations to Xenia S., the winner of the BonneBonnets giveaway! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the review and add a comment. Keep reading the Daily Dish for your chance to participate in more giveaways!

Time to change tactics!

March 11th, 2009

JJ ColeIf you are still toting around diapers and a wipes case sans cute-yet-functional changing tote then it’s time to change things up a bit. The single-pocket-style diapers and wipes case is fine but what do you do when you need a changing mat to cover those changing stations in the store bathroom? And toting around your entire diaper bag when all you really need is enough items for a quick on-the-go change gets really old…really quickly. The perfect solution? The new tactic changing purse from JJ Cole.

JJ ColeAs soon as I received JJ Cole’s tactic changing purse in the super cute pink daisy pattern, I immediately removed my Fleurville ModPod from my diaper bag, stocked up the tactic changing purse with a couple diapers, wipes case, onesie and diaper cream and slipped it easily into its proper place. Don’t get me wrong, I love Fleurville’s ModPod but it did take up quite a bit of space in my diaper bag and it was hard to get to the wipes if I needed one for a runny-nose emergency. JJ Cole’s version was more compact and I had much easier access to those oft needed wipes. I included a photo to prove my point! (Yes, I pack a lot of snacks for both the kids and me!)

The tactic changing purse holds diapers, a wipes case and comes with a changing pad that has a slightly padded area for the head. It even includes a wallet organizer for necessities like credit cards, cell phone and even a lip gloss or two. The tactic’s handle is adjustable (I keep it as short as possible since it sits in my diaper bag) and can be attached to a stroller or even carried like a wristlet. It is made from easy-to-clean laminated canvas, another fabulous feature, and comes in four different fun patterns. Oh, and I forgot to mention it has a magnetic closure—a simple feature yet one I love. I can’t find a single thing not to like about the tactic changing purse. Even the price is a good one at just under $30.

Though the same ol’ thing isn’t always a bad thing, switching tactics can make for a refreshing—and space saving—change. I’m a firm believer in that statement now that I own JJ Cole’s tactic changing purse!—Emily

Leg Huggers from Agoo!

February 19th, 2009

Keeping your baby warm and stylish is sometimes a challenge in cold weather. Up here in Canada we struggle with the freezing weather (trust me). I recently discovered an amazing new product that keeps baby’s legs warm, and protected while still looking ultra cute.

I was sent the most adorable pair of purple butterfly Leg Huggers from a company called Agoo. They come in precious patterns for the discriminating toddler, and feature a bevy of benefits. The first is that Leg Huggers are made from 100% sustainable Bamboo fibers, I love that aspect of this product. If you have a child who is potty training, then Leg Huggers are an excellent option to keep babies legs covered but allow for quick access to diapers, pull-ups and training pants.

Leg Huggers are also made to cater to girls on the go. If your baby is crawling, climbing or burning up the living room dance floor, Leg Huggers will protect those tender legs and still keep looking sweet. As some of you know, our family is in the process of adopting a little 2 year old girl. She was our tester with the Leg Huggers and they definitely fit her criteria. I appreciated that no matter how active she was while wearing them, the Leg Huggers stayed up but they didn’t hug too tightly either. The bonus was that our Little Miss looked perfectly precious in them and we will now need to stock up on several patterns.

If affordability is on your mind, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Leg Huggers sell for an excellent price point of $10. They are one size fits all, and are ultra soft and comfy. So go on and give those pudgy little legs a hug, with Leg Huggers from Agoo. – Daria

Giveaway** – Leg Huggers is offering a lucky Boutique Cafe reader a pair of their amazing Leg Huggers! To enter simply post a comment and share with us which design you prefer from their line of Leg Huggers. Include a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: February 26, 2009 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

Diaper Bag Buddy means peace of mind for Mom

January 19th, 2009

Think of me4kidz’s new Diaper Bag Buddy like you would a AAA membership. You may never need towing service or flat tire repair but it give you peace of mind knowing if you did need it, you’d have it. The same goes for the Diaper Bag Buddy from me4kidz.

Diaper Bag BuddySimilar in concept to the Medibuddy I reviewed March of last year, the Diaper Bag Buddy is full of products that will come in handy in case of emergency, and I’m not talking medical this time around. Unlike the Medibuddy, the Diaper Bag Buddy is not filled with antibiotic ointment and antiseptic wipes, though it does have a few bandages just in case. This little on-the-go kit includes everything you need for your little one’s emergencies, from wipes and diaper rash cream to shampoo & body wash—and everything is natural and organic. Here is what this amazingly small (like the Medibuddy) kit includes: diaper rash cream, aloe vera gel pack, face & body moisturizer, bandages, one-time-use thermometer, shampoo & body wash and wipes. Yes, all that in a reusable and 100% recycled case that fits perfectly in even the most packed-to-the-brim diaper bag!

I have my Diaper Bag Buddy sitting within easy reach in my diaper bag but have yet to use it—which is a good thing in this case. Though I can’t say how well the aloe vera gel or thermometer worked (thank heavens!) I can say I still find it hard to believe so many baby-emergency items are packed in so tiny a case. And though it takes up about as much room as a baby bottle it is worth it. Just think how much space those items would take if I were to pack the not-so-travel-size products individually! I love knowing that if I do run out of baby wipes or run into a painfully red baby bum, the Diaper Bag Buddy is within easy reach. It’s like having AAA service for your baby!—Emily

*** Giveaway! me4kidz is giving away one Diaper Bag Buddy! Please leave a comment with a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: January 27, 2009 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

  • Congratulations to Katie M., the winner of the Diaper Bag Buddy giveaway! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the review and add a comment. Keep reading the Daily Dish for your chance to participate in more giveaways!

Babycape–the superhero of winter coats!

January 6th, 2009

We all love a good superhero. My current personal favorite is Ming-Ming from WonderPets. (Can you tell who’s in charge of the TV lately?) But what does a superhero have to do with outerwear? If you’ve ever struggled to secure your little one in her car seat complete with winter coat or even slightly less bulky pullover sweater you know it often requires superpowers to adjust a five-point harness without compromising safety. Never fear! Babycapes are here!

BabycapesBabycapes were created by two moms, who faced the similar struggle of trying to get their busy baby girls into car seats with bulky winter coats. The Babycape has a generous front opening with three snaps so it’s easy on/easy off and allows you access to harness straps. It has a cozy hood and openings in the sides for little arms, but the pièce de résistance is its back opening with a single snap. When open it lets you easliy slip your child into a stroller, car seat or front carrier without removing the Babycape, and when closed it makes the perfect outdoor cover-up.

Olivia and I were able to test the pink Minky Sherpa Suede Babycape during the Christmas holiday. I couldn’t wait to see if it were as easy to use as it appeared, but I was even more interested to find out if it would keep her warm even in frigid weather. I will admit it took us a few tries to get the hang of the Babycape. (Perhaps if I’d watched the instructional video on the website like any smart person would do, I’d have got it the first time!) Our first attempt we put it on her in the house, slipped her arms through the arm holes and quickly realized we had to take her arms out in order to get her arms under the harness straps. Then we put her arms back through and adjusted the cape around here. Olivia, who isn’t the best traveler anyway, was a bit flustered by the time we were done and none too happy.

BabycapesWhen we tried it again and left her arms under the cape she got a bit frustrated having her arms covered, but at least it was easier to get her in the car seat! And even in 20-degree weather she stayed toasty until the car’s heater took over. Because we had a bit of a struggle the first few times using the Babycape I almost gave up, but when we tried it today, Olivia and I both seemed to finally get it! She kept her arms under the cape until I had her in the car seat. I of course didn’t realize until now the generous front opening was for me to use to adjust the harness straps. I was flipping the cape up to secure her, which she thought meant it was time to pull the Babycape completely off!

Now we’re becoming seasoned pros at the Babycape thing and I am slowly falling deeply in love with it. It really is a much safer alternative to a big winter coat and it is less hassle than a coat and blanket, which is what we were using (and the blanket was always just as cold as the car!). The Babycape is to die for when it comes to style and design and it is super soft to boot. Today I caught Olivia turning to look up into her hood and smiling at who knows what. (I think she was smiling because she too had fallen in love with her Babycape.)

BabycapesI love that the moms behind Babycapes are just as interested in making sure your child is safe as they are in telling you about their product. They’ve dedicated an entire page of their site to safety information complete with a safety video and links to sites with more information about car seat safety. When a company is as concerned about your child as you are, you can rest easy knowing their product was designed with your child’s safety and comfort in mind.

Babycapes are custom made and assembled in the U.S.A. They come in a wonderful array of luxurious, machine-washable fabrics such as Marshmallow Minky, Minky Sherpa Suede (love how that rolls off the tongue) and Minky Cuddle. And because one size fits newborn to preschooler, you won’t have to purchase a new coat year after year. Those Babycape moms have thought of everything—talk about superheroes!

The weather is still frightful, at least in my neck of the woods, and Babycapes will come in handy for a few months yet. I suggest you pick one up now, especially since through January 31st. Considering Babycapes last a good 3-4 years, that’s less than $30 a year…a heck of a lot cheaper than your typical winter coat and a heck of a lot safer in a car seat. Comic books and movies will tell you, the superhero is always a safe bet!—Emily

*** Giveaway! Babycapes is giving away one Babycape, winner’s choice! Please leave a comment telling us your favorite Babycape (color and style); include a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: January 14, 2009 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

* Congratulations to Leah F., the winner of the Babycape giveaway! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the review and add a comment. Keep reading the Daily Dish for your chance to participate in more giveaways!

Sittin’ Ritzy!

January 4th, 2009

Boutique Cafe’s Daily Dish is where you’ll find 99% of my product reviews. The other 1% comes from Polliwogged, a new site from the ZRecs network that launched in September. Most of the time there is very little overlap but once in a while I am asked to review a product I’ve either already reviewed on Boutique Cafe or have plans to review on Boutique Cafe. This is one of those times, but like the SoYoung Mother diaper bag, it’s worthy of a double mention. Plus, this Daily Dish review comes complete with a fabulous promo code—something you won’t see at the end of the Polliwogged review!

Here is my take on the Ritzy Sitzy shopping cart cover from Itzy Rizy, first posted on Polliwogged in early December, 2008:

Itzy RitzyInfant and toddler shopping cart covers have become a must-have for germ-conscious parents – you know, those parents who still rinse their baby’s pacifier off when it drops on the floor? I have four children and haven’t rinsed a pacifier in months (only when it “drops” into another infant’s mouth); I didn’t think I would need for a shopping cart cover until the Ritzy Sitzy in Perfect 10 Paisley showed up on my doorstep.

Yes, shopping carts are filled with germs, but it’s all about strengthening the immune system, right? I didn’t want to take the time to strap in a cart cover before strapping in my baby, but when I discovered all of the Ritzy Sitzy’s features I was intrigued enough to give it a go.

The true “aha!” moment was when I read how it also fits high chairs, double shopping carts (think Costco) and park swings. Though not disgusted by shopping carts, the state of many a restaurant high chair has turned my stomach. We used the Ritzy Sitzy on my oldest daughter’s birthday when we hit a local restaurant for dinner. Since it was our first time using the Ritzy Sitzy, it took a minute to figure out how to strap it on, but once we did I was impressed with its extra padding, safety belt and extra toy loops and pockets.

Itzy RitzyFortunately the Ritzy Sitzy is machine-washable, because our little girl enjoys her fries and always seems to hide a few in her high chair. We didn’t use the toy loops or pockets, but if I had an extra long mall trip planned I would stuff those pockets with snacks and attach her favorite fabric book and pacifier. Plus, I like variety and so the Ritzy Sitzy’s reversible design is an added bonus for me.

I can’t say I’m completely sold on the shopping cart cover thing; perhaps it’s due to their price and that fact that my first three children survived just fine without one. But I am a fan of the Ritzy Sitzy when it comes to high chairs and I always have ours at the ready in our van in case we brave a restaurant with kids in tow. It makes my dinner go down a little easier knowing my daughter isn’t enjoying someone else’s.

The Ritzy Sitzy comes in a wonderful variety of fabrics – good luck choosing just one!—Emily

Update: We have had adult-only dinner dates since this review so our Ritzy Sitzy had its own little Christmas vacation. But every time I opened the trunk of our van, I saw it ready and waiting for the next germy high chair and that meant one less thing to worry about during the holiday craziness!

What I didn’t mention in the Polliwogged review is Itzy Ritzy’s eco-friendly collection made from bamboo, which is sustainable and grown without pesticides and fungicides. Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and deodorizing, bamboo even has an inherent UV protection factor. Itzy Ritzy’s baby bamboo fabric is luxurious and super soft but still practical because it’s machine washable!

* Promotion! Itzy Ritzy is offering Daily Dish readers 20% off their purchase! Simply enter code “Boutique” (without the quotes) at checkout. Offer expires February 9, 2009.

Korbie lets you take the nursery with you

December 9th, 2008

The Daily Dish is all about the latest and greatest products for parents and their children, but once in a while what’s new to us may not be new to some of our readers. Today’s product review features the Korbie all-in-one baby bag, but apparently it’s not a new concept, or so a Twitterer told me when I mentioned writing this review. But that’s okay, because it’s new to me and it’s probably new to many of you!

KorbieThe Korbie all-in-one Baby Bag combines a diaper bag, bassinet and changing table for the ultimate on-the-go bag. The diaper bag features include stain-resistant nylon, adjustable shoulder strap, saddlebag design so it can straddle the back of the chair (sans bassinet), insulated bottle pockets, zippered front pocket, two large sections (hence the saddlebag) with two interior mesh pockets and a zippered interior pocket.

The bassinet features a UV-coated nylon with adjustable and removable canopy, hinges that securely lock the bassinet when open, carrying straps to carry your babies short distances, removable and machine-washable terrycloth pad and a 3-point harness. You can use the bassinet as a changeing table or remove the changing pad and use it on its own.

KorbieSo here’s my take on the Korbie without actually having an infant within its weight requirements (I have very “healthy” babies). The overall concept is fabulous. I love the idea of having a portable bassinet when you have a very little one in tow. It’s great for short or long trips—any type of travel where it would be handy to have something other than one of those large portable cribs (as long as your little one can’t roll over or sit up). I was able to remove the bassinet easily, though that is some serious Velcro, and I even set it up without reading the directions. It popped right open and the harness gave me no trouble.

The canopy, though extremely lightweight, seemed pretty sturdy and when completely open covered pretty much the entire bassinet—I like being able to shield my little one from head to toe! You do want to make sure you here the bassinet lock in its open position, and I would even test it by lifting it up by the handles before placing your baby inside. I do wish the main rib of the canopy, which you can remove by pulling it from the release button, had some sort of “stop” on it so the rib didn’t slide around in the fabric. I lost the rib for a second after removing the canopy and had to cinch the fabric so I could pull it out again.  But overall, I thought the bassinet design was a pretty ingenious one and seemed sturdy enough to handle even the “healthiest” infant.

KorbieAs for the diaper bag, I wasn’t sold on it as far as using it solely for a diaper bag. I’ve reviewed a lot of bags and so I look for certain things. One of the most important is a comfortable shoulder strap, and the Korbie’s strap is way too narrow and lacks any padding whatsoever. I can imagine a sore shoulder if you’re toting it around with the bassinet and packed full of baby gear. The saddlebag idea is a unique and handy one, but I’m not sure it’s worth the work of trying to rip open the Velcro flap at the bottom—that sucker takes some serious effort! The two sections are very generously sized but only have two mesh pockets for organizing your gear. The Korbie needs a few more interior mesh and/or divided pockets, especially since the bag is so deep.

And that was my other not-so-favorite thing. Of course the Korbie has to be rather long so it has room to carry the bassinet, but its length makes for a really deep bag. I’m just not sure how easy it would be to find things in such a “generous” pocket. And the large front flap doesn’t really have a place to go when lifted to access the pockets—it kind of gets in the way. It took me a minute just to figure out how to maneuver it so it wasn’t blocking my line of sight!

But even though I didn’t love the Korbie as a diaper bag, I still love it as a great all-in-one travel bag. It is extremely well made, durable and the fabric will hold up to a lot of wear and tear—a great thing for travel gear. The idea of a portable bassinet and baby gear at hand is an ingenious one. You should stick with your current favorite diaper bag for everyday use, but if you’re on the go a lot, whether it’s to the local park or the Disney park, the Korbie all-in-one Baby Bag will make it easy to take the nursery with you. And when traveling is easier, everyone is happy!—Emily

* Promotion! Korbie is offering Daily Dish readers $50 off the retail price! Visit Korbie.com and use the code “bcafe” (without the quotes) at checkout. Offer expires December 31, 2008.

JOIA makes sure nursing is a “joyful” experience

November 18th, 2008

JOIANursing covers are all the rage, and why shouldn’t they be? They allow moms to nurse in public without the worry of “over exposure” and with a little style. You might think nursing covers are pretty much all the same, and you’d be right…until you discovered the Mommy Cover by JOIA.

JOIA’s Mommy Cover will have you wondering how you survived nursing this long without one. Sure, it has a neckline designed so you can watch baby while nursing, but this one is flexible so you can roll it up much easier than other brands. The soft, silky neck strap is not only softer on the skin but also adds a chic touch to this already chic—and fully reversible—cover. The adjustable buckles are fashionable and functional, and the cover is made from machine-washable and dryable 100% cotton fabrics. But what really leaves the “other” covers at the bottom of the diaper bag (i.e. totem pole) is the Mommy Cover’s patented retractable reel system.

On one side of the Mommy Cover you’ll find a retractable reel sewn tightly into the fabric. The reel holds a thin cord with a Velcro tab on the end. You simply pull the cord behind you with one hand, grab it with the other and insert the Velcro tab into the other side of the cover. You now have a nursing cover that withstand even the wiggliest, busiest baby (and curious older sister).

JOIABecause I am no longer nursing I passed along the Mommy Cover to my good friend Kelli. Here’s her take on it:

Aside from the satin strap looking cute, I wasn’t sure it would stay in place…but, it does! The Mommy Cover made it so much easier to nurse in public—I wasn’t worried about my baby pulling the blanket down for full exposure. I do feel like the setup screams ‘I’m breast feeding right this minute!’ But I love that I get to peek at my baby; she has fresh air to breathe and no blanket covering her face.

Nursing should be a joyful experience whether you’re doing it at home or at the mall. The less you have to stress about flashing a stranger or overheating your baby, the better. JOIA’s Mommy Cover takes the work and worry out of nursing so you can enjoy (there’s that word joy again!) this special time with your baby.—Emily

* Promotion! JOIA is offering Daily Dish readers 30% off their orders! Simply enter code “boutiquemom” at checkout. Offer expires November 30th. This is a FABULOUS deal—I guarantee you’ll be less than “joyful” if you let it pass you by!

Today it’s okay to be Cry Babyz

November 13th, 2008

Cry Babyz’s philosophy is: “No matter how innovative a new design is, if it isn’t created with the finest, top quality materials from start to finish, it isn’t worth bringing to life.” With a philosophy like that and a chic product line of baby accessories, customers are smiling.

Cry Babyz offers burp cloths, diaper pockets, paci (pacifier) pockets, onesies, pacifiers and oilcloth bags made from not just the finest materials but fashion-forward ones as well. I love how their burp cloth sets are color coordinate yet don’t use a lot of the same fabrics you see everywhere else. Plus their made from a twill weave, which is thick and absorbent.

I received the Swirls Paci Pocket, which went really well with my red patent-leather Amy Michelle diaper bag. I love a good pacifier pocket, and though the pocket had a little too much length to hang on the outside of my bag without touching the floor, it was perfect attached and thrown inside the bag. You can still find it easily and it will keep a pacifier freem from dirt and lint and who knows what else. The cool thing about this pocket is it’s reversible; turn it inside out for a totally different look. You can hang the Paci Pocket from a stroller, shopping cart or even a carrier or car seat—now that’s when the extra length comes in handy!

I also love their Itty Bitty oilcloth bags. The mid-size car of diaper bags, they are a bit larger than the diaper pocket but smaller than a full diaper bag. The bags are designed to hold one baby bottle, a travel size wipe case and two to three diapers. They are made using oilcloth and laminated fabrics and are fully lined with a coordinating designer cotton fabric.

With Cry Babyz, the only thing you’ll be crying about is how hard it is to decide which burp cloth set or Paci Pocket to buy! Good luck with that one!—Emily

* Promotion! Cry Babyz is offering Daily Dish readers 25% off their orders! Simply enter code “The Dish” at checkout. This is a great offer; it’s the perfect opportunity to stock up now on some great baby gifts!

JJ Cole’s new Bundle Me and burp cloths

November 5th, 2008

Oops! Baby did it again. She spit up while you held her over your shoulder and completely missed the burp cloth. If only that burp cloth had been designed with you in mind and not how to refashion your standard cloth diaper. But wait, there actually is a burp cloth made to hug your neck and shoulder so those “oops” land where they’re supposed to. No surprise it’s made by JJ Cole, a company whose products are always designed with both parents and their children in mind.

JJ ColeJJ Cole’s new burp cloths are made with the same subtle-yet-fashionable fabrics you’ll find on their other products and include a thin inner lining for extra protection. The burp cloth is reversible and both sides of are super soft. It even has a satin trim, the perfect touch to what could be the perfect brup cloth. I received the unisex gift set, which arrived packaged in a classy, sturdy windowed box tied with their signature ribbon. It was almost too pretty to open, but I had to see if JJ Cole’s burp cloths were really as nifty as they say.

I thought I’d pull one of the burp cloths out, feel it a bit, try it on and then slip it back in the box for later re-gifting since my littlest one no longer requires the use of a burp cloth. But what happened is I took one out, tried it on, felt it and decided I had to keep it. In fact, I used it that very day as a soft cloth for wiping a runny nose. It was quite possibly the first time my little one didn’t dodge a nose wiping! The size was generous without being too big and the fabric truly was super soft. The gift box now has only two burp cloths so I’ll have to give them away separately (either that or keep them all, which is very tempting…).

JJ ColeAlso tempting, but for different reasons, is JJ Cole’s Urban Bundle Me in its new bold colors: Frenzy, Lagoon and Sassy. I of course had to test out the Sassy for my pre-toddler and the recent Utah weather made for perfect timing. Disclaimer: This just might be a biased review. I’ve owned both the Original and Lite Bundle Me’s and loved them both, so I was ready to love my Sassy Urban Bundle Me before it even arrived.

It was love before first sight and love again after I laid eyes on that Sassy pink color! In typical Bundle Me style, the Urban was designed to allow safety straps to rest directly on my children and it has been crash tested as well. Believe it or not, safety is more important than style (but I’m really glad the Urban has both!). I really like the quilted outer nylon shell because it does a better job protecting against rain and snow, and though I love the shearing lining of the Original Bundle Me, I could easily get used to the soft chamois lining the inside. I’m really excited about using this in the car seat because the heat in my old van takes a while to get going. This will definitely come in handy during carpool week!

The Urban Bundle Me is just as machine washable as the others and also has a removable top so my little one will be comfortable even on those rare unseasonably warm winter days. My Urban has Sassy written all over it—literally—and I couldn’t be happier!—Emily

Here we go loop de loop, here we go Loopa bowl!

November 4th, 2008

Loopa bowlSometimes I feel like the pretzels and goldfish crackers I give my little ones do series of loop de loops around the family room and in the car. I find pretzel twists under the car seat and goldfish tails inside the media cabinet. Even when I give them a little snack cup with a lid that swivels just large enough for little fingers, those crackers manage to escape. Aside from duct taping your busy toddler to the barstool, a parent doesn’t have many options…until now.

Loopa bowlI was mesmerized by the Löopa bowl the first time I laid eyes on it. The design reminded me of a past American Inventor where the winner designed a car seat that swiveled, protecting the baby in the event of a crash. I thought the design was nifty back then and when I saw it applied to a snack bowl, I thought it was ingenious. But would it work? Would snacks really stay put when my one-year-old new walker toddled around the house? And would my toddler’s booster seat remain goldfish-free? Designed by parents, I had high hopes…and I wasn’t disappointed.

Necessity is always the mother of invention when it comes to children’s products, and I am so glad the Brad and Melinda Shepherd’s little one “spilled Cheerios all over the back seat of the minivan for the umpteenth time” because it eventually led to the Löopa bowl. This spill-resistant bowl swivels and oscillates in all directions keeping snacks in the bowl and not under the couch, behind the computer desk or on the dashboard. The weighted inner bowl rotates 360 degrees so pretzels, fruit snacks and Cheerios stay inside even when held vertically, something my one-year-old loves to do. When not holding munchies it’s a great toy, even for adults. I often found myself twisting and turning the Löopa bowl, watching it swivel and spin. Yes, I’m easily amused but this thing is pretty dang cool!

Loopa bowlThe only time we had goldfish go flying was when my little ones literally swung that thing in earnest, and nothing could have held up to that test! And if your snacks are on the smaller side, like those toddler dried fruit snacks, they can get wedged between the innermost bowl and the piece next to it, locking the bowl in place. When that happens it’s pretty likely you’ll find dried fruit outside the Löopa bowl rather than in it. But overall, I’m totally sold on the design because preventing that “umpteenth time” means preventing a moment of insanity.

The Löopa bowl is available online for around $10 on and both online and off from One Step Ahead and .—Emily

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Burpie Baby’s mess kit for moms

October 5th, 2008

Mess kits aren’t just for campers and scouts any more. Designed by the same mom who brought us the Burpie Baby 911, one of the only burp cloths I’ve ever seen multitask, this mess kit is a lot more stylish than the one your hubby has stored with the camping gear!

Burpie Baby Mess KitThe Burpie Baby Mess Kit combines three essential—and coordinating—baby items: bib, receiving blanket and Burpie Baby’s exclusive burpie. The burpie is what keeps this mess kit organized. It’s generous size converts easily to a pouch perfect for holding the bib, receiving blanket and even a few diapers and wipes. I’ve checked out the Burpie Baby Mess Kit and I am sold on the concept of having everything I need to keep baby clean wrapped up in a stylish burp-cloth-turned-carry-all-bag. No more throwing this and that here and there in to the diaper bag. Now you can just grab and go!

Burpie Baby Mess KitThe Burpie Baby Mess Kit even comes with 2-piece option (bib and burpie) or a 4-piece option, which includes a matching onesie, something I always forget to pack and always seem to need, especially if I’m trying to have an uneventful lunch with my girlfriends. With fun and funky patters like Party in my Crib, What a Doll and Sock Monkey, this mess kit will do a more fashionable job of keeping baby clean and your diaper bag organized than any ol’ mess kit you’ll find at REI (although that fry pan might come in handy for keeping the kids in line…).—Emily

* Promotion! Burpie Baby is offering Daily Dish readers 15% off their order. Simply enter code “café” at checkout. Daily Dish readers will also receive credit towards a future order if multiple items are purchased!

Blanket Clipz are Mom's latest multitasker

September 30th, 2008

Blanket ClipzYou know how much I love products that multitask as well as I do and when I find one I just have to share. Today I bring you Blanket Clipz, a set of stylish little clips that do more than just secure your little one’s blankie to her stroller. Sure, they do a fabulous job clipping blankets to strollers, car seats, bouncy seats and even shopping carts but they are also pros at turning an ordinary burp cloth or even kitchen towel into a bib or changing a receiving blanket into a nursing cover.

Blanket ClipzBut wait! (I’m starting to sound like an infomercial but they really are this cool!) You can use Blanket Clipz to attach a snack bag to a car seat or stroller. Now you won’t cause a traffic accident passing goldfish crackers to the back seat! We have a set of Blanket Clipz in brown with pink polka dots and we love finding new ways to use them.

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My favorite Blanket Clipz superpower? Turning my toddler’s favorite blanket into a super cool cape! And don’t limit yourself to baby-related functions. How about clipping a dish towel to a cupboard handle? The possibilities seem endless!

At only $12 a pair and in great designs like zebra, pink camo and retro stripe, you won’t regret purchasing your own pair of Blanket Clipz. You’ll have one less task to do!—Emily

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Lil’ Squirtz is a lil’ frayed, a lil’ edgy, a lil’ funky and…

September 24th, 2008

Lil' Squirtz...a heck of a lot cute. Okay, that last part isn’t the best use of the English language but I’m talking cute as in “is it almost worth getting pregnant again just so I can use these adorable burp cloths?” cute, so anything goes! I have seen children’s accessories and clothing that make good use of fun fabrics but I have never seen anything like Lil’ Squirtz.

Lil' SquirtzI received Lil’ Squirtz’s brand new burp cloth set and their Burpie Box, a gift set that includes a burp cloth, one-piece and hat, all in their popular Little Monkey collection. What sets Lil’ Squirtz apart is a technique used to create the vintage-meets-funky-meets-fresh feel of their collections. I had to learn more so I checked out their About Us page:

Lil’ Squirtz was inspired by … a French appliqué technique called Broderie Perse (broh dur ee purse), meaning Persian embroidery. Broderie Perse is a highly regarded technique of cutting motifs or patches from printed fabric and stitching them onto a solid fabric. Traditionally, the raw edges are turned under or covered with decorative stitching. Lil’ Squirtz took this technique, which dates back to the early 1700‘s, and gave it a modern twist to make their own line of clothing, all which have a frayed – edgy – funky patch.

The burp cloths with their yummy chocolate brown color, fun accent fabric and monkey patch (hand cut) were so cool, so adorable I immediately put one in the basket on my children’s dresser just so I could look at it every time I changed a diaper. (My babies are too old to use burp cloths but that doesn’t mean I can’t still enjoy them—or use them to wipe little noses!)

Lil' SquirtzThe gift set with all its rich colors (custom dyed for Lil’ Squirtz with yummy names like marmalade, chocolate and blueberry), hip fabrics and frayed edges is so fabulous I’m going to hang on to it until my sister gets pregnant, and that could be more than two years down the road! (Yes, it’s THAT cute!)

So I’m thinking I “need” to add Lil’ Squirtz to my children’s winter wardrobe. The Melon + Little Monkey long-sleeve set will be perfect for Livi while the Chocolate + Bicycle long-sleeve tee is a must-have for George.

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2. Receive free shipping on orders over $125 with coupon code “boutiquecafe08”

Bink-Tees–great attachment parenting

September 16th, 2008

Bink-TeesHave you ever had one of those plastic or wooden pacifier clips and struggled to find a great place to attach it? Or have you ever accidentally pinched your baby’s skin while attaching said clip? (Okay, I did on Sunday but it was a total accident!) With Bink-Tees you can avoid the where-to-clip question and the possibility of injury.

Bink-Tees is a new design in infant tees (sizes up to 18 months) that allows you to quickly attach and remove a pacifier from your baby’s shirt without the need for a separate clip. The cute embroidered patches (12 from which to choose) hide velcro fasteners that use a matching ribbon to hold the pacifier securely in place. Simply lift up the patch, attach the ribbon, fold down the patch and voila! Baby’s pacifier is comfortably within reach. And when you’d rather not use the clip just remove the ribbon and your little one still sports a cool t-shirt!

Bink-TeesI’ve checked out the peace sign design for myself and couldn’t believe how stylishly the pacifier clip was integrated into the shirt. I’m thinking you could even attach a lightweight toy to the end as well (very lightweight but still a cool idea). Simple to use, comfortable to wear and stylish to boot, Bink-Tees are a great way to have your pacifier and attach it too!—Emily

** Giveaway! Bink-Tees is giving away one short-sleeve Bink-Tee in black, winner’s choice for the design. Please leave a comment with a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: September 24, 2008 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

  • Congratulations to Jane V., winner of the Bink-Tee giveaway! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the review and add a comment. Keep reading the Daily Dish for your chance to participate in more giveaways!

Incognito diaper totes by Tushygear

September 10th, 2008

TushygearWhen shopping for travel-friendly baby gear you’ll find quite a few diapers and wipes totes and just as many changing pads but very few that successfully combine the two features. Tushygear is one of them.

TushygearTushygear’s on-the-go tote looks like a stylish little changing pad but is actually a wonderfully plush, generously sized pad with a pocket for up to three diapers and a case of wipes. I received the Small Blue Flowers diaper pad and I love its simplistic design with a hidden pocket I can access easily. I have a couple other totes that have both a changing pad feature and storage for diapers and wipes but it takes a lot of work to open the thing up and more work to pull out the gear. When it comes to diaper changes, the easier the better. Tushygear is definitely easier and better, plus it’s machine washable and made in the USA. I do wish it had a snap or velcro closure only because it can be hard to tie a ribbon with hand while holding baby in the other. With over 30 styles (love the Melrose and Organic Grass) you’ll be hard pressed to not have more than one favorite.

TushygearI have to also mention Tushygear’s blankets, burp cloths and changing pad covers. These babies are just as stylishly simple and pleasantly plush as the diaper tote. My favorites are the Surf’s Up blanket and the Big Fun Flowers changing pad cover. I’ve had my current cover for close to 11 years and I’m thinking Tushygear is a must-have for our changing table!—Emily

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TinyNut offers unique and affordable birth announcements

August 26th, 2008

TinyNutMany companies featured on the Daily Dish were inspired by children, and TinyNut is no exception. When the owners gave birth to their daughter they wanted to share [the] news in a way that would be as beautiful and special as she was…[they] set about creating a photo announcement that … was as unique and striking as she was. ...” They received so many compliments they decided to do the same thing for others and TinyNut was born.

TinyNutOffering everything from “coming soon” announcements to birth announcements for multiples TinyNut helps you spread the word about your “little” celebration in a fun way.

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Their designs are fresh and unique and best of all, affordable (all designs are $1.39 or less!). I love the Family Tree and Tiny Boxes ultrasound announcements, and their Miracles Happen adoption announcement is simple yet beautiful.

TinyNut doesn’t want you to be limited by what you see online. They are more than willing to help customize your announcements so it is uniquely yours. They can accommodate any gender, color scheme and wording/font style, plus they offer an online proof so you can ensure your little one’s name and birth info are correct.

TinyNutAnother really cool option is the “print your own announcement.” Just approve the online proof and for a one-time fee of $34.95 TinyNut will send you a high-res photo so you can print your announcements at home, at your favorite photo store or online. And TinyNut even offers 8×10 enlargements of their designs so you can frame your special announcement for all to see. Make your announcements as beautiful and special as your little one by creating something unique from TinyNut.—Emily

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Allen Ave. gives function a stylish twist

August 21st, 2008

Allen Ave.Here on the Daily Dish we’re big fans of form, function and fashion coming together in one big group hug, and Allen Avenue’s Cevan Metro diaper bags and Color Zoo animals do just that. Founded by award-winning product developer Natalie Covrig, Allen Ave.’s unique product line is a result of collaborations with artists whose backgrounds include illustration, fine art, industrial design, graphic design and photography. Catering to the contemporary parent, the company’s limited-edition gear and toys are modern, fresh and definitely functional.

Allen Ave.I’ve been able to check out the Gold Biplane Cevan Metro diaper bag. Though the Cityscape is probably my favorite design the Gold Biplane is just as sleek and stylish. I love the wide opening, which means quick and easy access to snacks and wet wipes, and the reinforced bottom is a big plus. Unlike most diaper bags this one is fully insulated and even has slightly larger insulated compartments for those wide-neck bottles and sippy cups. Cevan Metro bags have pockets galore and an extra wide, padded shoulder strap (yay!). Another feature you probably won’t see in other bags is an adjustable velcro divider for extra organization. When you have two under the age of three you’ll take all the extra organizational help you can get! And can your husband borrow your current diaper bag and still look cool? Probably not, but if you own a Cevan Metro bag he can play Mom more often. Now that’s true functionality!

Allen Ave.We also received Grady the Giraffe from Allen Ave.’s Color Zoo collection. Besides being super cute the giraffe’s soft texture and bright colors brought a smile to our faces immediately. I swear my eight-year-old has played with it just as often as my toddler. These large animals, which come in limited-edition patterns, have embroidered eyes and noses and a 100% cotton cover so I felt pretty safe when my littlest one started chewing on its nose! My other favorite animals—besides my kids—are Hadley the Hippo and Ellis the Elephant. I’d probably add them to our collection if it didn’t already feel like a full zoo here at home!

Allen Ave.If you’d like to get in on the form, function and fashion group hug then visit Allen Ave.’s online store. The only problem you’ll have is choosing which bag and which animal most appeals to your modern sense of design…because they all will!—Emily

Bibs & Match are comfortable, clean and super cool

August 12th, 2008

Bibs & MatchI swear if it weren’t for moms The Daily Dish wouldn’t have as many cool products to review, and today’s feature is a great example. A very caring mother of two, concerned about the discomfort caused by most bibs and the possibility for strangulation and suffocation, designed a product that helped ease her mind while offering cleanliness, comfort and a pretty high “cool” factor for her children. The product was Bibs & Match, and I have never seen anything like it!

Bibs & MatchThe basic idea behind Bibs & Match is the set’s special design. The bib attaches directly to the onesie via simple snaps and you can detach them easily to replace with a clean one (think snacks in the car on the way to a family party). The bibs have no Velcro, which as we all know often gathers lint and loses its “velcro-ness” after a while. Plus that dang Velcro can get scratchy around your little one’s neck. The patent-pending design is made with soft 100% ring- spun cotton and the prints use 100% non-toxic water-based ink. Thebbibs are even double layered to maximize absorption. This mom has thought of everything!

Bibs & MatchI had to see Bibs & Match up close and I was lucky enough to receive their Boxed Gift Set , which includes two bibs (one in Grey Monster, one in Orange Monster) and one onesie in Grey Monster. Bibs & Match also included their PaciLoop, a pacifier holder with a silicone ring so you can attach your little one’s pacifier to their Grey Monster onesie. True to their word the onesie and bibs were nice and soft and snapped together easily. The PaciLoop was a great little addition to the set and coordinated perfectly. And those monsters…they definitely make the set. Their bright colors and simple design make for fun and unique creatures every child will love. “...Designs can be mixed and matched, in case your baby’s feeling a little bit monster, a little bit alien… Who says it needs to be Halloween to get into costume?”

With Bibs & Match’s genius, safety- and comfort-minded design plus its super cool characters, I can see why Bibs & Match is a winner of the 2008 iParenting Media Awards. And if you want to win “the best baby shower gift” contest (okay, so there’s not really a contest but for some reason it always feels like there’s one) Bibs & Match is your winning entry. Be sure and pick a set up for your little one as well!—Emily

** Giveaway Bibs & Match is giving away one of their Boxed Gift Sets! Please leave a comment with a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: August 20, 2008 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

** Congratulations to Tara R., the winner of the Bibs & Match gift set! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the review and add a comment. Keep reading the Daily Dish for your chance to participate in more giveaways!

Burpie Baby’s binkie bibs and burp cloths keep Mom, and her diaper bag, organized

August 10th, 2008

Burpie BabyWith the size diaper bag I carry I have to keep it organized if I’m going to find anything. With a pacifier pocket cliipped to the outside and a spare burp cloth next to the changing pad I felt I was good to go. But after reviewing Burpie Baby’s Binkie Bib and Burpie Baby 911 burp cloth I realize my diaper bag has more potential than I thought.

Burpie BabyPut simply the Binkie Bib is a multitasker, and I love anything that can multitask because it usually makes life simpler in one way or another. The Binkie Bib is a super soft, triple-layer bib (with waterproof liner) that doubles as a pacifier holder and triples as a pacifier pouch. I have the My Little Monkey design in pink (the bib comes in 12 designs) and I love the simple yet functional design. The bib is the perfect size for a drool bib and comes with a removable pacifier clip. Pull the ribbon through your pacifier’s loop and then clip to the bib so baby can find it when wearing the bib and Mom can find it when the bib is off. To convert the bib into a pouch just pull the bib’s ties and cinch the bag tight. Though it took a little coaxing to get the bib to cinch super tight it sure looked a lot cuter than my pacifier pouch. Plus my vinyl pouch wouldn’t work so well as a bib…definitely not a multitasker. The Binkie Bib even comes with a small loop on the back so you can use a link to attach it wherever you’d like (diaper bag, stroller, belt loop, etc.).

Burpie BabyAs much as I like the Binkie Bib I have to say the Burpie Baby 911 is my favorite of the two. Talk about multitasking in style! The Burpie Baby 911 is a generously sized triple-layer Burpie cloth (waterproof layer inside) with an exclusive glow-in-the-dark “emergency” pull-tag with toy loop and a handful of cute teether tags on the end. I have my What a Doll Burpie Baby 911 in my diaper bag with that cool glow-in-the-dark tab hanging just over the side so I’m ready for any emergency even if it’s during a late-night drive home from Grandma’s. I love the oversized burp cloth and the little tags at the end are great for baby to play with while doing double duty as the perfect place to attach a teether toy or two. With 19 designs to choose from you’ll be fashionably ready for any emergency!

My life is all about multitasking so I enjoy finding products that work as hard as I do. Burpie Baby’s Binkie Bib and Burpie Baby 911 help keep me prepared and my diaper bag organized. Perhaps I should pick up a set for my husband…—Emily

* Promotion! Burpie Baby is offering Daily Dish readers 20% off their orders. Enter code “burp café” at checkout. Offer is good on Binkie Bibs and Burpie Baby 911 burp cloths.

Amy Michelle diaper bags take to the streets

August 7th, 2008

Amy MichelleSigh…Amy Michelle diaper bags…they’re truly one of my favorites. The Gladiola bag I reviewed back in April has never left my side. I receive more compliments on it than I ever did with any other bag. If it proves to be a little big for everyday use once it’s free of diapers, wipes and divided formula containers, I may have to switch to one of Amy Michelle’s new Street Baby totes.

Amy MichelleThe Street Baby line, which includes the Broadway, Madison Avenue and Rodeo Drive designs, are all about fitting as much functionality as you can into a very compact design. Parked next to my fabulously red Gladiola bag is Amy Michelle’s Broadway tote in navy graffiti. (I also love the Rodeo Drive in chocolate modern.) This diaper bag not only includes stroller attachments but easily converts from shoulder bag to backpack (without instructions it did take me minute to figure out how to convert it). Believe it or not this bag includes a washable changing pad, quick-release pacifier holder, a surprising number of pockets and compartments and even a few features just for mom: section for Mom’s necessities; pocket for day planner, cell phone, and other essentials; an easy to find key ring.

Amy MichelleThough the Gladiola is still my favorite I’m just as impressed with Amy Michelle’s Street Baby line as I have been with the rest of the collection. The designs are practical yet stylish, the craftsmanship is of the highest quality, and my favorite thing, they don’t look like diaper bags. Whether you prefer Rodeo Drive or Madison Avenue or find Broadway’s more your style, you’ll be street chic with any one of Amy Michelle’s Street Baby totes!—Emily

MoBoleez lets your baby breastfeed in style

July 1st, 2008

MoBoleezIf you’re a breastfeeding mom you’ve probably looked at numerous options for covering up while nursing. Most covers, though made out of fun fabrics, are a bit on the bulky side while blankets tend to slip leaving both of you exposed. That is why I love the idea behind MoBoleez, hats specially designed for the breastfeeding mom and baby.

MoBoleezMoBoleez nursing bonnets fit snugly on baby’s head so once it’s on, it stays on. No worries about flyaway blankets or messing with a nursing cover. The oversized floppy brim gives just the right amount of privacy yet lets you “celebrate” breastfeeding. The best part about these hats are the designs. I received the popular Cafe au Lait design and it was so sweet and such a great concept I almost wished I were still nursing!

MoBoleezEach hat comes with a cute graphic on the top of baby’s head, a fun little “YUMMY MUMMY” on the brim, and a sweet little “hi mummy” on the underside. My other favorite designs include Milky Way, Time to Tweet, and their holiday bonnets. ). MoBoleez hats come in pink, blue, green, cream and red so there’s definitely the perfect bonnet design for you and your baby.

MoBoleez are Canadian made and eco-friendly (like you need another reason to buy one!). They are made from all-natural, super soft blend (and I can tell you firsthand these hats are super soft!) of cotton/bamboo (60% cotton, 40% bamboo). The company is also now offering their cream hats in 100% organic cotton knit and their red/green colored hats in a blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% bamboo. Machine washable, a MoBoleez bonnet is the perfect baby gift for any mom looking for a unique, fun way to cover up while breastfeeding.—Emily

** Giveaway! We’re giving away a MoBoleez Cafe au Lait nursing bonnet! Please leave a comment with a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: July 9, 2008 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

* Promotion! MoBoleez is offering Daily Dish readers 10% off their order. Simply use code “boutiquecafe” at checkout.

* Congratulations to Jennifer B, the winner of the MoBoleez giveaway! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the review and add a comment. Keep reading the Daily Dish for your chance to participate in more giveaways!

It’s time your stroller did a complete 360

June 26th, 2008

Tike TechI first reviewed a Tike Tech stroller in January when I featured their 2008 Sport Series ATX All Terrain jogging stroller. My favorite features about Tike Tech’s ATX single were its lightweight yet sturdy aluminum frame, easy assembly (just pop on the wheels and go), 5-point harness, comfy reclining seat (good on a stroller; not so good on Mom), and multiple storage pockets along with a generous basket. The thing I missed the most was a swivel wheel, which I had on my previous jogger. When Tike Tech heard about that they immediately sent over their Trax360 in Canyon Orange for review—now that’s service!

Tike TechThe Trax360 is basically the same stroller but with 12-inch wheels and the ability for the front wheel to swivel a full 360 degrees. The smaller wheels mean this stroller lends itself more to urban outings rather than 5k’s, but who says you have to own just one Tike Tech stroller? ;) I had forgotten how easy this company’s strollers assemble, but the Trax360 was just as read to go as its counterpart. I simply popped on the wheels (okay, my husband popped on the front one…those swivels can be tricky!) and attached the canopy. Now the canopy took a little more umph than I had (and almost more “umph” than DH had) but we eventually got it to slide into place. The ergonomic handle is one of my favorite features, and when I found this one to be almost as tricky to adjust my husband simply replied, “That means it’s sturdy!” Sounds good to me!

Tike TechBecause I’ve had a few months to thoroughly test our ATX single jogger I know Tike Tech makes a great stroller. I’ve found lots of things to like, including the little mesh pocket on the inside of the seat so our toddler can store his pretzels, toy car and other treasures. I’m still loving the lightweight frame and generous, reclining seat with its 5-point harness that includes a chest strap. Those chest straps are nice because they keep the shoulder straps from slipping (and the aforementioned toddler from escaping mid jog). And guess what? While testing out the Trax360 I not only discovered I like a little swivel action (and Canyon Orange better) but also that both strollers have a removable rear seat cover. Who knew? It came attached on the Trax360 and I thought to myself, I wonder if the ATX has one as well. Lo and behold it did, tucked nicely away in a zipper pocket behind the seat!

For some closeup shots of the Trax360 and a full list of its features you’ll want to visit Tike Tech’s website. I should probably do the same in case I’ve missed any other features on this fabulous stroller!—Emily

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