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Santa Artwork Giveaway – Santa needs a home!

December 3rd, 2008

My awe-inspiring friend Nena is doing a festive, holly, jolly, Giveaway in time for the holidays. She created this stunning glittering Santa on Canvas valued at approx. $175.00 – and now Santa is looking for a new home. I’m publicly offering him a warm and cozy home with our family, but sadly all of the begging in the world won’t work because she’s drawing a “random” winner. I will still try to butter Nena up though, can’t blame a girl for trying. :)

To get all the details on how to win this beautiful art piece in time for Christmas visit Nena’s Blog.

Boutique Cafe's 10 Tee Giveaway!

November 12th, 2008

Sign up this month for our Boutique Cafe newsletter, and you’ll be entered to win one of 10 Pink Tees from Shade Clothing!! Once you sign up in our sidebar, please feel free to leave a comment below stating your preferred size. Good luck everyone! (we’ll be drawing 10 winners from the entire mailing list)

Drawing on Dec. 1st, 2008 at Midnight.

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Nie Nie Recovery Launch

October 31st, 2008

Designers in the eBay Boutique world have joined together this week to do a special heartfelt “Nie Nie Recovery Launch”. I asked Chelsea of Vintage Chic who organized this event to share her personal reasons, for reaching out to Stephanie Nielson and her family. Here is her amazing reply:

“The Nie Nie Recovery Launch is all about Love. Love for a women who has shown us all how to live life to the fullest, how to embrace each and every moment with the ones we love, and how to show gratitude to our Heavenly Father for all that he has done for us. Stephanie is a shining light in this world and an example to women everywhere. Please Bid and give back to someone who has given us so much. Every dollar spent will aid in her recovery and help her return to the life she loves so much.

Why this story has touched me: When I came across the blog cjanerun and read the news about Stephanie and Christian I was immediately touched and brought to tears. As I started reading the Nie Nie Dialogues I felt that I could really relate to her. Having 4 children myself and a husband that I adore I felt extreme sadness for her situation. As I have followed her recovery and read the posts that are being re-listed on her blog I have found myself striving to be a better wife, mother, and person in general. It is because of her example that I want to do this. I feel a need to show my children and husband how much I love them every day. I feel a need to cook more, to read more, to spend more time lounging on the couch with my babies in my arms. I never use to do that. It was always about “how much can I get done today!” I am so grateful to her for her example and her love for life. I wanted to do something for her in return and I felt like a benefit launch was a great way to raise awareness and offer support to her and her family. I hope one day she will know how much she means to me. Thank you Daria for helping us spread the word about this launch. You are an Angel:)” – Chelsea

Details: November 1-15th please join with these incredible designers and bid on the amazing launch items. Search NieRecovery on eBay! Sending our love and prayers to Stephanie, Christian and their beautiful family.

Hippos Toes Lauches Fair Trade Boutique Children’s Clothing

October 15th, 2008

Supporting South African women towards economic independence while providing quality boutique children’s clothing are the premises of Hippos Toes online children’s boutique, which announced its Grand Opening this month- (http://www.hippostoes.com).

Hippos Toes owner, Carole Lindstrom wanted to combine her plans for a children’s boutique with her desire to help South African women gain a footing towards financial independence. Having toured South Africa several times-and feeling a connection to the women there- Lindstrom saw first hand how difficult it was for women to rise above impoverishment. “I really felt for the locally disadvantaged mothers trying to raise families with limited income opportunities.” Lindstrom stated.

With it’s Grand Opening this month, Hippos Toes showcases the latest children’s boutique fashions, which are sewn by South African mother artisans. Original styles, whimsical colors and nature themes set a trendy fashion-forward tone which Lindstrom feels sets Hippos Toes children’s fashions apart. “The clothing is really unique,” Lindstrom stated. “The designers change lines every season yet everything stays mix-and-match. It makes for easy, complete wardrobes.”

Lindstrom learned of Fair Trade clothing manufacturing in South Africa while researching clothing resources for Hippos Toes. With high quality control, impeccable workmanship and attention to artistic details, Lindstrom found the resulting clothing met, and exceeded, her apparel requirements. “The women who create our clothing are being paid fair wages and have good working conditions,” Lindstrom shared. “This fulfills my goal of being able to sell clothing with a purpose.”

Hippos Toes welcomes visitors to peruse the latest children’s fashions at http://www.hippostoes.com, read the companies philosophy on Fair Trade and start shopping for the Holidays on it’s newly vamped online store.

**PROMO – Shop Hippos Toes through our Boutique Cafe Holiday Gift Guide and receive 15% off your purchase with promo code BC15 valid through Jan. 1/09.

Welcome Beth to Boutique Cafe

October 2nd, 2008

Beth O'Donald Beth O’Donald is the new chatty contributing member of Boutique Café. She always has something to talk about, and it all boils down to random thoughts from her whacky day as a mom to Holly, and wife to Jim. Holly is the inspiration behind her clothing design business on eBay of Hollysmama. Beth has her own unique twist to designing, as it based on what she sees in Holly that inspires each outfit. You just never know what to expect with each new listing.

Beth is a person who enjoys “doing it all” and considers herself to be striving for the “super mom” award. You never know what she will be doing from day to day, but it will always include Holly and Jim in the equation with a bit of sewing and a lot of chatting mixed in.

Beth will be finding our daily finds to feature on Boutique Café. You can count on seeing designs that have amazing details and quality construction. Beth has an eye for the unique and classic styles that are found throughout the boutique communities.

Please leave a warm welcome message for Beth! We’re so excited to have her join in the Boutique Cafe family.

The Domestic Diva on The Big Idea

September 16th, 2008

Domestic Diva Many of us know Lisa Carroccio and her beautiful daughter Marielle from the eBay Boutique design world. This amazing and inspiring mother, designer, and hostess extraordinaire, is being featured tomorrow night Sept. 17th, 2008 on The Big Idea – with Donny Deutsch, talking about her current business emergency for her new boys clothing line Downtown Joey. Advising our “Diva” on the show will be experts from the company Chip and Pepper jeans, a multi-million dollar company sold in 42 countries! The show will air on CNBC at 10pm EST (check your local listings). The Big Idea

Lisa worked as a Boutique Cafe correspondent back in BC Show #15, in 2006 covering the Children’s Club Show in NYC. The Diva, generously hosts a massive yearly BBQ for boutique designers and their families at her own home. She has a huge reputation for being the Hostess with The Mostess and gives tirelessly to many causes. Now it’s our turn to support her.

Please tune in to cheer on our girl who gives so much to our community, her family, and especially her daughter Marielle who is currently waiting for a kidney transplant. Please pray with us for a speedy match for Marielle.

We love you Lisa – good luck tomorrow! We’ll be watching and cheering you on. XO - Daria

**UPDATE : Here’s Lisa’s Segment from Last Night’s show for those who may have missed it.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

**For a link to Lisa’s personal blog visit The Domestic Diva’s Disasters.

Nie Nie Recovery

September 8th, 2008

Influential and inspiring mommy blogger Stephanie Nielson (“Nie Nie” as she is known to her vast audience of blog fans) and her husband Christian were in a plane crash on August 16th, and are in hospital with serious burns. Since then, word has spread across the globe, with heartfelt messages and donations pouring in for the family. This outpouring of love for the Nielson family reminds me personally of how influential each one of us can be, Stephanie’s blog has touched hearts, lifted spirits, incited laughter, and shone as an example of motherhood as a beautiful career. Her sister C.Jane has been lovingly blogging updates about this inspiring couples progress.

This is absolutely the most tragic thing, my heart aches for their family and their four small children. I have loved reading Stephanie’s blog over the past few years, and appreciate the loving example she sets as a mother and wife. It’s always evident that she adores her family, her children, her husband and God. We are praying for a swift recovery, knowing that it could potentially be months for healing. Sending much love and prayers their way.

The recent New York Times feature on this story >>

Watch The Today Show tomorrow morning, in the first hour when several family members guest to talk about Stephanie and Christian’s story.

To donate directly to the Nielson family

We’re on Baby Watch!

September 3rd, 2008

Do you listen in to The Savvy Organizer podcast? Our Savvy host Maja is on Baby Watch this week, and could really use some good vibes sent her way. Please stop by The Savvy Organizer and post an encouraging comment for my dear friend and podcast partner Maja. :)

Keep watching for updates about when the stork drops off her new little bundle!

Listener Reviews Needed on iTunes

August 1st, 2008

We’re in need of a few good listeners to write up some reviews on iTunes for Boutique Cafe podcast. If you’re a kind-hearted lover of BC podcast please scoot on over to iTunes and write up a review for us today. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Click to post a Review for Boutique Cafe on iTunes

Thank you!!

georgie tees celebrates National Vanilla Ice Cream Day (and new designs) with a BOGO sale!

July 23rd, 2008

georgie teesToday is National Vanilla Ice Cream Day and the same day we launched our new designs, so we’re celebrating with a BOGO (buy one get one) sale! Buy any georgie tee and get a second item for 50% off!*

Visit our website to view the new designs, which include our “let’s get smashed!” onesie, “babylicious” and “nesting” maternity tees, and our fabulous new “the apple doesn’t fall far…from the tree” mom & baby set. Choose one of our freshly baked (i.e. “new”) georgie tees or an ol’ favorite like “does this shirt make me look fat?” and get a second tee or other item for half off!*

georgie teesDon’t wait too long…this scrumptious sale will melt within the week (offer expires July 30th). So grab some pie a la mode and check out our freshly baked styles at georgietees.com. You can also read more details about our calorie-free, fat-free, sugar-free BOGO sale between tasty bites!—Emily

Canadian Momprenuer of the Year Awards – Vote for us!

July 7th, 2008

Momprenuer of the YearSavvyMom.ca is holding their annual “Momprenuer of the Year Awards” this summer open to Canadian momprenuers. At the insistence of several sweet Boutique Cafe members, I have thrown my name into the hat and would love to have your vote for this honor. The first prize is valued at $17,000 worth of cash and prizes to help grow and boost your business, this would be a huge help to Boutique Cafe in continuing to bring more quality content to our listenership and continuing to support other momprenuers get the word out about their businesses.

Thank you so much for taking a moment to cast your vote for Boutique Cafe!! Cast your Ballot here ».

Clear the Clutter! Writing your Website Front Page, so it Makes Sense!

June 19th, 2008

Momprenuer Article Article By: Lisa Otto

If you’re a mom with a small business, chances are you don’t keep a writer on staff. If you’re not a writer yourself, it can be difficult to come up with Website content that sounds good, and is beneficial to your business. When writer’s block strikes, many people jump to the old stand-by of throwing anything on the page and hoping it sounds good. You’ve all seen it…the small business website that sounds haphazard doesn’t make much sense and gives you no real clue as to what is being sold or offered. Let’s hope this isn’t you! But, if this does sound familiar, and you’re not sure how to create your own Website content, a simple formula can make all the difference!

No matter if you are a boutique owner, clothing designer or sell pet products, how the front page of your Website is written can affect sales and the success of your business. This is why experts put so much emphasis on quality content that is well written, descriptive and clear as to what you are offering. Not only is a clearly written Website good for search engine ranking, it’s also vitally important to making your customers feel compelled to, and comfortable enough, to buy from you.

Read the rest of this entry »

Mom Blog Network – it's right up your alley

June 5th, 2008

If you’re a Mommy Blogger looking for additional traffic and comments on your blog, or an avid reader looking for great parenting and mom blogs to read…be sure to check out the Mom Blog Network. You can submit your blog and allow other readers to boost your posts up to the front page = more traffic and attention for you!

You’ll now find our Boutique Cafe feed on Mom Blog Network, so please take a moment to vote for us! We’d love your participation in getting the word out about our site and podcast. Thanks for your help everyone, and leave a comment here when you submit your own blogs so we can check them out.

Vote for my blog Boutique Cafe on Mom Blog Network

Portland Quilt Market – Teaser!

May 17th, 2008

For the past few days I’ve been immersed in the creative kingdom of International Quilt Market (in Portland). Boutique Cafe was given special access within the show to videotape and interview a plethora of our fabric and designer heroine’s and (heros). Taking along my amazing team of Megan from Brassy Apple and Amelia from Intimate Photography we worked the showroom floor interviewing, capturing and photographing, drool worthy textiles and admirable creative geniuses. We also had the opportunity to meet up with several members of the boutique designer community, it’s been the most spectacular meet and greet!

We’re on our way home tomorrow, and can’t wait to share it all with you! Now the fun begins as we edit video tape and photos to share on Boutique Cafe. Watch for our video coverage of 2008 Portland Quilt Market…coming very soon!!

Pictured in this photo (L to R): Amelia, Amy Butler, Daria, Megan

We Love Mud – Charity Launch for Mudpiesandpigtails

May 7th, 2008

We Love Mud

A boutique launch not to be missed. Please bid generously to benefit our dear colleague Michele and her children. For more information on this very special launch visit We Love Mud Blog.

“Michele our hearts, love and prayers are with you and your family” – from all of us at Boutique Cafe

Click to Support Michele and her children>>.

**Boutique Cafe wanted to get involved: on BC’s Market and Sidebar from May 7-9th will go directly to benefit Michele and her family.

georgie tees is offering free shipping for Mother’s Day!

May 1st, 2008

georgie teesTo help make your Mother’s Day shopping a little easier, georgie tees is offering free Priority Mail shipping on all orders placed before midnight, May 7th. For details visit georgietees.com. You can view our entire line of infant and maternity tees, including our “mama lisa” tee, which is perfect for moms-to-be and moms-who-are. (By the way, we include free gift wrapping with every order, and not just for Mother’s Day—we gift wrap all year long!)—Emily

Spring Sale at Fabric.com

April 24th, 2008

What a lovely way to wake up in the morning, with news of a fabric sale!! That’s right, is having a Spring Customer Appreciation Sale where you can snag 15% off your purchase using promo code: Spring415

That’s 15% off your entire order, oh the fabrics we could buy! (expires 4.28.08 at midnight)

BijouCo gets Sentimental

April 21st, 2008

Here’s some sweet news from LaNae of BijouCo group:

“BijouCo launched our group one year ago, we got a tad sentimental thinking over all the great memories we have made. We decided to invite other designers to join us in celebrating our anniversary! We are so thrilled to have a fabulous list of esteemed designers joining us. I have attached a guest list of all the designers. :)

The launch begins on April 15th, search BijouCo on eBay to see all the wonderful listings. In fact, each listing will contain a special diary entry from the designer, sharing what inspired them to create their sets! – LaNae”

Click to enjoy the Sentiment Listings – they are gorgeous! >>

Daria featured on “A Mom In Red High Heels”

April 8th, 2008

What a treat to be featured on a blog that I read and admire. I felt very flattered to be invited as a guest interviewee, and to share my personal beauty regime. A Mom In Red High Heels is a site meant to educate Moms on how to look great and feel fabulous in her role as Mom! We Absolutely LOVE that!

In my feature on MRHH I share:
-my favorite beauty tip
-What my Mother taught me about beauty and fashion
-my time saving beauty tips
and MUCH more!

Check it out and be sure to bookmark them.

Read and comment on my feature here>>

Testimonials & Fan Feedback

March 12th, 2008

Are you a long time listener of Boutique Cafe? Perhaps you’ve advertised your momprenuer business or boutique on our website, or journeyed to our Boutique Cafe Girls Getaway Conference last year? Do you just HAVE to listen to each and every show? Do you long to be featured on the site? Whatever your interaction with Boutique Cafe we’d love to hear from you!

What do you love? How have we changed your podcasting experience? Have any of our shows inspired you with new ideas for your home and business? Are your children wearing boutique handmade clothing now? Are you blogging along with our Fashion Forward Challenges, or trying out products we recommend on the Daily Dish? Please let us know.

Here’s how to get involved… simply send in a Testimonial about your own personal experience with Boutique Cafe over the past three years. We’ll be sharing your messages and feedback on our site so other Moms like you can see exactly what Boutique Cafe has to offer.

Please send your testimonial directly, with subject “Fan Feedback” email us by clicking here. (*please include your name and url so we can link to you and give you credit for participating).

We thank you so very much for taking a moment out to share your thoughts and feelings about Boutique Cafe with us. Your participation is what makes this show and website so worthwhile. Once we have several testimonials we’ll make a page available for everyone to view and enjoy.

Vote in the JM Modie Awards!

March 4th, 2008

It’s that time of year again! Time to vote in the 2nd Annual Journal Modiste Modie Awards. They have 9 categories of the best designs from Journal Modiste members. These designs were created in 2007. All winners will receive the JM “Modie” girl trophy as well as a slew of other prizes including free advertising, ebooks, fabric and more.

Vote today for your favorite….voting ends March 21st! Click to cast your Vote > (only members of Journal Modiste are eligible to vote in this contest). Be sure to confirm your vote by clicking the link in the email sent to you after you vote.

WIN – One of 5 Mom Bracelets from Rosa Dolce Designs!

February 28th, 2008

In the third of our spectacular Boutique Cafe Spring Giveaways, Priscilla the designer for Rosa Dolce Designs is offering our readers a beautiful “My Little Angels” bracelet (customized with either “Grandma” or “Mom” as the saying). 5 Winners will be drawn!!

All you need to do to snag this sweet prize is visit Rosa Dolce Designs on Etsy, then come back and leave a comment about what you love here! Please ensure we have your current email information so that we can contact you with your prize. We’ll draw the winner on March 6th.

WIN – Two pairs of Clippies and Free Shipping from Shy Girl Designs!

February 25th, 2008

In the Second of our spectacular Boutique Cafe Spring Giveaways, Shy Girl Designs is offering on or our readers their choice of Two pairs of Clippies (with Free Priority Shipping). Winner will chose from their Valentine, Monogram or, Everyday collections.

All you need to do to snag this sweet prize is visit Shy Girl Designs website, then come back and leave a comment about what you love here! Please ensure we have your current email information so that we can contact you with your prize. We’ll draw the winner on March 4th.

WIN a Tutu & a Pair of Baby Legs from Saige Nicoles!!

February 14th, 2008

In the FIRST of our spectacular Boutique Cafe Spring Giveaways, Saige Nicoles is offering a Tutu of the winners choice, as well as a pair of Baby Legs from their beautiful online shop! Saige Nicoles is an irresistible lifestyle boutique that caters to today’s modern moms and their children.

All you need to do to snag this sweet prize is visit Saige Nicoles website, then come back and leave a comment about what you love here! Please ensure we have your current email information so that we can contact you with your prize. We’ll draw the winner on February 21st.

Boutique Sellers! Are You Joining In?

February 13th, 2008

This video is everywhere right now. If you are a member of the Boutique Community and are joining in the Boycott please say Yes below in comments. We’d love to hear what you think.

Get Ready To STRUT Your Stuff!

February 10th, 2008

BC Flickr STRUT Boutique Café invites you to Strut Your Stuff in our NEW Flickr group! Share pictures of your crafty crafts, DIY, boutique creations and handmade wares.

It’s time to break out the pictures and STRUT YOUR STUFF!


Designers, Crafters, Sewing Fanatics, Photographers welcome!

Boutique Cafe.com

Got a Great Giveaway?

February 7th, 2008

We are currently accepting giveaways on Boutique Cafe for the Easter and Mother’s Day gift giving season. If you would like to sponsor a giveaway on our site, or through our newsletter please contact us at (daria@boutiquecafe.com) and include a link to your site, product you’d like to donate, and any other information about your shop you would like mentioned.

In turn we will be mentioning our giveaway sponsors in our podcast, and linking to them from our shownotes or newsletter, during the busiy Spring season. Donations must be $25 in value and up, if your items are smaller we suggest a great basket or assortment of your hot sellers would be a great giveaway. We will contact you once we review your application for swag placement and let you know if your site has been chosen.

Thank you for your interest in making this an incredible Spring on Boutique Cafe, loaded with the best giveaways and drawings!

Jennifer in Crochet Today

February 1st, 2008

Jaybird Designs Congratulations to Jennifer designer for Jaybird Designs as well as co-owner of www.mypinkzebraboutique.com!

One of Jennifer’s beautiful designs has been featured in the March/April 08 edition of Crochet Today magazine (view it on Page 73). We’re so proud of you Jennifer, best of luck.

**Be sure to send in your Boutique News and exciting happenings to Boutique Cafe – we would love to feature you and give you Snaps!

Join our Spring Savings Guide

January 28th, 2008

Welcome to Spring on Boutique Cafe – our New Spring Savings Guide is now reserving spaces to promote your stores, boutiques and websites with exclusive promotions for our Boutique Cafe listeners. The Spring guide will go live February 2nd – June 1st.

If your company is interested in joining our Spring Savings Guide and offering a discount code for our audience, simply email daria@boutiquecafe.com and we’ll send you all the information you need.

Heath Ledger RIP

January 23rd, 2008

Heath Ledger News of Heath Ledger’s death came as such a shock yesterday. The 28 year old actor was found dead in a Manhattan SoHo apartment, with prescription pills nearby, an apparent accidental death. An autopsy is expected to occur today.

Our sincere condolences go out to his entire family, and many fans from all over the world. We feel especially sad for his 2 year old daughter Matilda, who will have to grow up without her adoring daddy. It’s just heartbreaking news.

In remembering Heath Ledger today, please feel welcome to share your thoughts on the famous actor, or your favorite Heath Ledger movie role.

In tribute, here is one of my favorite Heath Ledger movie moments – from the movie “Ten Things I Hate About You”. RIP Heath Ledger, you’ll be missed.

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