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About Boutique Cafe

Boutique Cafe is the world’s first boutique podcast for moms and momprenuers on the go and we’re celebrating our 6th year of business Sept. 1, 2010! Our online shows feature all things boutique & inspired, highlighting topics of interest to fashion-savvy moms and momprenuers around the world (shopping, celebrities, women in business, parenting, organization, fashion and much more). Our goal is to give today’s woman a break from reality, and voila, inspire her for when she returns.

Each weekday we also present the Daily Dish, featuring our favorite discoveries for making life more pleasant. Whether it’s a new muse, a hot product, shopping for a trendy outfit or accessory, building your business, finding common interests in a tight knit community, or even organizing your home, Boutique Cafe is here to help. This is where you will meet magnificent Moms/Editors: Emily, Katie, Amber and Daria who will share our personal product reviews that we test run with our own families.

In April 2007, Boutique Cafe held our first “Boutique Cafe Girls Getaway” conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. Women from across the US and Canada met to connect, network and fill their cups of couture. Guest speakers included Charlene May (owner and founder of www.greggygirl.com), Carrie Miner (owner and founder of Puddle Jumper Shoes), and our resident fashion expert Amelia Werneke. Our sponsors for the event included Greggy Girl, Fiji Water, Amy Butler Design, Design-her Gals, Shade Clothing, and many more. New plans for a BC Conference are in the works so sign up for our newsletter to hear the details as soon as they are released.

Boutique Café was a proud inaugural member of the MommyCast & Friends Family Channel powered by Podango. In this exciting opportunity we had the pleasure of working with some big name sponsors including Aveeno Baby from Johnson & Johnson. What a thrill for us!

Besides being a free, highly portable and downloadable online radio/video show, we also support a community of buyers, designers, parents, WAHM’s and professionals who have similar interests. If it’s about Boutique, if it’s about kids, if it’s about moms, if it’s about you it’s on Boutique Cafe.

If you’d like to learn more, by all means, email us. We’d love to chat.

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Alltop. We're kind of a big deal.

About Daria – Host and Producer

Daria is your host, producer and fearless leader for Boutique Cafe. Her humble beginnings as a host began in the family basement where she would interview her “captive” audiences, followed by memorable interpretive dance performance to the entire Air Supply album. She even charged admission, a true entrepreneur from the start.

Ever the girly girl, Daria’s desire to have a daughter spurred her foray into the boutique design scene 5 years ago when she started her own children’s clothing line Baby Brigs Originals. She found a true passion for sewing and creating one of a kind outfits for children. There she discovered a fabulous community of supportive and creative women that needed promotion.

As a busy mommy to 4 darling boys and now one very spoiled and darling baby girl “Lola”, Daria’s day is full of interviews with inspiring entreprenuers mingled with diaper changes and driving kids to school and activities – she’s a taxi now pure and simple. Having a recording studio in her home provided the essential environment for this momprenuer to be close to her children, even while chatting with celebrities, business owners or up and coming designers. Occasionally her boys will make an unscheduled appearance during an interview ” adding to the “charm” of the show.

Boutique Cafe is a culmination of Daria’s dreams and passions all in one place. Daria says “I wanted to create a haven for moms like myself to learn, chat, play and shop. I’m honored and overwhelmed with how Boutique Cafe has taken off and excited for the new things to come.”

BCGirls Getaway Through the New Media outlet of podcasting Daria has had the good fortune to interview well known guests such as Alexa Ray Joel (singer/daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley), Taylor Dooley (teen star of Sharkboy & Lava Girl), Wendy Bellissimo (celebrity nursery designer), Charlene May (owner and founder of Greggy Girl), Amy Butler (Fabric designer & Author), Jeanne Fitzmaurice (founder of Designher Gals), Sandi Henderson (textile artist), Christa Couture (singer/songwriter), and many more inspiring guests.

Interested in interviewing Daria or featuring Boutique Cafe on your program or website? email us the details to Appearance Request.

View Daria Muirhead's profile on LinkedIn

About Emily – Contributing Editor

EmilyEmily is the Contributing Editor for Boutique Café’s Daily Dish. Hand-picked by Daria for her writing style (Emily claims it’s less a style and more the ramblings of a mom trying to hold on to what little sanity she has left), she is sure to entertain Boutique Café readers with her personal take on the latest in must-have products for mom and baby.

Though she loves working with the women of Boutique Café, Emily spends most of her free time (free time…now that’s funny) on georgie tees, a business she started with a girlfriend in 2005. georgie tees is a line of infant and maternity t-shirts designed to add humor—and kick!—to this crazy and wonderful thing called motherhood. Because georgie tees doesn’t take up every hour of every day, Emily spends her “spare” time blogging about the latest products for pregnant women and infants on Polliwogged.com, a new site from the ZRecs network.

When Emily’s not writing or designing she chases after her four kids. Well, she only chases after three of the four, as her youngest (born in August) doesn’t get very far. She enjoyed reading the Harry Potter and Series of Unfortunate Events series and keeps her mind sharp by browsing People, Us Weekly, and Life & Style while waiting in line at the grocery store. When she’s not putting kids in timeouts or expanding her knowledge of what not to wear on the red carpet, she shops and keeps her eyes wide open for the next great Daily Dish product to review.

Emily has previously worked for Business 2.0 where she managed the content for the magazine’s Web Guide. Just before starting georgie tees she worked for The LoveSac Corporation as their Communications Manager, thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to write press releases for a company with a name like LoveSac. Emily has sinced used her press-release-writing skills (right up there with nunchuck skills) to write releases for companies such as YouCanMakeThis.com and Ladybugs ‘N’ Butterflies. But her favorite is definitely writing reviews for Boutique Café’s Daily Dish.

About Katie – Contributing Editor

Katie Katie is Boutique Cafe’s newest contributing editor. As a mother, wife, seamstress, cook, baker, maid and grocery-store-shopper, Katie believes in finding the best for her family. She’s a stay-at-home Mom to Holly (born July ’09) and will be a mother of two little girls soon (February 2011). Making the transition from “Katie” to “Holly’s Mom” has been quite the learning experience for Katie. The biggest thing she’s learned is a lesson in love. Having a baby has expanded Katie’s heart in a way she never anticipated and she feels that Holly has made her a better person.

As a home seamstress, Katie has a keen eye to detail and quality, and loves well-made items. You’ll see that in her reviews on the Daily Dish.

In Katie’s free-time, you can find her sewing clothing, mostly for herself and her children, quilting, reading, exercising, baking and spending time with friends.

Katie’s excited to be a part of the Boutique Cafe group especially since Daria and Katie and have something in common: they married brothers!

You can learn more about Katie and view her projects on her blog and follow her on twitter.

Maggie Phillips – Graphics and Ad Design

Maggie Maggie Phillips is the owner of Boutique Graphics and Bliss Photography. A serial entrepreneur, she has owned and run several other businesses over the past 10 years, and found her niche in graphics/web design and photography. She is also a single mommy to her three children, Ian, Sophie and Emalie. Baby Emmie has modeled around 160 hair accessories in her first 10 months; Maggie is pretty sure Em thinks she has two mommies… one with a normal face, and one with a camera for a face.

Boutique Graphics was opened in 1999 when Maggie needed a website to showcase her own clothing designs. She taught herself how to write HTML code and began to research and practice with graphic design. After she created her own website, people began to ask her for help with theirs, and she realized she truly enjoyed the design aspect. Since then, Maggie has helped nearly 800 clients with their graphic design, print marketing, and website needs. Her style is clean, fresh and modern with fun, unexpected elements sprinkled in. Product photography, business card and other print design, Twitter and Facebook design, packaging and presentation supplies, templates and props for photographers, and premade logos and templates are among the services offered. Her website and blog contain tons of informative links and articles for boutique owners as well.

Bliss Photography opened in 2006, but began in 2004 with the birth of Maggie’s first daughter Sophie. At this time, she was still designing clothing and now had the perfect model for her designs! Initially selling on Ebay, Maggie found inspiration in the beautiful photos shown on many of the listings. She upgraded her camera and got busy taking thousands of photos, researching, attending seminars, and learning all she could. After two years, people were constantly asking her to take photos for them, and she realized that if she could make a business doing something she loved this much, she HAD to do it. Her favorite subjects are babies and children, though she enjoys all types of sessions, from newborns and maternity to families and weddings… and of course, product photography with her beautiful daughters.

Maggie considers her life to be completely crazy, way too busy, but so much fun she wouldn’t have it any other way. She considers the glass half full and the day wasted if you don’t laugh at least a few times. She is usually tired and always on the move, but she feels incredibly blessed and wouldn’t have life any other way!

About Amber – Contributing Editor

Amber Amber Pulley is a seasoned PR professional who has worked in sports radio, a political press office, numerous non-profit organizations, the 2002 Olympic Games and most recently started her own PR consulting company.

As PR Director for multiple organizations she has led media campaigns and served as the companies’ spokesperson. After eight years in the PR industry she decided (well, okay, the company decided) to put her PR career on hold. That is when she created a greeting card line. Life’s Lemons is clever correspondence for every occasion. The cards are distributed nationwide and are also available online at lifeslemons.net.

When not creating cards or writing PR strategies, Amber enjoys the many projects her 1940’s home offers her! She loves to paint, revitalize old furniture and loves spending time trying to keep her grass green. She enjoys being in the outdoors and participating in recreational sports with her very athletic friends. Oh, and she has a serious addiction to Access Hollywood while downing anything gummy.

About Amelia – Fashion Forward Friday Coordinator

AmeliaWife, mother, lover of fashion and all things related to it. Amelia is our Fashion Forward Friday Coordinator. She has been successfully sewing and selling on eBay for about 5 years under the Sweet Feet Boutique label. Amelia is also a talented photographer and has a passion for taking great shots, her new blog celebrates a new photography business “Intimate Photography by Amelia” that she’s just founded.

Her niche on Boutique Cafe is giving tips, ideas, challenges, and making fashion fun again! She encourages participation via each reader’s personal blogs and then asks them to report back with a link to see what has transpired, a genius way to connect our community. Fashion Forward Friday is a regular segment which she hopes will lead to empowering moms, to take back their hot sense of style.

About Maja – Organizational Expert & Coach

maja Maja Russell was destined to be an organizational coach. Her humble beginnings, revamping her teenage friends closets at sleep-over parties drove her to her present day one-on-one phone coaching and on location BLITZ visits.

Maja has been a regular contributor and guest for several years on Boutique Cafe podcast, sharing organizational tips and uplifting thoughts for getting moms organized and able to find their well deserved freedom. When she’s not chasing after her three young children, Maja can be found alphabetizing her pantry and color coordinating her towels. In actuality, she’s just like the rest of us but has found her passion to be sharing how organization can transform your life, and allow you to follow your passions without guilt. Her motto “Top to Bottom, Left to Right, focus, focus, focus” is a key tool in cutting the clutter and allowing beauty to reside in your homes and workplace. Her podcast and website can be found at The Savvy Organizer.com, and is a collaborative venture with Daria her producer and friend.

About Beth – Contributing Editor Boutique FINDS

Beth O'Donald Beth O’Donald is the new chatty contributing member of Boutique Café. She always has something to talk about, and it all boils down to random thoughts from her whacky day as a mom to Holly, and wife to Jim. Holly is the inspiration behind her clothing design business on eBay of Hollysmama. Beth has her own unique twist to designing, as it based on what she sees in Holly that inspires each outfit. You just never know what to expect with each new listing.

Beth is a person who enjoys “doing it all” and considers herself to be striving for the “super mom” award. You never know what she will be doing from day to day, but it will always include Holly and Jim in the equation with a bit of sewing and a lot of chatting mixed in.

Beth will be finding our daily finds to feature on Boutique Café. You can count on seeing designs that have amazing details and quality construction. Beth has an eye for the unique and classic styles that are found throughout the boutique communities.

Jennifer Cirka – Contributing Writer Mompreneur Corner

Jennifer Cirka Jennifer J. Cirka is the designer behind Jaybird Designs. Crocheting since she was little, she began making baby blankets for friends after finishing high school in 1992. In 2003, after the birth of her daughter, she was introduced to the eBay custom boutique world and found a love for making children’s clothing and accessories. Thus Jaybird Designs was born. Needing to make her items unique, she decided to incorporate crocheted pieces into the designs.

In 2007, Jennifer began writing her own crochet patterns. As a member of the Crochet Guild of America’s Professional program, Jennifer has since had many of her patterns published in major magazines such as Crochet World and Crochet Today! In January of 2009, her first booklet of patterns called “Top-sy Turvy” was released by Leisure Arts. Along with her professionally published patterns, she also independently-publishes patterns which she sells online at various locations.

Jennifer specializes in designing unique clothing and accessories for babies, children, and women. Some of her favorite items to design are scarves, hats, and baby blankets. With her unique style and attention to details, Jaybird Designs finished items and original crochet patterns are a step above.

If you are not wearing Jaybird Designs, you might as well be naked as a Jaybird!

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