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My new favorite sunglasses for work & play

August 11th, 2011

And by work I mean driving four kids from Utah to California with a very sunny, very long stretch of Nevada between the two states. By play I mean long stretches of fun in the local pool. No matter the activity, my new go-to sunglasses for extended anything are from Ryders Eyewear.

Ryders has been around since 1986 when Brent Martin, on his way to becoming the first Canadian Mountain Bike Champion, wanted a pair of high-performance sunglasses at a budget-friendly price. Ryders Eyewear was the result, and Brent’s been making stylish, sporty, sport-friendly eyewear ever since.

We make performance glasses for human powered activities that get your heart racing. Fun stuff like mountain biking, trail running, hiking, road cycling. If you want to wear your Ryders for other heart pumping activities like rollerblading with your pals, streaking the quad or naked bike riding – please be our guests (and send photos!)

You gotta love an eyewear company with a sense of humor! My favorite thing they do? This:
Making sunglasses is not sending rockets to the moon. What we do is keep it simple, get out of the way of the sunglasses and let them do their job. We make great sunglasses at a great price so that our customers can get outside and perform at their best.

Ryders Eyewear sent me their women’s Solace sunglasses, a sleek, lightweight pair of sunglasses that combine sport and casual…a hybrid of sorts.

Ryders Eyewear Solace

With shatterproof, polarized lenses to reduce glare plus UV protection and a scratch-resistant coating combined with a thermoplastic frame making them durable, flexible and light, you can see why I love these sunglasses for the pool. And the 11-hour car ride. (Flying objects are not unheard of somewhere between the Nevada and California state lines.)

I’ve already mentioned one of my two biggest reasons for loving these glasses (they’re super lightweight). The other reason is the superior coverage. The lenses on the Solace sunglasses are nice and big without being too big. There’s no errant sunlight making it’s way into my eyeballs; my entire view is polarized and shaded and I love it!

Ryders Eyewear Solace

Ryders Eyewear has an awesome selection of women’s sunglasses, from the Drill and Nitrous to the more casual Duchess and Fray designs. Love them all!

As for price, they are right on target with Brent’s vision to design high-performance, stylish, durable sunglasses at a reasonable price. The Solace sunglasses are under $70—a great price for all the benefits this pair offers. You’ll find styles for under $40 all the way up to just under $90. Can’t beat that!

Now if Ryders Eyewear could cut out as much noise as they do glare, the 11-hour drive would be even less painful!—Emily

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