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CurlyQ Cuties for your little cutie!

October 8th, 2009

logobeveledI seriously think I have stumbled upon one of the greatest children’s gifts ever, at least if I go by how much George has loved his CurlyQ Cutie monster…and how often he’s asked to make another one…and how many times he’s made sure it was in the same room in which he’s playing. I’ve even seen my husband sort of hanging out with the newest addition to our family while watching a late-night movie. Yes, even I’ve succumbed to its charm and found myself giving it a squeeze or two just before I chuck it once more onto George’s bed.


What’s the draw when it comes to CurlyQ Cuties? Could be how much fun it is to design your own creature online when you get to choose everything: body shape, body color, eye shape (even the number of eyes), eye color, mouth shape, belly shape (love the polka dots) and belly color. By the way, the online graphics don’t do the creature justice. I found myself checking out the cute collection shown at the top of the page for some good ideas on features. George had a grand ol’ time creating his monster and I enjoyed how quickly the creating arrived. And then to open the box and find the little monster so much cuter in person, not to mention so well made…it made both our days!


George’s little orange CurlyQ Cutie monster, also named George, has been thrown, sat on, loved, forgotten, found and squeezed and looks no worse for the wear. I have a feeling this little guy will be with us for a long time. (Just as long as George takes George with him when he goes to college...) And at only about $30 (including shipping), this really is a truly unique, truly fabulous gift for children of any age. Heck, I’d even make one for my sister!

CurlyQ Cuties’ site says the Monster-Maker has 464,494,800 unique possibilities. It’s been a while since Calculus so I didn’t double check to make sure, but I believe them. Along with creating a truly unique product by changing out the features, your CurlyQ Cutie can be personalized with a name or message on the back. Each one has its own unique serial number and is handmade in the USA. Plus, if you don’t feel like using your imagination you can purchase one of their collectible monsters, which come pre-designed. OH! And I almost forgot to mention their super cute custom Fairy-Teeth. These are little tooth-like critters that come with a pocket on the back to hold a tooth or the Tooth Fairy’s spare change. So fun!

I kid you not, George asks me at least a couple times a week if he can make another monster. I kind of wish they had a frequent buyer program, and that’s saying a lot since I am NOT a big fan of stuffed animals. But I’d give away a basketful for a couple more of these CurlyQ Cuties!—Emily

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