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What Beckons you?

July 28th, 2009

I don’t usually use a company’s tagline as the title of a review but this one was too intriguing not to put it front and center. Beckons is a line of organic yoga clothing that is comfortable, flattering, colorful, comfortable, eco-friendly, stylish and comfortable. Did I mention Beckons clothing is comfortable? Here are some things I loved most about the company when I read more about them:

We maintain a strong commitment to the triple bottom line, where profit is equally as important as our impact on the planet and it’s people. ... From the very beginning, Beckons has embraced the yogic philosophy of kindness to the planet. We use only organic cotton and sustainable fibers in our clothing. ... We believe the little things we do, to ensure that women feel special while wearing our clothing, differentiate our brand. For example, we discretely sew into each Beckons® garment an empowering intention tag with words such as wisdom, courage, love, grace, integrity, and strength.

I’d love for you to go through your closet right now and see if any of current clothing has an empowering intention tag—and I’m not talking about something purchased from Anthropologie. Beckons sent me the strength cami in deep purple, strength t-shirt in black and wisdom roll-up capris in charcoal so my yoga wear now includes three “empowering” items. Oh, and they’re extremely comfortable empowering items as well.

I do enjoy yoga though I don’t do it as often as I should, so the strength tee and wisdom capris have become more of a lounge wear outfit than a fitness one, and I am so okay with that. Becky, one of the owners, told me those capris would become my new favorite pants, and I am 110% serious when I tell you they have. I wear those things at least three times a week if not more. They are my go-to pair of pants when I get home from a long day of errands or if it’s one of those days where I’m not planning to go anywhere. (Yes, I do take them off long enough to wash them!) They are stretchy, soft, comfy and flattering and guess what? They’re great for yoga too. I wore them on a recent visit to Bodhi Yoga with my SassyScoops.com group; you can catch them in action in this video:

The tee and cami are comfy too, though I have yet to see the cami in action. It’s not that it isn’t comfortable but rather I don’t fill it out as much as I’d like for it to give me the support I need. (Was that TMI? Sorry!) But the tee is going to be my go-to shirt for our long drive to California and you know those capris will be in my suitcase. I can’t imagine a week going by without my wearing them at least a half dozen times!

I also love Beckons’ Grace Hemp Skirt and Grace Hemp Dress, plus they even have a a few men’s items and some fabulous lavender eye pillows. But my Beckons Wisdom capris are what beckon me; what “beckons” you?—Emily

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