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I’m Not at BlogHer and I’m Bummed!

July 24th, 2009

This weekend mommy bloggers from all over are descending on Chicago for the annual BlogHer Conference. Emily and I (Boutique Cafe) were set to attend this year with our tickets in hand, however due to several complications things didn’t go well and we ended up selling our Blogher tickets to some very stinkin’ LUCKY gals.

Now we’re both at home, watching the #BlogHer09 tweets roll by on Tweetdeck and pitying ourselves for the missing of this great event. Even though it couldn’t be helped, won’t you join in our little pity party?

I just tweeted my affirmation for today: “Even though I’m not at #BlogHer09 I’m still darn awesome!” Follow me here—>

**If you’re a blogger who is at the conference and would like to share your experience please leave a comment with your blog post address. If you’re not at BlogHer (like Emily and myself) feel free to post your woes below too, and you can link to your blog as well (you’re darn awesome too!!).

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30 comments on “I’m Not at BlogHer and I’m Bummed!

  1. Emily on said:

    I am having my own pity party here too…and I think I’ll tweet the same affirmation just to make me feel better. BlogHer ‘10, baby!

  2. daria on said:

    Haha! Apparently Everyone is AT BlogHer except you and me Em!! ROTFL

    Whomever stops by is getting a virtual strawberry margarita from me (umbrella included!) :)

  3. daria on said:

    Cool News Carissa (or @cahaning on Twitter) is our Boutique Cafe Correspondent on site at BlogHer09. Watch for her around the conference with her video camera, she’s shooting video just for us on Boutique Cafe! Interviews and behind the scenes – it’s all coming soon!!

    Thanks so much Carissa! XO

    Now everyone go follow her on Twitter! (http://twitter.com/cahaning)

  4. daria on said:

    Over the next few days I’ll be scouring the internet for #Blogher09 followup posts, and sharing the links with you on Boutique Cafe!

    Bloggers feel welcome to share your linkys to BlogHer stories as well:

  5. daria on said:

    @infinitesnacker – Outing Myself

    @aranarose – What I learned from BlogHer – part 1

    @BanteringBlonde – Quotable BlogHer Sunday

  6. daria on said:

    @McCashew – blogher 09 in bullets

  7. hoganfe handmade handbag originals on said:
  8. daria on said:

    @melisalw – Okay so I lied

  9. daria on said:

    @frontpageaddict – Huffington Post What Do Women Want? What I Learned at Blogher

  10. Christina Baita on said:

    Hello. I am NOT at BlogHer09 this year either! I didn’t have the funds when I first heard about it and then when I went back, they were sold out. I am a flight attendant and was trying to get a Chicago overnight to at least be with the gals and would have even been able to get a ticket from another friend but messed up my bid and lost the trip. So, as you can see there were things that kept me away too. I am oh so sad and will have to be more prepared for next year.

    Perhaps we can have our own post BlogHer parties and the friends can tell us what they learned.

    Here’s to next year! cheers.

  11. daria on said:
  12. daria on said:

    @phdinparenting – I Survived

    @mommystory – Moments in Time at Blogher 09

    @rockdrool – Blogher 09: The Good, The Bad and The Drunk

    @chefdruck – Blogher 09 Reflections

  13. daria on said:

    @sweetsalty – A City’s Embrace

  14. Blissful Nikki on said:

    I didnt get to go this year either, but I am planning to go to ‘10 in New York! Can’t wait!! :)

  15. Kellyology on said:

    Went to BlogHer for the first time this year. Been watching it happen for years, and this year I was grateful to be able to make it happen.


  16. Anne on said:

    Just stopping by on the BlogHer@Home blog trip. Nice site!

  17. daria on said:

    Stirrup Queens – Blogher Wrap Up

    @organicmania – Greenies in BlogHer Land: SwagHer

    @alliworthington – Blogher – What it was really about

  18. daria on said:

    @tellingdad – Song – Ode to Blogher09

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