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Kickin’ it on a mini kick scooter

July 24th, 2009

Looking out my window as I write this post I can see three Razor scooters lying on their sides, alone and forgotten, while the brightly colored orange mini kick scooter from Kickboard USA stands tall in the garage, much loved and protected from the elements. Okay, so the Razor scooters are used by my older kids while the mini scooter is solely for my three-year-old, but still…you can tell those Razors feel a bit of scooter envy when they’re near the mini.

Kickboard USA’s mini kick scooter is designed with younger children in mind, specifically ages three to five. Instead of changing direction using the handles, this scooter features a unique “lean-and-steer” design so children use their body weight to turn. When you watch a child such as my George riding on his mini scooter, the motion as they turn reminds you of skateboarding or surfing. The mini scooter also has three wheels, which I love because it’s a lot more stable than the typical scooter, and the polyurethane wheels are smooth and quiet. Yay for smooth and quiet!

Like larger scooters the mini kick scooter features a “spoon” brake on the back so at least there’s a chance they won’t pick up too much speed heading down a hill (or down a driveway). And it’s super lightweight so you can easily pick it up and carry it with one hand—something I find myself doing more than I thought. Those little legs can get pretty tired pretty quickly!

Kickboard USA sent George the mini kick scooter in orange, his most favorite color. He hopped on it the minute we pulled it out of the box and rode it back and forth on our kitchen tile.

It did take him a little while to get the hang of steering it, and I found our neighbor’s driveway a great post for practicing. But once he got the gist of it he was good to go, nearly freaking me out as he would take sidewalk corners faster than I would’ve liked! He has gotten a lot of use out of his mini kick scooter so far; it’s even preempted his LIKEaBIKE (pedal-less bike) for most walks around the block. And that mini kick scooter has held up to the challenge of keeping a very busy three-year-old rockin’ and rollin’.

The mini kick scooter from Kickboard USA is available in blue, pink and orange and is a bit pricey at $75 but it is worth it as far as scooters go. I can see it standing up to George’s abuse and then getting passed to his little sister for another couple years. And while it may be almost twice as much as your typical off-the-shelf scooter, it gets taken out at least three times as often!—Emily

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One comment on “Kickin’ it on a mini kick scooter

  1. daria on said:

    George looks so stinkin’ cute on that mini kick scooter! Loved your review – Noah wants one!

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