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A kid-friendly digital camera? Totally!

July 10th, 2009

Most of the child-size digital cameras out there are so basic they leave much to be desired, even for a three-year-old. The pictures are often low res, extremely out of focus and the camera doesn’t do much more than point and shoot. But VTech’s new KidiZoom digital camera is so cool yet so easy to use it makes my point-and-shoot look really lame.

The KidiZoom is consistently rated the best digital camera for kids on the market—can you say that about your camera? Not only is it easy to use and offer a ton of really fun features, it’s built to withstand…well, kids! My digital camera has been dropped, drooled on, manhandled so many times I’m surprised it hasn’t left me for good. The KidiZoom can take those sticky fingers, less-than-gentle hands and whatever else your kids can throw at it. It even has an interchangeable faceplate just for kicks!

The KidiZoom doesn’t just take photos. It also lets your kids make movies, edit photos by distorting them or adding frames and “stickers” and comes with three games. Yes, I said GAMES! I have yet to find a single game on my digital camera. And the included connector cable lets you and your kids watch a photo slide show or their movies on the TV or PC. Other cool things about this camera: 2.0 megapixel and 16MB built-in memory. Not bad for a bright orange and yellow, super chunky, bring-on-the-party kids’ digital camera!

VTech sent our George their KidiZoom digital camera; he was the perfect reviewer since he’s one of the main culprits behind the fingerprints left on my camera’s lens. We had his camera open, batteries charged and inserted within moments of its arrival. Not only did George love that it came in his favorite color orange, but he loved that it was his camera. That kid snapped away for hours, and when he wasn’t looking his oldest sister took over and became a videographer for the day. They had that camera and all its options figured out before I even cracked open the instruction book! I have yet to figure out how to put “stickers” on photos; perhaps they’ll show me some day.

The best thing about the KidiZoom is I don’t have to worry about what the heck the kids might do to the camera. It can take it! And it means hours of entertainment without the use of a TV remote. At less than $50 (on VTech’s site) I’m totally sold on VTech’s KidiZoom camera. I would’ve included George’s take on his new camera but he was asleep by the time I started writing this review. I was able to catch my oldest daughter, who manages to steal the camera away from her little brother whenever possible. Madison had this to say about the KidiZoom:

The Kidizoom camera is so cool! I like how you can, like, decorate the pictures with, like, stickers and stuff. I had a lot of fun taking pictures even though it wasn’t my camera…And the videos of myself were hilarious!

Something that entertains both my three-year-old and pre-teen? Priceless!—Emily

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One comment on “A kid-friendly digital camera? Totally!

  1. daria on said:

    I’m going to buy one of these for Noah

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