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Let Chloe & Jane Pamper You

May 13th, 2008

Chloe & Jane Mother’s Day might be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t pamper ourselves! I’m always on the hunt for something to soothe my feet, silken my skin, refresh me with amazing fragrance, and ease my tension. Having quality products in my home that aid any brief moment of relaxation and rejuvenation are a hot commodity to me. I personally don’t often have time to get to the spa, or the money to afford those expensive treatments, so the alternative is my own little convenient home spa.

I recently discovered some praise worthy natural body products from a new company called Chloe & Jane, that I couldn’t wait to share. Co-founding girlfriends Laura Albin and Wendy Viscuglia wanted to create a line of spa quality products that were luxurious, relaxing and eco-conscious. Basing their new company on the history of their own friendship, Laura and Wendy used some “alter-ego’s” on opposite sides of the spectrum to name their company. Chloe, a certified spa junkie and Jane, a skeptical spa newbie. The result being a line of hand soap, moisturizing body wash, hydrating wonder lotion, pure sugar body polish, and ultra smooth body butter. Chloe & Jane

Each product is created with all-natural ingredients, but the real pleasure is in indulging in the use of them. The fresh spa scents available include: Lavender Sage, Citrus Camomile and my ultimate favorite First Bloom.

In “testing” (aka: totally indulging) in my review of their product line, I was throughly impressed with Chloe & Jane. The consistency of their body butter is dreamy and left my skin feeling hydrated, but not oily. The Wonder Lotion is aptly named, it’s like “silk” in a bottle. And my favorite of all the products I tested had to be the Pure Sugar Body Polish! Perhaps because it sounds so delicious but is calorie free, but mostly because my feet and legs looked so healthy and beautiful after I tried it. Kudos to Chloe & Jane who have taken my own little home spa to new heights! – Daria

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Giveaway: Chloe & Jane is offering a wonderful Giveaway for TWO of our Daily Dish readers. The Perfect Duo Gift Set winners select choice of fragrance!
To enter our drawing please leave a comment telling us: Are you a spa junkie like Chloe, or a spa newbie like Jane? Please include a valid email address for our drawing. We’ll draw the winner from the comments and contact her via email. Deadline: May 21, 2008 (midnight). The winner will have 24 hours to claim her prize or a new winner will be chosen.

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138 comments on “Let Chloe & Jane Pamper You

  1. Jules on said:

    Totally a spa newbie Thanks for the great giveaway!

  2. Colleen on said:

    Spa newbie, but would love to be a junkie.

  3. Gretchen on said:

    I’m a spa newbie, but the older I get, the more concerned I am about finding good products to take care of my skin!

  4. Shaina on said:

    I’m Spa newbie – Someday (when my kids are grown and one) I’m making my hubby take me to a spa for the weekend…. Ah, someday! :-) THANKS!


  5. Kim Heinecke on said:

    I’m a newbie…bummer. But I’m an aspiring junkie!

  6. Megan on said:

    I am a Chloe! I adore going to the spa I read spa menu lists in my spare time I am constantly buying and trying beauty products I can go crazy at Walgreens or sephora!

  7. karen b. on said:

    I’m an “inbetweenie”.... more than a newbie but not quite a junkie!
    love a lotion that hydrates the skin and smells good too!

  8. Kathy Conley on said:

    I am a Jane – a newbie, but would love to become a junkie

  9. Karrie on said:

    spa newbie here )

  10. Cindy Flores on said:

    I’m a newbie

  11. sandra kao on said:

    unfortunately, i’m a spa newbie

  12. Sally Baldwin on said:

    spa newbie like Jane!

  13. leanna on said:

    spa newbie!

  14. Jocelyn on said:

    Definitely a spa junkie like Chloe!! I LOVE spas!!

  15. Elaine Rosser on said:

    I’m a spa newbie prepared to become a spa junkie!

  16. Peggy Gorman on said:

    I am a spa junkie. Its about 1 mile away ,so you know where I am

  17. Samantha Pruitt on said:

    i’m a spa newbie, i usually just turn my bathroom into my own personal spa

  18. elena on said:

    spa newbie

  19. Mary Jenkins on said:

    You can’t be a bigger cheapskate than I am! (at least when it comes to spending money on myself!) I just slap some yogurt on my face on my mug and call it a facial. So I’m a newbie like Jane!

  20. Telecia on said:

    I am a spa newbie. I wish I could afford to go once a week.

  21. Sylvia Porter on said:

    i’m definitely a spa newbie, i’ve never been to one, but i’d love to

  22. Rachael on said:

    I’m a spa newbie!

  23. Heather C on said:

    spa junkie – when gas costs less. :-)

  24. Jennifer H on said:

    I am a spa newbie!

  25. C Duran on said:

    I am definitely a spa newbie. My younger sister is the spa junkie in the family!

  26. Linda Moore on said:

    Spa junkie? Heck,I can’t even claim to be a spa newbie like Jane.I’m just a lowly Wannabe spa newbie.If I keep dreamin tho,I hope to maybe reach Janes status…


  27. danielle on said:

    I am also a spa newbie.

  28. Brooke on said:

    Definitely a spa newbie. But I’m sure I’ll be hooked from the first.

  29. Sandy M on said:

    I’m a spa newbie like Jane.
    pinkyga at comcast dot net

  30. Vicki Wurgler on said:

    I am a spa newbie! I do not have the money to be a junkie

  31. Elizabeth M. on said:

    I am sad to say that I’m a spa newbie like Jane! That citrus chamomile scent sounds like heaven! Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  32. kathy pease on said:

    spa newbie :)

  33. Megan on said:

    The only time I seem to have time to indulge in a luxury Spa Treaatment is when I am away on a bussines trip. I would love to have the time to be a spa junkie!

  34. Kristen Hendricks on said:

    I am a spa newbie like Jane. I barely have the opportunity to pamper myself. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

  35. Lisa on said:

    spa newbie

  36. Charlene Kuser on said:

    I would have to say im a spa newbie!

  37. daria on said:


    Congratulations Shilo Beedy and Roxy! You have won our drawing on Boutique Cafe for the Chloe & Jane Perfect Duo Gift Sets!!
    Thank you for commenting and participating on our website! Thanks to everyone for checking out the luxurious products over at Chloe & Jane! – Daria

  38. Shilo Beedy on said:

    Thanks so much!

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