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Baby Rhys–products perfect for on-the-go families

April 20th, 2008

Baby RhysIf life doesn’t stand still (does it for anyone?) whether you want it to or not, and that same life includes little ones, then you need to take a close look at Baby Rhys Adventure Gear. Baby Rhys Adventure Gear products are inspired by an active, on-the-go little boy and the need for “convenience and purpose without sacrificing style.”

Baby RhysBaby Rhys Adventure Gear includes crib shoes, bandana and sun hats, lunch wraps, a variety of totes (diaper, toy and zippered) and blankets. I received one of Baby Rhys’ lunch wraps, and we’ve already gotten good use out of this functional, brightly colored product. The lunch wrap helps organize and carry everything you need for feeding baby. I love that it has a labeled pocket for the spoon, baby food jar, napkin and bib. That means I won’t forget something when in a hurry. (I’m not the only one who’s lived to regret forgetting the bib, right?) The “wrap” part comes in to play when you’re ready to throw the lunch wrap in your diaper bag. Simply roll the lunch wrap and tie. Super cute and super convenient!

Baby RhysBesides the lunch wrap my favorite Baby Rhys products are the hats, especially the bandana hat. All of Baby Rhys Adventure Gear product use quality hand-dyed (with premium European dyes) and hand-loomed textiles.They’re designed in the Canadian Rockies and handmade in Sri Lanka. And get this—each pair of crib shoes comes with a card identifying the name of the seamstress who did the stitching. That is so totally cool! Baby Rhys Adventure Gear is just what you need when you’re on the go, whether you’re traveling to the mall or to Morocco!—Emily

** Giveaway! Baby Rhys is giving away a bandana hat (winner’s choice) to seven lucky Daily Dish readers! Please leave a comment telling us the furthest location you’ve traveled with your little one (include a valid email address for our drawing). We’ll draw the winners from the comments and contact them via email. Deadline: April 28, 2008 (midnight). The winners will have 24 hours to claim their prize or a new winner will be chosen.

** Congratulations to Jennifer B., Leah O., Julie E., Danielle S., Anita B., Stacey M., and Jenny B., the winners of the Baby Rhys giveaway! Thank you to everyone who took the time to read the review and add a comment. Keep reading the Daily Dish for your chance to participate in more giveaways!

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30 comments on “Baby Rhys–products perfect for on-the-go families

  1. stacey moore on said:

    13 hours to Disney World!! It was so worth it!!
    thanks so much!!
    moore.g at insideconnect.net

  2. Tara R on said:

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada… that is a 6ish hour flight.

    taradawnrobertson at hotmail dot com

  3. Rachel on said:

    From one coast to the other. Quite a trip!

  4. brandy w on said:

    by plane we traveled from north carolina to california. 8 hours

    by car we moved from colorado to north carolina, with a toddler and new baby. it took us 3 1/2 days

  5. Marcia on said:

    We traveled from the Akron area up to Cleveland airport. Flew down to North Carolina and then down to San Juan, Puerto Rico. From there, it’s a 2 or 3 hour car trip to the east coast where we were staying with my SO’s mom. It’s GREAT having family on the island, but man oh man the trip is tough with a toddler.

  6. Danielle on said:

    We went from texas to michigan & back again.


  7. Well, I’m from Belgium and my husband is from England. So we flew from Portland to Frankfurt (Germany) and then from Frankfurt to Brussels (Belgium). Then while we were there we flew from Brusssels to Newcastle (England). We’re doing this trip again in august (it’s about 15 hours in total depending on the lay-over. BUT it’s all worth it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Stephanie V on said:

    So far San Francisco, but we have a trip to England to visit family planned this summer. (Oh boy!)

  9. Erika on said:

    We live in Louisiana and have traveled to France with our daughter. We will be traveling back to France this summer and England as well. She was much younger then, so this summer should be intersting!

  10. In all honesty, at this point the farthest we’ve traveled with the little tyke is New Jersey (an hour away). However, we plan to do more traveling this summer, when he’ll really need sun protection. Thanks for the opportunity!

  11. Lindsie on said:

    West Palm Beach, Florida from Avoca, New York

  12. Anita on said:

    Tucson, AZ. That’s an 8 hour drive with a 3 month old.

  13. Patti on said:

    Up to the farm, a four hour car ride! I’m too nervous to fly with them, but it would be quicker than that drive!!

  14. Belinda on said:

    We have drove from Florida to Kentucky to visit family … about a 16 hr drive oneway. It was interesting with a baby…we had to stop alot to change his diapers.

  15. Cindi on said:

    Hi, The farthest location is St. Martin Island. Thanks for a fun giveaway! Cindi

  16. michelle rosborough on said:


  17. went to England and had a blast visiting family and museums..riding the trains

  18. When my 1st daughter was 6 months old I flew from Washington State to England with her. Just the two of us.

  19. From Indiana to Arizona.

  20. Suzanne Bastien on said:

    My five oldest have all gone from Colorado to Texas, and back a few times.
    My 14 week old has only gone to … Denver. laughs I live about 15 minutes from there…

  21. Mary @ Adventures in Mommyland on said:

    We live in Texas and my daughter has only been to places around the state. She’s 2 so we have time to work on that. Great giveaway, thanks!

  22. Danielle S on said:

    22 hour car ride from CLveland Ohio to Southern Florida with a potty training 2 year old & 2 puppies in a Compact car!

  23. jenny m on said:

    Seoul, Korea baby!! OUr ergo was invaluable=)

  24. from Chicago to Korea with our little guy- it was quite the trip

  25. jennifer bowen on said:

    just going out of my home every day is a trip and then some

  26. tziona on said:

    Hi. I wasn’t sure if this is open for international readers but the the greatest distance for me was flying alone from Israel to South Africa with a 2 year old and a 2 month old ( 8 hours ) but the hardest part was definitely the waiting to get onto the plane at the airport with all that open space

  27. from STL to Hawaii

  28. Ellie on said:

    We hope to travel abroad with our kids someday… right now the farthest he’s been it Texas. We live in Oregon.

  29. Leeanthro on said:

    Okay, this isn’t far, but we went to the St. Louis Zoo. It’s about 3 hours away. We would love to go to Vermont and Maine to visit with family that hasn’t met our children in person yet.

  30. Lisa P on said:

    Hmm, we have flown or driven to CA a few times to visit family, but I think our Alaskan cruise was even farther away, although the travel portion was much more pleasant! :)

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