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Show #53 – Alexa Ray Joel exclusive interview

March 1st, 2007

Alexa Ray Joel Daria’s exclusive interview with singer/songwriter Alexa Ray Joel, daughter of celebrity parents Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. Alexa shares an in-depth hour long interview with Daria discussing her music, Indie EP “Sketches”, her future plans, growing up in a celebrity family and much more. Independant Music played with permission – Alexa Ray Joel “Heart of Me” and “Sapphire Night”. *Please leave a comment for Alexa Ray Joel in our show notes for a chance to win a copy of “Sketches” her first album.

Boutique Cafe also sends out our sincere get well wishes to Alexa Ray Joel’s mom Christie Brinkley, who went through emergency back surgery earlier this week.

For further information on Alexa Ray Joel check out her MySpace page, as well as her Website.

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14 comments on “Show #53 – Alexa Ray Joel exclusive interview

  1. Kara on said:

    Daria ~ All Your Shows Are Fabulous…..But, This By Far Was My Absolute Favorite :-)

    Alexa ~ You Are Absolutely Brilliant. Amazingly Talented & So Incredibly Beautiful! Your Music “Your Magic” .....Is Fantastic

    It’s Funny, We Just Watched “Billy Joel At Yankee Standium” Within The Last Month (I Haven’t Seen It In Years).....As I Listened To You, Today ~ I Was Remembering You In That Video. Mommy Dressing You Up For Daddy (Sooo Precious). They Did An Amazing Job. You Are So Grounded & Have Such A Great Outlook. Very, Very Special.

    Congratulations & Only Wish You The Best Life Has To Bring You :-)

    ***I Can’t Wait For More Music***

  2. Carole on said:

    I saw Alexa in an outdoor show last summer in Syracuse.
    She was wonderful, beautiful, TINY and put on a great show. Eddie Money performed after her and she was on the side of the stage dancing and enjoying his concert as well. It was great to see because you would expect that once she is done with a show she would just want to take off. And it rained the whole time! The crowd had a great time despite the rain- thanks to great performers! Really enjoyed the podcast, Thanks!

  3. Marni on said:

    Daria, GREAT podcast! Thank you for sharing Alexa with us! She has real talent – beautiful voice and fabulous style. I can’t wait to track down more of her music.

    You couldn’t talk her into joining us for the getaway weekend, could you??? :)

  4. Tracy on said:

    What a wonderful interview! I have heard Alexa perform on TV before and she has an amazing voice! She is surrounded by such a beautiful talented family! Thank you for sharing this wonderful interview with us!!


  5. Jennifer on said:

    Awesome podcast, Daria! Alexa, you are so beautiful and talented I wish you the best of luck and cannot wait to hear what new things you come out with in the future!

  6. Tisha on said:

    Daria, Great podcast! Wonderful interview. Alexa is so grounded and I love her music, like Alexa said its so raw, which I loved. Alexa you are so talented, you definately have a bright future in the music industry and everything else that comes your way.

  7. Nikki and Terry on said:

    WONDERFUL podcast!! So cool to see such a wonderful talent come from two other wonderful talents! Alexa, you certainly filled the huge shoes that were layed before you!! Thanks so much Daria for sharing this all with us!! I am heading out to download more music to my Ipod from Alexa!! :)
    —Nikki and Terry

  8. Jane on said:

    I loved this interview Daria! Thank you for introducing all of us to Alexa Ray Joel’s music. You’re amazing.

  9. Beki (pamperingbeki) on said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVED this interview Great job Daria!

  10. daria on said:

    Thanks everyone! I’m so glad that so many people are downloading and listening to the show with Alexa. Here’s a few quotes from our interview that I thought we fun to share:

    In our interview Alexa shares what her parents were like while she was growing up:

    “I grew up with the two of them. Hearing them do sing-alongs, and they would always sing me to sleep. So music and art and appreciation for the arts, I was constantly surrounded by that growing up.”

    When asked if it was difficult to have famous parents and to be known as Alexa Ray Joel she said:

    “No, I don’t think it’s hard. I have a very good relationship with my parents. They’re great parents you know. So far be it for me to not pay tribute to them and talk about them because it is an interesting story. And I understand why people are curious.”

    Alexa shares her definition of what her fashion and personal style is, as well as a desire to model of Lancome someday in the future. When asked what her tip is for creating a great look she said:

    “I think it’s all about finding the look and going for it!”

    Alexa talks to Daria about finding her own identity, and how even when we separate ourselves from our parents all of us still can end up very much like them:

    “I’ve become kind of a health nut lately. And you know I won’t eat fried food. Every now and then, like yesterday I went out for mexican but for the most part I’m very very healthy. I find myself giving people a hard time like “that’s high cholesterol” and then I think “oh my god, I’m turning into my Mom!” (giggle) it sounds like exactly what she would say. Ya, the older I get the more she definitely rubs off on me, it’s very funny.”

    Be sure to listen to the whole podcast!

  11. Amanda K on said:

    Loved the show! Alexa’s music is fantastic and the interview was a GREAT listen. I couldn’t believe how normal and grounded Alexa sounds, having such famous parents. I really hope we see and hear much more from her in the future.

  12. Ann Walsh on said:

    The show was amazing and showed what a beautifully talented young lady Alexa is – well grounded, down to earth and what we like to see in artists today. Alexa, who grew up in a celebrity household, sets the bar for others – working her way up taking the hard road! She is a star in her own right and yet so sweet. Looking forward to more music from this very talented girl. Way to go Alexa :)

  13. Maria on said:

    I REALLY enjoyed this podcast. Alexa’s music is so upbeat. We are in the process of moving out of state & with 4 kids, I have a great deal of packing to do. The interview with Alexa was so interesting, I pack TEN boxes in an hour! The music kept me going as well.
    Thanks again & back to packing!

  14. Amelia on said:

    I loved this interview! It took me a while to finish the whole thing, but I loved how personal and down to earth Alexa is. Her voice and music are lovely, I can’t wait to hear more!


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