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Show #42 – 12 Days of Christmas SEASON 2 PART two

November 28th, 2006

It's SEASON 2 This week boutique cafe and guests are bringing to life the stuff christmas dreams are made of, in the SECOND of 3 Spectacular Christmas shows. Daria interviews designers including Nickki and Terry from Ragazzabella, Dawna from m*kcollection, Andie from Wow House Creative and Tamra from Boutique Sage. We also have a Special Holiday message from Singer Lee Coulter, his NEW album is available on his website be sure to check it out! We’ve had a great response to our NEW 2006 Boutique Cafe Holiday Gift and Shopping Guide! **We also have a search term on eBay that will bring you to all of our 12 Days of Christmas featured designers listings. Search BC12Days” on eBay throughout the next 3 weeks to shop our guests auctions. Thankyou to our guests this week and posters from last week also – all winners for all Holiday Shows announced in one BIG wrap-up show so post like crazy and tune in. Podsafe holiday tune – “My Own Merry Christmas” by Geoff Smith

** Listen Next Show for details on how to WIN a TMX ELMO from Boutique Cafe!

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22 comments on “Show #42 – 12 Days of Christmas SEASON 2 PART two

  1. the*polkadot*cow on said:

    I can’t wait to see ragazza*bella’s new jeans!

    It was great to hear my groupmate, m*kcollection!! I’ve never heard her voice before, so it was really neat to hear her!

    I must say that Wow House Creative does beautiful paintings

    Can’t wait to see Boutique Sage’s valentine launch!


  2. Jeana W on said:

    Oh that was just a GREAT SHOW! It was fun to listen to!

    I cannot wait to see the ragazza*bella jeans, I love different and unique and they sound like it will be just that! Those WOW House Paiting were just absolutely too cute and UNIQUE as well!

    I have been a Boutique Sage fan for a while and can’t wait to see the Valentines line! It will be cute I just know it!

    The m*kcollection interview was good also, she is so soft spoken, cute!


  3. Priscilla on said:

    This was an awesome show! I love to hear about designers Ive not heard of yet. Im just really getting into the loop LOL I love ragazzabellas outfit on eBay and I went to m*kcollection’s about me page and love that snowman outfit as well! I can tell you that wow house got my juices flowing and she has the most wonderfulartistic touch. I fell in love with the wall hangings…I might just buy some wall hanings for my 4 daughters. AND Boutique Sage…well what can I say, Im a bag person. I went and I fell in love with all of your bags one in particular that I went ahead and placed a bid on it! Wonderful show Daria, cant wait for pt 3!

  4. The gals of Ragazza*Bella on said:

    Hey Daria!

    Thanks SOOO much for having us on! We love chatting with you! Thanks to all of the wonderful listeners and customers who always support us!
    We cant wait to come back when our website is up!

    Wow! We sound REALLY Texan! LOL But I guess we knew that deep down inside! lol
    Merry Christmas Ya’ll
    —Nikki and Terry
    Ragazza Bella Couture :)

  5. Hi Daria!

    Thanks for having me on the podcast, it was fun talking with you! I loved listening to the other gals you interviewed too.

    Happy Holidays to everyone!


  6. Monica Belgara on said:

    I cannot say enough about these two sweethearts they are simply one of the best of the best of designers i have many outfits from them, I have had custom made and won! the work is exceptional…..you cannot go wrong w/ these two divas i have many pic to share of their wonderful work if anyone would like to see them. Miss Marveouls Miranda( AKA MY PRINCESS) does ebay modeling and also models for an agency and I have been asked soooooo many times where did you get the outfit? we go to new york SOON, for not only my surgery, but Miranda has a shoot there and of course i will be having the girls come up w/ a out of the park outfit love love love them!

    aka your # 1 customer, hehehe

  7. Daria ~ As Always…Such A Wonderful Show :-)

    All The Designers Are Fantastic! I’m Absolutely “Wow’d” By Your Work!!

    Super Sweet Wishes For Ragazza Bella! Nikki & Terry Are Just Absolute Dolls! The Most Beautiful Clothing ~ Made With So Much Love. When You Choose Ragazza Bella ~ They Always Give 110%++++++++++ With Everything They Do (Especially Just For You!).

    & The Youngest Bella ~ Lagan….She Is A Love I Can’t Believe She Is Only 5! She Is A Model Straight Out Of Vogue. You Go Sweet Lagan

    Best Wishes To You All ~ Kara

    ***Ragazza Bella ~ Have No Clue I Wrote Or Even Listened ~ I Thought This Would Be A Nice Surprise

  8. Nikki and Terry! :) AGAIN! hehe on said:

    WOW! We are blown away! We didnt know anyone would even listen to us, but WOW!

    Monica! WE LOVE YOU GIRL and little Miranda! What can I say?! We LOVE YOU!! :)

    Kara! OMGosh What a AWESOME suprise! We love you girl, you are ALWAYS in our corner!
    (Or own personal cheer squad!)

    You ladies are some of our BIGGEST supporters! Thanks sooooo much!

    Daria, I cant say enough Thank you’s for all that you do for us
    We were just 2 gals from texas with big dreams, and you have made them all come true!
    We owe you soooo much! :)

    With MUCH LOVE
    Nikki & Terry

  9. Megan/Queen of CHAT! on said:

    Loved this show!! all the interviews were so great!

    gotta love those ragazza bella girls can’t wait to check out all that they have coming up!

    loved also hearing more about boutique sage and loved hearing from Andie again! glad to hear that business is going well! good luck Andie

    Ok, who didn’t melt over singer Lee Coulter’s accent! woo baby! HOT! LOL

    loved it all. Can’t wait for the next show and to hear more about the TMX elmo!

  10. LOVE this show! It was awesome and all the designers are wonderful!! Can’t wait to see the new jeans from Ragazza Bella

    Whoo hooo another great show Daria

  11. Wow!! Such wonderful comments. You all know how to make a girl feel good. :) I agree, these ladies are exceptional – they have all been so fun to talk it. It’s such a fun part of my job here at BC to be able to connect with all these talented women on a regular basis and enjoy them.
    Thank you all for listening and for supporting our wonderful guests!


  12. Tamra/BSAGE on said:

    Hey Daria,

    Thanks so much for an awesome show girl….I didn’t sound too bad I guess LOL!!

    Can you make our search engine hook up to the search term BSAGE instead of Boutique SAGE please….that’s what we go by! Thanks so much!

    Thanks to all the BSAGE fans as well. We are all amazed at the overwhelming response from this podcast so thank you a million

    Hugs to all!
    Tamra and the BSAGE girls!

  13. Tamra/BSAGE on said:

    There was a small glitch in our email system so please resend all your submissions for the free goodie basket offered from Boutique SAGE! We need your name, home address, email addy, ebay ID, your kiddos names and gender and measurements as well. We are doing some custom goodies but that’s a secret SHHHHHHHHH! LOL! Sorry for any inconvenience ladies Good luck!

    Tamra and the BSAGE girls~

  14. I really enjoyed the show!! It’s really exciting hearing about all the new ideas everyone has in store! I especially loved hearing from groupmate Dawna of m*kcollection! She is such a sweet person and it shows in her voice! She does such awesome work also!! We are so proud to have her as part of A2Z Boutique!

  15. Rena Herniter on said:

    I really enjoyed listening to the interviews and I am really bummed that I got outbid! lol

    Nikki & Terri you ladies were great! I love you enthusiam and wish you the best of luck with your website!

    Dawna from m*kcollection, I am proud to be a groupie with you! You were great!


  16. Allison/allyashbree on said:

    Once again a GREAT show!!
    I cannot wait to see all of the new things coming out :)

  17. Wonderful show, Daria! This is such a fun way to get to know other designers and when you can put a voice with a name it just makes it so much more personal! All of the girls were so sweet and passionate about their work! I just know they’d be such fun to work with! Happy holidays and best wishes for all of your businesses in 2007, ladies!

    Lezlie :)

  18. Happy Holidays to everyone!

    I loved the show


  19. LaWanda on said:

    Love the podcast Everyone did a great job! Congrats to all the ladies! Especially my groupmate, Dawna of m*kcollection! WTG Girl!

  20. Tiffany/my*only*princess on said:

    Another fabulous show!! Love it, and can’t wait to see all the designs! Going to check them all out now. Thanks for another great podcast!

  21. Jamie Hoenshel on said:

    ragazza*bella – Love the funky vintage mod look. You’ll have to do a mom and daughter set!

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